Trail Running With Team Nordic Trail – In Training For 008

Trail Running With Team Nordic Trail – In Training For 008

Hello! And welcome back to Run Fredrik Run. My channel here on YouTube where I try to document my traning and some of my races. And hopefully spread some inspiration to you guys too. So maybe you will start running too. If this is your 1st time here, I suggest you press that Subscribe button, so you dont miss ANYTHING. Today we are going to do some hill repeaters here in Marka forest. With some people from Team Nordic Trail Örebro. This was not a planned traning session, so I don’t know how many will show up. But I hope to see some people there. I ran yesterday, and it felt AWFUL. But I just had to push trough. Hopefully today will feel better. But I will get going and meet up the others. And I will see you on the trails. Like I said before, hill repeaters on the schedule. I hope we will do both uphill and downhill. What do you prefer? Up or down hill? I thinnk my personal favourite is down hill, just to push myself πŸ™‚ Well, not too many showed up. So we are just 2 strong runners today. I am done with todays training session. We were only 2 people who ran tonight. It was me and Anna. One of the brilliant coaches from Team Nordic Trail Örebro. We fought hard in the hills of Marka. And some of them are just SO HARD!! But this was really good for the whole body. Since all of these videos are called In Training For you might be wondering what I’m training for? But on the 30th of september I will head up to Hovfjället (Torsby). Just outside skicenter in….. The ski center in…… The ski center in…… I just can’t remember the name.
(IT’S CALLED TORSBY!!) We will run a 27km trail race, and I am soo looking forward to that race. Time to head home. Thank you very much for watching. Please press the like button if you enjoyed this video. Is this the 1st video you have ever watched on my channel, please consider subscribing. I have a pretty fun challange to do when we hit 100 subscribers. πŸ˜‰ Feel free to leave a comment down below with suggestions on what other kinds of repeaters I can do. Or any other kind of feedback or things YOU want to see in coming videos. But now, lets head home and jump in the shower. Thanks again for watching, see you. BYEBYE!!

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  1. Loved the edit man! These are getting better and better! Those subs are also getting better and better πŸ™‚ you said you love the hills right' I'm keen to see the 100 repeaters 😜 congrats!

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