TOP BPI SUPPLEMENTS FOR WEIGHT LOSS 2019 – Lose weight with these BPI supplements

TOP BPI SUPPLEMENTS FOR WEIGHT LOSS 2019 – Lose weight with these BPI supplements

first let me start this video off by
saying that supplements are not a magic cure okay no matter what kind of
supplement you take it’s not going to make you burn fat make you build muscle
without having proper diet and training in place first supplementation is simply
that it is a supplement to an already stellar diet and training program yes it
can help give you that little extra 1% that little upper edge but if your diet
and training are not appropriate for your goal the first supplementation
really isn’t going to do much for you supplements that I’m going to share with
you guys today are the supplements that I take from BPI sporty supplements have
been an absolute game changer in my physique and that’s why I’m gonna share
them with you guys I by no means I’m saying that you have to go and buy these
supplement but I’ve gotten lots of questions about what I use I only put my
name in mine things that I use is that I absolutely love and I’ve got lots of
questions from you guys about what I use so that is why I’m here sharing it with
you if you so choose that it is something you want to try the link is in
the description box where you guys to get your hands on it and I do have a
discount code Karen that saves you 20% if you don’t want to buy that’s cool too
that’s not why I’m making this video I’m simply making this video to give you
guys a highly requested information and education so with that being said let’s
get into the video my top six supplements for weight loss let’s start
with number one if you guys follow me on instagram you probably remember seeing
this supplement in my Instagram Soria pretty much every single morning these
are the best BCA’s shredded this is a non stimulant formula so it means it
doesn’t contain stimulants it doesn’t contain caffeine it’s really great for
somebody like myself who still loves to have a morning cup of coffee but what
it’s a B C I shredded is a very happy dose of L carnitine and what L carnitine
does is it helps break down stored fat in the body and convert that fat into
energy or fuel so that’s why it’s really great to start your morning off with it
I do take this on an empty stomach because it
really allows the l-carnitine to get in there get working and really break down
those stored fats and again convert those fats into energy if you’re
somebody who likes to get up and do a fasted cardio in the morning this is a
great supplement to take before you do that and even if you’re not somebody who
does any sort of fasted cardio a fasted training or things like that in the
morning is still an amazing supplement to sort of wake your metabolism up and
ignite that fat burning process again the beatsie I shredded is non-stimulant
so it can be paired with a fat burner if that’s something that you wanted to do
as well when I’m in like a very intense cutting phase so like the last four to
six weeks of my prep I definitely incorporate a fat burner with my BCA
shredded I’m going to show you guys the two fat burners that I recommend so the
first one here this is Roxy lean Roxy lean is definitely one of the more
intense ones of the two so this is great for somebody who’s not overly sensitive
to caffeine has taken bat burgers in the past and really hasn’t found much affect
from them it is very very effective now if you are somebody who is a little bit
more sensitive to caffeine there’s another great option for you Kito
weight-loss here and nya Jennings here Kito weight loss is awesome for somebody
who’s following more of a lower carb diet it also is three capsules per
serving so you can adjust that based on your collar and see if you take one
capsule or you can take two or you can take three my suggestion is start with
one see how you feel you don’t feel affected by one or two obviously you can
take three you never want to exceed the recommended dosage which is three but
the great thing about this is that it is three so you can either dial it down to
two or dial it down even further to one based on your sensitivity level and your
tolerance level and that same sort of thing goes here for Naya genic so the
serving size here is to my personal need is only one I get great energy from one
I feel that it’s a very effective when I just take one and one thing that I
absolutely love about the nya genex is it a great fat burner but it also has
anti-aging properties in it and let’s be real who doesn’t love that Nyugen if you
guys look up the effects and the benefits of niacin it’s great for
anti-aging so I absolutely love this fat burner this is probably out of the three
my favorite fat burner so moving on to a few more non-stem aka no caffeine
weight-loss product this is garcinia and carnitine I already explained the
benefits of carnitine when I talked about the BCA’s shredded it helps to
break down those stored fats and convert them into energy and Garcinia really
helps to utilize your carbohydrates effectively so you want to take your
garcinia and carnitine before your largest carb containing meals because
it’s gonna help break down those carbohydrates and make sure that your
body is utilizing them efficiently and effectively converting them into energy
giving your body the fuel that it needs I take my garcinia and carnitine before
my first meal because my first meal tends to be a larger carb heavy meal and
then I also take it with my post-workout meal because my
post-workout meal tends to be a higher carb meal as well so I’m making sure
that I am utilizing those carbohydrates as best as I possibly can breaking down
those stored fat converting them into energy
again this is non-stimulant no caffeine so you could take this in the evening
and you’re still gonna get really great benefits from it without any sort of
effect that caffeine would have the last two week loss supplements that I’m going
to show you guys the first one here is the LA Plus carnitine this is a two
serving a day dosage so I recommend taking this one scoop in the morning and
then one scoop in the evening it’s non-stem again no caffeine so you can
take this at bedtime and feel low effects from that caffeine would have on
you it’s gonna help reduce body fat it’s gonna help promote lean muscle and it
tastes amazing too so I love this simply for help with a sweet tooth cure now I
switch off taking my CLA and carnitine with another non-stem formula and this
is another one that I love this is the CLA plus coconut oil plus aminos again I
switch off taking my CLA and carnitine with this one right here this is a CLA
plus coconut oil plus amino is another great non stim weight loss formula the
CLA helps to burn fat for fuel to MCTS or the healthy fats in coconut oil helps
support a fast metabolism they actually help with cognitive function – they help
with cardiovascular endurance and then the aminos in there are going to support
recovery and help promote lean muscles so all in all this is an amazing
supplement for bowling muscle and for weight loss
just like the CLA and carnitine I take one scoop in the morning and then one
scoop in the evening and no particular time honestly I take my evening scoop
when that sweet tooth sort of creeps in and gets me and I find that it
definitely definitely helps so you can switch off between these two that’s what
I typically do I’ll take my CLA and Carnac
one day and then take my CLE coconut oil plus aminos another day they’re both
really really great again non stim weight-loss formulas quick little recap
for you guys first thing in the morning one scoop of BCA shredded in the a.m.
and then once in the PM either a scoop of the CLA plus coconut oil plus aminos
or a scoop of the CLA plus carnitine if you want to accompany your BCA shredded
with a fat burner the three we talked about we’re the key to weight loss roxy
lean and my personal favorite and niya genex all amazing fat burners again
these two are ones that you can sort of dos based on your tolerance and last but
not least garcinia plus carnitine a must have to help break down those stored
fats convert them into energy and promote that healthy fat metabolism I
hope that you guys found this video helpful if you did please leave a
comment below if you guys have any questions please let me know in the
comments below and that’s what I am here for if there are certain topics that you
want me to focus on for future supplement videos things that you have
questions about things that you’re interested in let me know what your
goals are let me know what your questions are and I’m more than happy to
get on those videos for you guys so give this video a thumbs up if it did help
you if it provided you with some information and some education and if
you’re excited for more videos like this to come and I will catch you guys in the
next video make sure you hit that subscribe button on the way out guys
thank you so much for watching and I will catch y’all in the next video

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  1. i just ordered the Roxy Lean.. so far i allready have the CLA plus claritine.. and i have the one more rep.. and in the morning i have the best preworkout drink… So can i still take the Roxy lean after drinking my preworkout drink..

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  3. M taking bpi sports best bcaa while workout so just wanna know it's really help me to lose my weight also can I take one any other fat burner which u just mentioned in ur video keto,garcinia carnitine or Roxy lean niagen!??just tell me which one I should make pair with bpi best bcaa n when I should have the capsules please please guide me I need a professional advice which I cannot take from anyone….

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