Top 5 (Free) Strategies to BREAK the Keto Plateau!!

Top 5 (Free) Strategies to BREAK the Keto Plateau!!

plateaus happen to everyone, every single
person is going to experience a plateau at one point or another within their fat
loss journey. So it’s just knowing that it’s coming, you’re in one… and making
adjustments and making changes so that you can move out of that plateau. Okay so
don’t continue doing the same things over and over and over and over again
and expect a different result, even if those things worked for you to get you to
that point it’s not or may not be the same thing that’s going to get you to
your next point. I do have some tips for you if you think that you’re in a
plateau no matter what you are doing and even if you do you think you are
doing everything right to help you get that scale moving again. Hey guys! welcome
back to my channel, my name is Ashley Salvatori and if you’re new here be sure
you hit that subscribe button and today we are talking about plateaus how to bust
pass them and people don’t actually know this they think well the scale hasn’t
moved for a week or I was losing consistently and then all of a sudden I
only lost half a pound this week listen the scale is going to go up and down
throughout your journey that is just going to happen
okay so I’ve lost a considerable amount throughout that journey the scale went up
and didn’t go down all the time but there was a downward trend okay so there
were some weeks where it wouldn’t move at all there were some weeks it went up
a little bit and then it went down. The definition of a plateau is when your
weight on the scale does not move for three months or more at a time that is
when you know you are in a plateau because your body sometimes need some
time to catch up so there is actually like a little three month window there
where it might not even be a plateau that’s causing your weight stall the
weight stall could be because you’re building muscle and maintaining that
muscle mass while you’re losing fat but I do have some tips for you if you think
that you’re in a plateau no matter what you are doing and even if you’re do you
think you are doing everything right to help you get that scale moving again
number one is going back to tracking macros
most of the people who experience a plateau have stopped tracking macros
either they’re doing lazy Kido which personally I absolutely love once
you get to your goal of this lifestyle or for some people who just get
completely overwhelmed with the whole macro thing doing lazy Kido is a great
option and I do have a video on that as well but if you’ve been doing lazy Kido
and you find yourself stalled out for months at a time you want to go back to
what you did in the beginning that got you the amazing results that you had and
for most people they were tracking on an app that is one thing that can help you
start getting the scale moving again because there’s such a thing called carb
creep and while you think you’re doing everything right
you might be eating too many carbs too high of carbs without realizing it you
could have carbs coming in from a ways that you don’t even know was happening
and you might be eating too much so your calories might be way too high and while
calories don’t matter as much with keto they still matter
you cannot binge eat keto foods and expect to continue to lose on the
scale you like for a long term that can’t happen like you literally your
body has to do something with the calories that it’s consuming it’s either
burning it or it’s storing it there’s no other place for those calories to go so
that’s one thing that I want you guys to do if you’re experiencing a stall right
now go back to tracking those macros number two is are you exercising so if
you’re doing this lifestyle and all of a sudden you find yourself in this
situation probably now you’re in maintenance mode so you’ve been three
months not really moving on the scale your body is like hey I’m comfortable
here we’re gonna maintain this and what you’re consuming and what you’re
expending as far as exercise goes is actually in balance with a maintenance
regimen for your body so you’re maintaining so let’s say that you’re not
exercising right now and all of a sudden you’re maintaining your weight and it’s
been three months plateaued okay you’re in maintenance if you start up
exercising you’re gonna get things shifting again and so it’s a good idea
for you to start that process maybe lifting some weights
adding in some Pilates maybe doing some cardio running and doing that sort of
thing those are all great things to help you start moving the skill however keep
in mind if you are someone who has been doing the ketogenic lifestyle and you
just started working out and maybe you had previously experienced a loss until
you started working out it’s possible that you hit a plateau because you’re
brand new to working out I know this I was completely opposite of what I just
said but as your body’s making a shift in your body composition is making a
shift from losing fat and muscle mass to now maintaining or building and growing
that muscle mass through your workouts and losing fat on the scale it can
appear as if don’t have any progress so just consider that all right did I start
working out in lifting weights and doing these other things I could cause the
scale to maybe go up while I’m losing the fat long term this is a good idea
because it’s gonna shift and increase your metabolism so that you can burn
more calories at resting and also that lean muscle mass is amazing for getting
to your ultimate goal and actually being firm and trim and looking amazing and
feeling great and it helps with your posture there’s a ton of benefits to it
so stick to the working out but understand that the scale might have
that stall unless you have not been working out at all and you’ve hit a
plateau and you get started on working out that can get it moving again okay in
either situation working out is a great idea it’s a good idea to work out with a
ketogenic low carb high fat lifestyle if you’re doing way too much cardio it’s
possible that you could be causing a cortisol spike cortisol does not do well
with with keto a cortisol spike can raise your insulin it can cause you to
produce glucose internally so what you want to do is strength training workouts
Pilates workouts occasional cardio it’s really good to get that heart pumping
and stuff but if you’re like doing weed too much party it could tip the other
way okay number three and this is a a big
one how much alcohol are you drinking with your lifestyle
are you drinking a glass of wine every night are you drinking two glasses of
wine a night every once in a while are you drinking four glasses of wine in a
day three days a week like this can happen to anyone
it can happen unexpectedly and you might not even realize that you’re consuming
this much alcohol but here’s the thing guys when you consume alcohol your liver
which is where your body converts the fat to ketones for fuel and burns the
ketones stops production of ketones to metabolize the toxin which is in the
alcohol because everything has to stop to get the toxin out of your system and
so if you’re doing this often you can be stalling your progress I have completely
cut alcohol out of my lifestyle it’s so hard to do guys I believe being so hard
and I can’t even drink it in moderation because if I have one there are
signaling in your brain that goes off when you drink out an alcoholic beverage
and even if you smell it or you’re around it where you see it and I’m not
talking about being an alcoholic I don’t think I’m an alcoholic but I’ve done
enough research on alcohol and how it affects your brain and how it does
become something that you can become addicted to right just like we can be
addicted to food we can be addicted to carbs we can be addicted to sugar you
can also be addicted to alcohol without being like actually an alcoholic which
an alcoholic it destroys ruins their life what I’m saying is sometimes there
are reasons to cut back on the alcohol that are not related to being an
alcoholic that is good for your health and also your liver because do you
realize you do damage to your liver every single drink that you drink every
single one and it takes three days of snot drinking for your liver to start
replacing cells and healing itself so if you’re always drinking within like three
days then you never actually allow your liver to do that and so it’s really
really good for you to stop drinking for a little bit and take a look at how much
you have been drinking you know if you are someone who’s like you know what
every Friday night I’m going to have a glass of wine or two or three but the
rest of the week I’m not drinking anything and you can actually stick to
that that’s fine but another reason why alcohol is a problem for most people is
they will drink and then it causes them to eat too many carbs when they have
that alcohol in their system like they will take a bite of a fry they will eat
things they wouldn’t normally eat and if this happens every single weekend you
are undoing the work you just did the entire week and so it’s not good for you
to get into that cycle to get into that habit or to do that number four if you
are currently intermittent fasting try to bump your fasted window into the 18
or above mark I also have a video where I talk about extended fasting and how
those can help get past the plateau and that sort of thing I’ll put the link in
the description but if you’ve been fasting and doing intermittent fasting 3
to 5 to every day of the week and you’ve been maybe going 16 hours fasted try
extending that up to 18 hours and doing the occasional 24 hour fast this is
really really helpful to allow your body to utilize the food that you’ve already
consumed and to start healing and rejuvenating the cells within your body
this is very very helpful for giving your digestive system a break and so
he’ll then and allowing your body to actually start burning the stored fat
that you have and if you’re currently doing a keto low-carb high-fat lifestyle
and you’re not intermittent fasting and you’ve experienced this type of plateau
start adding it in start slow start with 12 hours bump it up to 16 hours and then
try for 18 and then go for 24 if you can do it and this will help you a lot even
if it’s just one day a week to start and then two days and then three days bump
it up if you’re within the first two weeks in your ketogenic lifestyle I
don’t recommend that you start intermittent fasting yet become fat
adapted so it becomes a lot easier you don’t have those insulin spikes so that
you can go longer distance without eating
thing you want to try out would be cutting out the dairy so dairy can cause
a lot of people to experience bloating swelling and it can stall some people
especially if the majority of your diet is dairy like if everything you’re
eating or the majority of it comes from cheese which I do know a lot of people
that they do this they have to eat just a ton of cheese with their their keto
lifestyle and then they wonder why they’re stalled out
try this try eliminating the cheese one thing that works really really well for
me when I go in periods of getting rid of dairy what I will do is I’ll create
an omelet and I will put wakka moly you make an omelet you just put regular eggs
you put it a couple eggs two three four eggs whisk it up put it down put the
guacamole in the center fold it over maybe put some capers on the top eat
that guys I’m promise you you will not miss the cheese it’s so good it’s a very
very simple way to cut out the dairy and at least cutting out one meal of your
day that doesn’t have dairy is very very helpful for getting that scale of being
good to the one thing I want to mention is that plateaus happen to everyone
every single person is going to experience a plateau at one point or
another within their fat loss journey so it’s just knowing that it’s coming
you’re in one and making adjustments and making changes so that you can move out
of that plateau okay so don’t continue doing the same things over and over and
over and over again and expect a different result even if those things
work for you to get you to that point it’s not or may not be the same thing
that’s going to get you to your next point so maybe you really do need to
move your macros around adjust your calories change some things in your
lifestyle like working out more or working out more in a different way like
if you’re primarily doing cardio switching it up with the lifting weights
that sort of thing adding in Pilates and stuff you’re going to experience it at
some point don’t give up do not let this be the reason to stop and one thing that
you can do to help you so that you don’t give
is and this is something that I did at the beginning of my journey and I find
it very very successful for a lot of people and that’s picking up some sort
of calendar you can grab it at Target or wherever Amazon and writing in every day
or creating a cross every day you do the right thing in your journey so then what
will happen is let’s say you’ve done four months of working out five days a
week eating right all of those days the you
know staying within your low-carb high-fat goals then if you have this
feeling of giving up you can look back on that calendar especially if you put
it somewhere you can see it every day and you’re gonna say I work too hard to
give up now if you just are going day by day it’s too easy to say you know what
the scale is not moving I’m eating this chocolate cake I can guarantee you it’s
too easy to say that but when you actually look at the amount of work that
you put into to get to where you are you are way less likely to give up on
yourself and your goals so I just shared a video about my friend
Brittany’s 80 pound transformation story and I’ll put that coming up next right
after this video if you’re someone who’s been stalled out feeling defeated
feeling like you’re not sure you want to give up or whatever watch her video it’s
going to inspiring and also check out my transformation video if you haven’t seen
that of how I lost 60 pounds I share so much of that journey in
Instagram as well so follow me on instagram guys like check out my stories
I put my workouts I do in there every day so you can be motivated to get off
your butt and go work out – once again if you’re new here be sure you hit that
subscribe button and I really hope that these tips helped you move beyond that
plateau and you can get past this kind of season in your journey and get moving
on again

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