Top 3 Fat Loss Mistakes (AVOID THESE!)

Top 3 Fat Loss Mistakes (AVOID THESE!)

– So if you clicked on this video you’re probably looking to
build an amazing lean physique and you wanna lose body fat, but you also wanna do it the right way. You don’t wanna be
making the mistakes that every average gym Joe is making that, you know, they keep staying average, they never get to that
amazing looking body and you just really
wanna do things properly. And I wanna welcome you
because in this video I wanna share with you the
top three fat loss mistakes that you need to avoid on your journey to get an amazing looking physique. And these mistakes are actually mistakes that I’ve also personally made so this is not something
that I’m coming at you as someone who is doing it perfectly, I’ve made these mistakes
and they held me back until I figured this out and then I finally got to where I wanted to get and that’s really what I want for you. And by they way, none
of this is some kinda quick fix or some kinda
supplement or some kinda magical solution that’s gonna
solve everything overnight, I’m gonna give you the truth and what you really need to work
on to reach your goals, and so you can really have this physique that you’re proud of, something that can be a
sustainable lifestyle. And by the way, if you’re new here, my name is Mario Tomic,
if you’d like to learn more about fitness, nutrition, how to integrate these things into a sustainable healthy lifestyle and get the physique that you want,
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icon to enable notifications so you know when new videos come out and now let’s dive into it. So the first big fat loss mistake that you absolutely must avoid if you wanna get a lean physique, in fact, if you don’t fix this mistake you’re never gonna get there, is avoid something I call the Sisyphus diet. And here’s what I mean by that, and here’s why I named it like that. So, for a lot of people including myself, when you go into nutrition,
when you do that, you look very closely at
the daily caloric intake, you manage that quite well. You are quite motivated to figure out the numbers and fix that but you tend to ignore the
weekly caloric intake, and I’ve made this mistake as well. So I’d be very well in some daily calories and some days I will actually
be a bit more motivated so I would even under eat a little bit, I would actually be less hungry some days so I would under eat again, but then there was the one or two days of the week where I would overeat on my calories. There was one or two days
there’s something happens or I was too restricted
and then I overate, and that one or two days
was basically enough to keep me in a maintenance level, or even get me into a
gaining level of calories which meant that I was suffering, so I was dieting for the most part, I was basically spending
most of the days of the week in a diet state so I was restrictive but I wasn’t seeing any progress. And that’s why I called this Sisyphus diet because you’re pushing the
boulder up the mountain but you’re not seeing any progress. And the thing with this is that we tend to look into absolutely everything but how much food we eat. And I’ve seen people make
this mistake all the time. They look into fasted
cardio, they’ll look into meal frequency, whether they’re eating one or two or three or
four or five meals per day, fasting strategies, all
kinds of supplements instead of looking at the caloric intake, which is the main thing to look at. And this is the truth,
and if you don’t manage your weekly caloric intake,
all of this other stuff goes out the window. So, really, you gotta look at this, if you’re stuck currently
in the Sisyphus diet this is the thing you need to look into, managing your weekly caloric intake and that will break that plateau and break that weird cycle
that you’re currently in. Now the second fat loss mistake I see so many people making
when it comes to their diet, when it comes to getting
to a lean physique, is having this mentality of on
the plan versus off the plan. So there’s this list of
foods that are approved foods versus these foods that
are not approved foods. And what this is, it’s a clear sign that you’re not doing
something that’s sustainable. Basically it’s a clear sign
that you’re judging yourself in every single food
you eat from a point of not understanding how
nutrition really works and not having a clear system. And the fact is that when you are off the plan quote, unquote
what tends to happen is you go into this YOLO mode
where you basically go and eat whatever you
want for a couple of days and then, oh I’m gonna restart on Monday. And I had this thing as well like, I’ve struggled with this myself, and really the problem of
the on the plan off the plan, it’s just a symptom of the
fact that you don’t have a really sustainable
nutrition system in itself. And the fact is like, if
you can’t see yourself eating the way you eat right
now for the rest of your life, that’s probably not the
plan you wanna follow and that’s the truth. And this is the problem with
a lot of different diets such as a keto diet or any
overly restrictive diet is that, you will find yourself in situations in your life
that you cannot control. There’s gonna be things
that will be quote, unquote off the plan if you are
quote, unquote on the plan. So, there’s just no way
you can win this battle because life is unpredictable, and by thinking like
this you’re automatically putting yourself in a
situation where you will fail. It’s inevitable because your on the plan off the plan type of mentality is not, what is called, antifragile. It can’t take all these
fluctuations that like throws at you and it will make you feel very bad when you are quote, unquote off the plan and that guilt can actually spiral into all kinds of problems and then you have a very bad relationship with food which will, then ultimately prevent you from reaching your goal. So this is a really really bad idea, so if you’re currently thinking, oh this food is on the plan,
this food is off the plan you really wanna dig a
bit deeper into nutrition and find a very sustainable strategy where you will be able to be a bit more flexible because this is gonna be a
problem in the long term. Maybe short term it works
to be extremely restrictive, but if you think about it long term that’s where usually
these things fall apart, and that’s where weight
regain is a huge problem. And for a lot of people they can lose a decent amount of weight
but they cannot keep it off because it was never a lifestyle, it was always this plan that
had this expiration date. So if you give up
something, you’re basically counting the days until
you’re gonna have it again and that’s not gonna work long term. Now the third big fat loss mistake you must avoid that I
see so many people making is not controlling the variables, and here’s what I mean by this. So most people, the way
they approach fat loss, is basically hoping that
it’s gonna work out somehow. So they’re just guessing, they’re not having any key performance indicator. There’s no data gathering,
there’s no data driven decisions, there’s no process that’s measurable, that’s consistent, that’s repeatable, that you can actually
look into progress metrics and know whether you’re
making progress or not. Not taking progress
photos, no measurements, not looking at the weight scale regularly, not actually tracking your
workouts in a systematic way so you know whether you’re
making progress or not and when to make
adjustments, not having any algorithms for troubleshooting
when things are happening, all of that, if you
don’t have that in place you’re basically guessing. And that’s what I did for a very very long time and guess what? That guessing is totally
cool if you wanna get some average results, if you wanna just do a suboptimal approach, and if you just don’t really
care about dialing things in, and it just takes a very
very long amount of time to get to your real
goal if you really wanna take it to a higher level
and you may never get there. And that’s really the
truth and I have to be very upfront here because
I’ve also made this mistake, I was dabbling around,
I was being wishy washy. I was just avoiding to track my things, I wasn’t really setting
up any data indicators, I was just basically,
again, going by how I feel. And the truth is, how we feel is not an accurate estimate of
what’s going to happen. It’s not a way of looking at things that will lead to a
more predictable process that you can actually
enjoy the process as well because you’re seeing the results. And the truth is that if you’re
not measuring the progress, if you’re not seeing the progress, it’s really hard to even stay
motivated and disciplined, and that then starts
effecting your consistency. So all this going by how
you feel, I mean guess what? How I feel right now
is having a huge pizza. Does that mean that
that’s the right decision? And I see so many people
making the fat loss journey into this whole like, emotional process instead of actually looking at systems, data, processes, KPI’s, just dialing things into a
point like you’re a machine because that’s how you get
to a really really high level and that’s how you absolutely crush it. And I’m actually gonna leave
a video here at the end where I’m gonna dive
into some fat loss habits that I would like you to try out because they will make a huge
difference in your physique, so check out that video as well as, I’m gonna leave a description link below which you can actually check
out if you wanna work with me as your coach and as your
mentor, so check out that link. Other than that, I will see you in that next fat loss video. (smooth music)

40 thoughts on “Top 3 Fat Loss Mistakes (AVOID THESE!)

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  8. As Jeff Cavalier (Athlean-x) said: do you want to lose fat? You CAN'T diet… i failed because of not thinking that losing fat means changing habits and developing a lifestyle.
    I managed to cut 15% bf by using exactly these tips. Trust the process. Great vid, Mario.

  9. I've always been a quite muscular and lean guy (around 15% body fat). I now run two to three times a week to train for a marathon. Besides I train at home twice a week with dumbells for some muscle gain. I eat normally, very healthy actually, and drink a lot of water. Any tips to improve my muscle building/ fat loss? And am I going to build muscle by strength training twice a week? Anyways, love the vids. Cheers from The Netherlands.

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  13. Hi Mario, greetings from Colombia, thanks for sharing man, very nice video, simple but true. Making all three mistakes for a long time, reseting every monday…. For me the hardest parts is the social interaction on weekeds, it seems there is always a celebration on weekends, a family or friend birthday, a big soccer game (wich we like to watch with a big barbeque with a lot of beers) or any important event that has a lot of food and beer available. I always told my self that Im not going to eat or drink, but half an hour later everything is in YOLO mode hehe…

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