Top 10 Tips to Start Running – Lose Your  Love Handles

Top 10 Tips to Start Running – Lose Your Love Handles

Thanks for clicking this video! By the end
of this video you will have enough information to start running and lose some of that belly
FAT or skin flaps ! Our body is made for running and it will run
on FAT as cars runs on GAS. So Without any more Bullshit, let’s get straight to the point. If you are over 40, and more than 20 pounds
overweight, consult with your doctor before running Unless you have a health issue,
your doctor will probably encourage you to run. Our body is made for running. Look at all the
kids they can run all day, but some of them as they get older start loving food more than
anything in the world and become couch potato. Plan In advance: You have to be mentally strong
to run. Watching one you tube motivational video will not give you long term motivation.
You will put yourself through pain, but believe at the end, it will make you feel great!
Plan in advance. Think about it during day. Make a plan, What time are you going to go
for walk or run same as if you are going out on date or something. hm…I made it
sound weird but it’s true if are not mentally ready it will not happen.
I hate running on treadmill or on track although treadmill is a perfect alternative for shitty
weather. Treadmill can be super boring, especially if you are a beginner and stuck in basement.
Try to go for different route each time. This will help you to forget your pain while running.
I also suggest you to go where other people are running. This will boost your ego and motivate
you. But overall “Run, wherever and whenever you can, inside or out,”
When you start running, don’t plan to go too far or too fast right away. This is not a
hamburger eating competition. It requires experience, physical and mental strength and
ability and If you go hard out you will get injured and discourage. Eventually you will
not go ever again. Start with 20-25 min a day and Try 3 -4 times a weeks, see how sore
do you get. Don’t compare yourself with other runner. When you’re a beginner, it’s
not necessary to worry about how many miles you are running. Number of Minutes are more
important than miles and You will burn more fat by slow longer run!
Start with run/walks. As a beginner your target will be to reach 30 minutes of continuous
injury free relax running. If you have no running experience, follow 3:1
ratio. That means walk for 3 minute and run for 1 min. As you get comfortable with running
your cardio will get better you can reduce that ratio to 2:1 and 1:1 and then eventually 0:1
that means only running. No walking at all ! Running Gears: Good pairs of running shoes
are extremely important. . As I always say that take care of your body as it’ your
most expensive car, Ferrari, Lamborghini or whatever the thing that you like most in entire
world. . Do a preventive maintenance rather then a breakdown maintenance, Buy shoes as
you are buying nice RIMS for your car. I mean spend time for research and read reviews
before buying shoes. Don’t go overboard, but you got to have good pair of shoes because you
are going to burn some Fat. What to eat?
It is simple logic. smaller the car it burns lesser gas. I am 139 lbs and I burn about
700 Kcal per hour of running and if you are heavier you will burn more calories. In general
when you will burn about 3500 kcal you will lose one lbs of your bodyfat. So try to control
your calories intakes and don’t overload yourself with food, otherwise you will not
see any results. And it will discourge you and eventually you end up on that couch again.
If you are planning to lose weight, you shouldn’t be start eating more because you have start
running. Running Form: I wouldn’t worry
too much about form at this point. just keep stride short Keep your elbows flexed at about
90 degrees, and keep your hands relaxed, . How fast should I be going? Do a talk test when you start running. If
you can hold a conversation while you’re running, you’re at a good pace for your age and weight.
Gradually running will improve your fitness level and cardiovascular strength, and you will get faster. Expect bad days. : Everyone has them, and I get then too. So don’t push yourself to extreme. Your legs will be sore in the beginning and soreness
will decrease relatively quickly. If you feel acute pain, take break for few days and let
your legs recover, to prevent injuries You should be able to see the difference between
being tired and being injured

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