Top 10 Foods You Should NEVER Eat Again!

Top 10 Foods You Should NEVER Eat Again!

hello health champions today I want to
share with you the top 10 foods to avoid if you want to live a long and healthy
life coming right up hey I’m dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
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shouldn’t eat this or you shouldn’t eat that and we read these long long lists
but we may not understand why these foods are good or bad so today we’re
going to talk about we’re gonna give you the list but we’re also gonna explain
each item so make sure that you really pay attention to each one so that you
understand why it is a good idea to avoid it also I’m never gonna tell you
that you shouldn’t eat this or that but if you understand the consequence then
you will want to avoid those foods in order to have the best possible health
and if you notice on the board I have foods in quotation marks that’s
because some people think that just because it’s customary to put something
in the mouth and swallow that that’s called food that we have all these
habits of eating things we think are food but they’re not really food so
let’s first talk about what food is and food is something that provides fuel and
nutrients something that has building blocks that you can use to build new
tissue and something that contains catalysts like vitamins and minerals and
enzymes to help your body turn the fuel into energy and to help turn the
building blocks into tissue that’s what whole food is whole food has all those
different things but when we process food a lot of times we destroy it we
make it non-food all right so health is the ability to turn the fuel in the
building blocks and the catalysts into energy
and tissue and to use this energy to coordinate the function in the body with
signals so the brain receives about a billion bits of information every second
it comes from the body from your intestines from your tissues from your
joints from your muscles and it comes from the environment the temperature the
air pressure gravity all those things generate signals that your body has to
use energy to process and regulate and that is what health is the ability to
manage to produce and manage signals the better that works the healthier you are
the sooner you can return to homeostasis or balance the healthier you are a
poison is something that interferes with the regulation of signals either with
the production of energy war with the transport and regulation of signals if
the body is trying to send a signal someplace and there’s a poison then that
signal is either blocked or distorted or somehow interfered with alright so we’re
going to keep these in mind as we talk about these foods and so-called foods so
that we understand what it does and if it’s something that we want to eat or
not so we’ll take this list in reverse order and we’re going to start with
number 10 the 10th worst I’m going to work our way down to the absolute worst
so the first thing that I want to avoid or the 10th thing would be any nonfat
product anything labeled nonfat low-fat reduced fat whether it’s yogurt or milk
or some other sour cream non-fat sour cream minutes it’s a contradiction in
terms mayonnaise salad dressings peanut butter
all these things that naturally have some fat in them if they’re labeled as
low-fat or nonfat Joost fat that means they’ve taken
something out they’d taken the food was complete the food was hold but they took
stuff out because they’re afraid of fat and the fat provided flavor and texture
it had that the mouthfeel the richness the the satisfying properties and when
they take those out then we lose that satiating property of the food and they
typically have to put in sugar and artificial flavors and artificial
stabilizers and all these different chemicals to try to give it the same
texture and flavor and feel that the product originally had so it’s usually a
destroyed food and the fat was there for a reason in the beginning if nature put
the fat there then it was a good fat so unprocessed foods have good quality
fats and when we take those out like healthy oils in the salad dressings or
in mayonnaise those fats are good but when we remove them and put something
else in it becomes just a chemical concoction so these would be something
that I would never eat if I had the choice number 9 on the list is deli
meats and this is one of those things that could be good or it could be bad so
you have to understand why it would or wouldn’t so if they take a good healthy
meat and they don’t add a bunch of chemicals and they don’t use a bunch of
nitrites especially if the animal was organically raised and raised on natural
food if it was sustainably and and raised in good conscience then that can
be an excellent product but if they add a bunch of sugar and nitrites and
artificial flavors and things that give it a certain texture and preservatives
now it’s not a good food anymore now they’ve added as much poison and foreign
stuff as they’ve had meat in there and especially things like hot dogs now who
knows what are in those things and sometimes there is so little meat
in there that there’s more other stuff so I was talking to a friend recently
and and he said that you know hot dogs sometimes have like 1020 percent meat in
them and back where I come from they call that bread so we want to know that
there are good ones and bad ones so avoid the bad ones like the plague but
the good ones can actually be excellent snacks number eight on the list is GMOs
genetically modified organisms and modified plants so the primary wants to
avoid our corn and soy and sugar beets there are others and you want to sort of
pay attention and find things that are non-gmo that are labeled non-gmo and if
there are certain vegetables that you eat on a regular basis like maybe
eggplant and squash you want to try to learn which ones would be genetically
modified and you want to get organic whenever you can out of those things
that could be genetically modified because technically the organic is
supposed to be guaranteed not to be genetically modified I don’t know if you
can trust that 100% but your going to be a whole lot safer that way and
genetically modified organisms those are where we’re sort of playing genetic
roulette that these things can combine with other DNA that can combine with
bacterial strains in your gut flora and create whole new species they can
produce things they can produce pesticides and alcohol and different
things that you really don’t want in your body these are organisms these are
species that we never had on the planet so you really don’t want to put them in
your body the seventh thing or the seventh category to avoid our commercial
oils vegetable oils and anything deep-fried so vegetable oils those are
things that aren’t really vegetable oyster seed oils and bean oils like
canola and safflower and corn oil etc soybean oil
and these are very sensitive they’re polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
mostly polyunsaturated that means they’re very sensitive to heat and light
and oxygen so they oxidize they go rancid very quickly so in order to make
them shelf stable they process them very very harshly so these are chemically
enhanced chemically produced concoctions they’re so far from food that you don’t
ever want to touch them the other thing they have is they’re very high in omega
sixes and these Omega 6s are pro-inflammatory so when they deep fry
things then they can’t have something that’s very sensitive to heat and oxygen
and light because then it would go rancid and toxic even faster so a lot of
these frying oils are saturated or hydrogenated partially hydrogenated
which makes them trans fats so a lot of these commercial oils if you go out to
eat you really want to avoid deep fried food period okay if you ever eat
anything deep fried it should be made at home in butter or coconut oil because
those are those are stable and you would only use them sparingly and you’d only
use them one time and so forth so anytime you go to a restaurant you have
something deep-fried that’s been used over and over and over and over so it’s
it’s toxic it’s more toxic because of the heat and the repetition but it was
toxic to start with because of the hydrogenation and the fact that it was
so harshly processed in the first place so oils are not necessarily bad fats are
not bad in general but bad fats are really bad so you want to stick with the
natural fats like extra-virgin olive oil coconut oil butter ghee those things
that are easy to to process if you take an olive and you squeeze it you get oil
you don’t have to use a lot of heat there are a lot of chemicals to get it
out those are the oils that are good number six on the list is white flour
modern wheat and anything made from those things so white flour is any whole
grain flour that has been processed that has been refined and basically what
happens when they make white flour is they often use chemicals so it’s sort of
tainted but they basically remove all the nutrients because the nutrients make
it less shelf-stable the nutrients react with oxygen and heat and light so in
order to keep it on the Shelf they remove all the nutrients and they just
save this starchy portion which makes it white flour so now it can sit there much
longer but it doesn’t have any nutrients the other problem with that is that the
vast majority of all the white flour is made from modern wheat and modern wheat
is nothing like the wheat that we had on the planet thousands of years ago so
even if you could sort of argue that yes humans had grain ten thousand years ago
and the Egyptians and agriculture and all those reasons then those grains
those species of grain were totally different from the modern wheat ten
thousand years ago they had two grains they had Emmer and einkorn and then
along the way we got the de spelt and the kamut and so forth but they were
very very few and then we had rye but in the last 50 years or so they’ve
experimented and hybridized and manipulated and they’ve gone through
tens of thousands of different wheats to try to find something that had a high
yield that was resistant to to weather and so forth and their objective in
making the modern wheat was not health it was not to make it healthy it was to
increase the yield so they could feed a lot of people and that was a noble
intention but along the way they kind of lost what wheat used to be so it’s
totally totally different and if you want a lot of information if
really want to solidify your understanding of why to avoid that I
recommend reading the book Wheat Belly because it’s a whole book that just
talks about what they did to modern wheat and what it does to you so then
you want to avoid any kind of product made from those okay I don’t eat
anything with that in it anymore so any kind of breakfast cereal and it’s
kind of scary if you think about how many yards in the average store is just
full of cereal and every one of them has modern wheat in it and this is waffles
and crackers and and toast and and all those different things and then if it’s
kid cereals do you love your kids well don’t give them that because it’s the
modern wheat it’s white flour it’s corn GMO corn and then they add sugar and
artificial colors and artificial flavors and then they sprinkle some synthetic
vitamins on top and there’s nothing in there that is food it isn’t food anymore
so I would avoid everything that has to do with white flour modern wheats and
anything made from those products number five on the list is MSG monosodium
glutamate and now we’re getting in to the category so most of these so far
they’re only either there a lack of food because we have removed nutrients by
processing some of them can turn a little bit poisonous with the
interference with the chemicals and and however they were they were processed
but now we’re getting into the stuff that is actually poison these are
chemicals these things have no food value they don’t provide any fuel or
building blocks or catalysts there’s nothing in there that your body needs
and MSG monosodium glutamate it’s a flavor enhancer and how does it do that
well it mimics so monosodium glutamate glutamate is a neurotransmitter it’s
something that your body uses to send signals to
and Smit messages to excite activity in the body but when we add it from the
outside now we trick the body so when you put it
on the taste bud it tricks the taste buds into more activity and it tricks
the brain into thinking things taste better than they are it’s like a dream
come true for the processed food manufacturers because they can trick
your brain into thinking it tastes better than it does and into thinking
that you should eat more than you want to and you can’t stop because it’s it’s
a drug effect so these are called excitotoxins and what they do the reason
is called also the the Chinese restaurant syndrome is you stimulate
your brain you over excite your brain and what happens with the brain then
it’s when you work out a muscle then that muscle gets lactic acid and it
starts burning and you get tired you can feel it in the brain you can’t feel it
you just excite that brain cell until it’s overworked and then it shuts down
and either it just wiped out for a while or you actually killed off that brain
cell so that’s why they’re called excitotoxins and that’s in the Chinese
restaurant syndrome you feel good you feel good you feel good and then you
crash right that’s the reason so you want to avoid these and this is
basically 99.9% of all canned soup of most flavored potato chips or corn chips
or any snack product that has like a barbecue flavor or jalapeno flavor
anything except your basic salt flavor is going to have MSG in it canned soup
we said and then also salad dressings there is it’s basically the thing that
gives flavor to ranch dressing ranch dressing doesn’t taste the way it does
without msg it’s extremely difficult to make a ranch dressing that tastes like
ranch dressing unless you use msg so just be be aware of that know what it
does and avoid those number four on the list
is sugar and the only reason sugar isn’t number one on the list is that sugar is
one of those things that it’s not poison all right it doesn’t fit in the poison
category it’s just a refined and highly processed food it does provide fuel it
doesn’t provide any building block or catalysts it can be converted into
energy even though it depletes the body because it doesn’t have any nutrients
come with it but the dose makes the poison
alright so sugar is the most natural molecule on the planet everything that
is plant-based is sugar it is glucose it’s just different forms trees are
glucose grass is glucose fruits and vegetables or glucose so it’s not an
absolute it depends on the form it comes in all right so it’s not a poison it’s
the quantity that makes it a poison and the way that it becomes a poison is when
we have things like refined white sugar and high fructose corn syrup and we put
it in drinks because now it’s way too easy to get too much you have a sweet
drink you have a soda you have a sweet tea it’s you’re in the American South
and it’s a hot day and you start sipping on sweet iced tea and you can drink
gallons of the stuff and there’s as much sugar as in soda so it’s a it’s a
bottomless pit it’s it’s a trap anything nectar often times they call it nectar
instead made with real fruit well it’s a little bit of fruit and then they added
synthetic chemicals and sugar energy drinks don’t give you energy there’s
stimulants there’s sugar drinks with some caffeine and with some other
stimulants in there the very popular coffee drinks now I like Starbucks I get
black coffee I get espresso I get a cappuccino sometimes but I stay far far
away from all those pure drinks the Frappuccino and all the
flavors stuff because it’s pure sugar and chemicals their drugs and they’re
addictive so when you have these drinks it’s so easy to drink
hundreds of grams of sugar every day and now sugar is a poison okay sugar is the
root of all evil for these reasons because it’s such a big part of our
culture and our habits everywhere we look there’s sugar so the drinks are the
worst but then of course anything that contains sugar like candy or snacks or
muffins or waffles or pancakes and syrup and so forth stay away from sugar I
would suggest that you count the sugar just to kind of learn how much you’re
consuming and I would suggest you keep the added sugars at between five and ten
or zero to ten grams a day anything above that I think is too much because
now it very easily becomes that the drug with that addictive effect and it starts
putting a burden on your liver because your liver has to metabolize all that
fructose that is in that sugar number three on the list is margarine margarine
is a synthetic man-made food it is a toxic chemical right everyone pretty
much agrees now even the mainstream government guidelines they say to limit
trans fats they finally made it mandatory to put trans fat on the food
labels because they are the only thing on that food label that is a true poison
margarine is a manually saturated fat they start off with a synthetic with a
highly processed plant oil it’s harshly processed using high heat
high pressure lots of chemicals so they get a very toxic product high in omega-6
s then they make it worse then they shoot at high speed and high pressure
and high temperature they bombard this with hydrogen’s with protons and now
they so Lidda fie they turned that
polyunsaturated oil into a partially saturated so they solidify it and in
doing that they create a molecule that doesn’t exist in nature and when you eat
this it is very poorly broken down by the
bodies very poorly metabolized and you use fats in the body for fuel but you
also use them for cell membranes and the structure of these fatty acids determine
the properties of your cell membranes and your cell membranes those are the
barriers that decide the inside and outside of the cell that is they
determine what is supposed to come in and what’s supposed to be stopped so
they make decisions the cells the membrane is the true brain of the body
okay that’s where decisions are made it’s like a transistor it’s a
semiconductor and if you have margarine in your body that’s not broken down and
the body is deficient in these proper essential fatty acids it’s going to
start substituting whatever fat it has and it’s gonna start putting margarine
it’s gonna start putting trans fats into the cell membrane and you disrupt and
you destroy and you alter the signaling properties of that membrane and this has
been implicated in every kind of disease including cancer right you distort the
body’s normal responses in so many different ways so margarine is way way
way up there with of toxins and sadly when they did most of the studies on
heart disease and they found out they decided that heart disease was caused by
fat then that was at a time when everybody was eating almost exclusively
margarine all right that’s the biggest reason that fat got a bad rap was that
that’s what people were eating at the time and they saw that these people
they’re eating so much fat well sure they ate some animal fats but they
didn’t eat butter they ate margarine and that’s why they got sick the second
worst food in my opinion is the category of donuts cake and frosting right
because these combine most of the worst of the properties of all of these
so-called foods non foods above here so donuts are deep-fried they use terrible
oil they have trans fats partially hydrogenated fats they have sugar modern
wheats of combining all these different things and if they’re really really bad
now they’re gonna have all these other chemicals and flavors and colors and
dough conditioners with it as well so I don’t think you could possibly design a
worse food with less nutrients and more bad effects on your physiology than
donuts and now cake the only difference is cake isn’t deep-fried but it’s still
modern wheat and it’s still the oldest sugar and typically cake has some
frosting with it and the frosting is made with shortening which is a
partially hydrogenated vegetable fat so it’s really like just another Verge
version of margarine but it’s worse so cake and frosting and donuts they
sort of combine all the worst of the the really bad stuff of any of these above
so if you have a party if there’s a celebration somewhere and you just feel
hey I gotta have some cake then look up some recipes online look for some keto
cake look for some paleo cakes all right you can make very very tasty desserts on
natural foods without using any of the bad fats without using any processed
sugar and you can make it healthy it it’s not something that you still want
to eat don’t turn it into a staple don’t make it another
food group but if you have it for the occasional celebration you can have it
and not feel bad about it and the number one thing that you want to avoid if you
want to stay healthy is artificial sweetener it made number one worst on my
list because it is not a food it is not a nutrient it is a poison it’s a neuro
toxin all of them are some of them are a little bit worse than others so I would
say that aspartame is by far the worst and then we have sucralose ii known as
Splenda so aspartame is NutraSweet sucralose is
Splenda saccharin is sweet and low and asked to sell fame potassium or
acesulfame k is usually not sold by itself but it’s put in combination with
other things so virtually every time that you see aspartame or sucralose
you’re gonna see this kind of as an add-on and what’s so bad about these
things well they are neurotoxins they’re chemicals they’re mad made they have no
function no position no place in the human body and the reason aspartame is
so terrible is it breaks down and the breakdown products the resulting
products are formaldehyde also known as embalming fluid it breaks down into
methanol wood alcohol the stuff that you go blind and it also breaks down into an
excitotoxin a neurotransmitter just like the MSG so it has a triple effect of
super super toxic poisonous effects in the body and there’s a high number of
liver toxicities and kidney failures and all sorts of autoimmune conditions that
are in my opinion in my experience caused by aspartame there were more
complaints to the FDA more formal complaints to the FDA about a sport
in the ten years following its release then the FDA had received on formal
complaints in the history of the FDA so this is a poison the others are not much
better they’re still man-made they’re still very poisonous chemicals sucralose
is a chloro carbon it is chemically related to DDT and to family of
pesticide most have which have been banned in the entire world for being
carcinogenic so stay away from artificial sweeteners and anything that
contains them so you have to be very careful the obvious giveaway is diet
sodas so Diet Coke dye Pepsi Diet this and that but also low-calorie yogurts
they will have artificial sweeteners in them chewing gum it used to be that you
had regular and you had unsweetened well and the regular had sugar and the other
one had artificial sweeteners well now guess what both regular and sugar-free
have artificial sweeteners because it prolongs the flavor so they put sugar
and this stuff in it so you have to look very very carefully there are some
chewing gums on the market that don’t have these there are sweetened with
sugar alcohols like xylitol etc and those would be much better in moderation
but the flavor you can tell because the flavour only lasts of a few seconds and
of course that’s why they put this synthetic stuff in there but don’t use
it because it’s poison as far as drinks the one that I the only drink the only
soda that I drink is a diet soda so to speak but it’s called zi BIA and I’m not
getting paid for this but it is has nothing strange in there it’s no
artificial colors no artificial flavors it is sweetened with stevia only so that
would be the alternative if you’re trying to get off Diet Coke then that’s
what I would suggest so the reason you want to avoid all
these items all these categories of food is that they are not food
the only thing would be a deli meat if it is a high quality if you research a
little bit how its produced and you read the ingredients and there’s nothing
strange in then it can be a good snack if not then avoid it like the plague
it will make you sick it will poison your body it will shorten your life if
you enjoyed this video then you can learn a whole lot more from that one
thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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  31. Dr. Sten Ekberg. Thanks for the great videos. You put yeast on the line with MSG but did not really talk about it. Does this include "Nutritional Yeast", a traditional source of B vitamins for folks that don't eat meat. Thanks!

  32. Would you say that brewer's yeast must also be avoid? I use it as a supplement to get enough B vitamin and I love its flavour. Thank you very much! I really enjoy your channel!

  33. I have keto rash. I've been doing keto, omad, int fasting & some carnivore seriously for some time. I'm very strict about it. Been over 2 years & I'm now an extremely healthy & fit 61 year old. I've watched most of your videos, multiple times. After 2 years though, I just came down about 2 weeks ago with the itchy, blotchy keto rash, mostly around my shoulders area. It's not gone away as I hoped (2 weeks). I see differing explanations & recommendations on the web. Including "eat more carbs". They are all over the place. I don't see anything from you on keto rash. What do you say?

  34. I never thought of sugar beets as GMO. I use beet root believing it to be nutritious . Question "are sugar beets and beet root the same?"" Another question: Are they all GMO?

  35. Hey Dr. Ekberg, thanks for this informative video – it aligns with most of what I was expecting. I have two questions:
    1. What about Xylitol/Erythritol as artificial sweeteners? Are they as bad as aspartame etc?
    2. Would you rather have a diet soda or a regular one say you'd crave one once a week? I'm currently opting for diet soda to not interfere with my mostly keto diet.

  36. What about oatmeal? Are some better than others? Also, when stir-frying, you need a high heat. Is peanut oil the best? Also, tofu is horrible, soybean farms are the reason the rain forest is being cleared.

  37. Deadly foods + Expensive Healthcare System = Working as intended! 🤣 Somebody is making money at the expensive of your health 😲 ALL LEGAL!

  38. How do you feel about gltathione? I mean injectable glutathone like : ˝tationil 600˝ can that help with fatty liver
    How about systemyc enzymes for autofagy? like neprinol?

  39. You look at this list of toxins and then realize that most of the things on that list, are foods we happily feed to our babies/children/teenagers. Baby formula , cereal, candy, white bread, soda pop , fast food-fried food- frozen dinners- donuts-cake- etc. Not surprising that American are witnessing a epidemic of obesity, diabetes, gut issues. In fact, even when our babies are in the womb, they are being bombarded with these toxins, because most pregnant mothers are regularly ingesting these toxic foods/drinks. The next big health epidemic that will be added to list , will be GI issues. Leaky gut, IBS, chronic gastritis , etc. In fact, there are 10s of millions of people who currently have these health issues, and are misdiagnosed or not aware that they have destroyed their gut bacteria/ GI tract thru eating these toxic foods for years.

  40. You lost me at GMO. We've been eating genetically modified food and animals since the dawn of man. It's why we did not go extinct and is critical to feed a planet of 7.5 billion. GMO is just the current labeling fad no different than Reduced Fat, Low Fat, etc. While there may be some subset of GMO that is unethically generated, this does not preclude, valid, ethically based science.

  41. what a load of BS – just don't eat animals or processed foods – VEGANS have a healthy body and MIND – Grow your own food – eat plants with plant sauce – 90% of your supermarket food has SUGAR –
    sorry doc but sugar is at the root of all disease – a bit like your medicine – but then to doctor in old english is to poison

  42. The only foods on his list I use are sugar for coffee and flour rarely. I don’t use any of the rest of that stuff.

  43. Buttermilk is extremely low fat (0.5% or so). It's just skimmed off the top layer, so that's only a bit of mechanical processes. I'd say that's not bad, is it.

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