This Woman Went From a Size 20 to a Size 4 — and Here Are 3 of Her Best Weight-Loss Motivation T…

This Woman Went From a Size 20 to a Size 4 — and Here Are 3 of Her Best Weight-Loss Motivation T…

We all have a story, and it is through our story where we find purpose. I come from a family of obesity. My mother, she worked long hours. She loved me, but oftentimes we would eat a lot of fast food, and seeing the various complications that my mother dealt with, she had high blood pressure, diabetes, sarcoidosis, sleep apnea. We learned that she had stage two stomach cancer on the day that she was supposed to get the cancer treated. She called it pneumonia. The day before Thanksgiving, I showed up at the hospital. She didn’t have the ability to be able to talk. The wake-up call was when she passed away on New Year’s Eve. I am the only child. My mother was my mother, my father, my best friend, my confidante, my biggest supporter and cheerleader, so losing her was a serious wake-up call that Maisha, you’re either gonna get it together, or you can end up down that same path. We wanna be more mindful and cognizant. When you buy that new expensive car, and they tell you you need to put premium gas in it, what do you do? You put premium gas in it, so you need to treat your body the same way. I started workin’ out once a week, then it increased to three days a week, then it increased to four days a week, so I always tell people, slow and steady always wins the race. I slowly started taking things out of my diet that I was eating. Red meat, fried chicken, not drinking as much juice and soda, replacing it with more fresh fruits and veggies. I lost about 120 pounds. You can work out in the comforts of your home. You don’t need a gym. Every time you’re watchin’, let’s say you’re watchin’ Rachael’s show, and they go to commercial. All you have to do is get on the floor, do some sit-ups, push-up. Five minutes a day will make a huge difference. I was a size 20. My mother and I, we used to share clothes. Now I’m a size four. (audience cheers) So just to remind you, that’s what she looked like at a size 20. Please welcome Maisha Wynn today. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Hi, Maisha, how are you doing? I’m very nice. This is my friend, Jesse. Hey, Jesse! (audience drowns out speaker) Thank you, thank you! Maisha, your motivation actually came out of your deep love and your sense of loss with your mom. What is your top tip for motivation for everyone else that’s watching? It’s all about the power of visualization, Rachael. Yup, closing your eyes. What you see is what you are, and so that’s what I live by on a day-to-day basis. First we have the accountability chart, and it’s all about eating healthy, right? Oftentimes it’s all about preparation, but sometimes you kind of backtrack, so you wanna have an accountability chart in your home. You might be out with your girlfriends or your guy friends, Jesse, and you have a glass of wine, so if you decide to have a glass of wine, then you wanna make sure you do an additional 15 minutes of cardio in the gym. I like that, I like that. Okay? This is me right here. I know, I love chocolate.
I love chocolate. Dark chocolate? Dark chocolate. With nuts? Milk chocolate, white chocolate, whatever chocolate. He doesn’t care. (audience laughs)
Yeah. Just so long as chocolate is attached to whatever came first, right. (audience laughs)
Beautiful. Let’s say Jesse and Rachael, you had that chocolate bar, then that means you wanna do about an additional mile of walking. Alright, and that’s totally doable. A mile’s not as far as you think when you’re out walking. Absolutely.
Okay, accountability chart, what’s next? Now we have the shadow box. It’s all about celebration time. When you work hard, you wanna be victorious, so you wanna create a box here of something you desire to see yourself later on in life. Maybe you want a brand new bikini.
You want a bikini! Whatever it is, you want to put a dollar in. Let’s say you decided to work out twice a day, twice a day, morning and night, then you wanna put $2 in that, or let’s say you had a craving for a mocha Frappucino, and you say, you know what, instead of that I’m gonna do green tea, so I save $5. Reward yourself. That’s right. And last but not least, what I have learned, portion control is key to healthy living.
This is so important! Brilliant point. You hear this over and over again. All the time. So, we created these fabulous plates that you can actually use with edible markers and cute little tapes. Oh, that’s hilarious! Edible markers! To show children what their plates should look like, how much fruit and veggie, how much starch, how much protein. (audience claps) We’re gonna do some salmon as our protein, and then I love my veggies. How does that sound? Sounds pretty good. And then a little bit of rice. Little bit of rice. Little bit of brown, whole-grain rice. That’s very, very clever and so accessible, too. Thank you so much to Maisha,
Thank you, Rachael. and if you guys want a whole book full of tips, pick up a copy of her book, “The Wynning Way,” very clever. (audience claps)

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  1. Love the shadow box idea! A great way to not only visualize your progress but also rewarding yourself along the way towards your goals! So proud of you Maisha!

  2. Amen I say the EXACT same thing! I had the same thing happened to me losing my mom to cancer and she was as obese too. I eat healthy foods too.

  3. Ms. Wynn continues to share a proven Wynning way to a healthier mind, body and spirit.  She reminds us that our bodies are liken to an expensive luxury car.  We can't put any kind of fuel in a luxury vehicle and expect it to run properly.  Thus we can't fuel our bodies with anything and expect to live a wholesome life.  Ms. Wynn leads by precept and example.  Thank you Ms. Wynn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations! You are such an inspiration. Thanks Spelman sister for sharing with us how to eat an elephant, one bite at a time!

  5. Trust, she is one of thee most strongest and un-selfish persons I know. She took her blessings to bless others.  Congrats sister-friend!

  6. My Spelman Sister this is an awesome testimony! I love the ideas. Thank you for sharing your journey & "Wynning" ways with the world.

  7. Thank you Rachel, for having beautiful on your show she's amazing! People like her are really motivating when no one else is! I love watching your show, keep up the good work. Everyone have a nice day and give love kudos 💟🌻🐝

  8. From 436 pounds to 188 pounds in one year, I hear, feel and know your journey. We are sisters through a fat journey with no insurance policy! Congratulations on not your weight loss but your love gain. Love of self and all that life has to offer!! Hugs!!!

  9. That the approach I started Three weeks ago. Ten pounds down. It’s not easy!!!!! Will try her “ Graphics!!! Shoot I have not tried it yet. I need to get it together. I did walk around the house. M pouting. M praying for me!!

  10. So VERY HAPPY FOR HER! She looks BEAUTIFUL! My Sympathy to her about her Mother. Her Mother would be so proud and HAPPY for and with her. I'm proud of her myself.

  11. She is terrific!!! She's right too. Commercials are SO long that if you exercised during the ads on one program a day, you'd be well on your way to fitness!

  12. Why do people push brown rice as healthy and even put it in baby food when it is contaminated with arsenic.

  13. Go to The Minister of Wellness on Youtube! He is really helping the black community wake up and make healthy changes!

  14. Good for her! That took a lot of hard work and discipline. Apparently, at this time, 113 jealous overweight b- – – – es are mad.

  15. Looks like Rachel could use some of Maisha's tips. Not a slam: just another living example how food TV shows keep food and eating constantly in front of our daily focus. Eat mostly fresh vegetables, some meat and a little fruit as well, no sugar. Pounds flew off of me and I feel so much better.

  16. how come she is being applauded for destroying her body first by gaining all that weight……. and then by temporarily losing it……..she will be like oprah and return to her original size…………..MEN do not find left over skin or being a size 20……….. appealing.

  17. I own a midsize SUV and my husband insists on making sure that I keep up with scheduled maintenance, etc.. The statement about putting premium fuel in a vehicle really hit home with me! Thank you, Lord for this post!

  18. Hi edagdwg thanks for sharing your story God at work 🙏 changes things glad she is doing for herself not what other people say Linda j ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯❤️

  19. I love love love this video with all the health tips. She really looks good and I was meant to see this. It's 1:16am in the morning and I'm fixing pizza and fries. What da Mess!!! I'm soooo gonna do better and go grocery shopping for fruits and veggies!!!

  20. Myisha has so much positive energy and she is so beautiful. She needs her won show. She is so captivating.

  21. I know I don't know you but just to hear your amazing I am so proud of your accomplishment and the fact that you cared enough to share it means alot..God bless🙏❤❤

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