There Are So Many Great Reasons To Go Vegan

There Are So Many Great Reasons To Go Vegan

– Obviously there’s a huge
debate in the United States about healthcare, but there’s almost no
mention of prevention. And the fact is, like
probably 80 to 90 percent of healthcare spending is for
lifestyle-related diseases, you know, everything
from tobacco and guns, but especially, diet. I mean Harvard Medical,
I forget the study, but I think they had a
study that showed that between 80 and 90 percent
of healthcare spending is based on sort of optional
lifestyle choices so rather than spend trillions
and trillions of dollars on healthcare why not just
stop subsidizing the things that make people sick in
the first place, you know? It’s just mind-boggling
that our tax dollars go to subsidize animal
agriculture, which obviously tortures and destroys animals, destroys the environment, but also gives people cancer, diabetes,
heart disease, obesity, and all sorts of other health problems. It’s mind-boggling. I’ve never understood the argument that somehow eating a defenseless, vegan animal makes you a man. You know. How anyone can say, like eating a vegan chicken or a vegan cow, I mean the most defenseless
creatures on the planet, and then you, people pay some stranger to butcher this animal and they eat it and they feel
like they’re more of a man. And in the process they
like get arteriosclerosis, and cancer, and diabetes, and obesity, and they have erectile
dysfunction as a result of eating animal products. So what part of that is masculine? It boggles my mind that
somehow people think that eating these
defenseless, vegan animals who are killed by strangers is
an expression of masculinity. It’s nonsense. It’s funny there’s this
recurring question, of like, why go vegan? And the better question: why not go vegan? You know, ’cause by going
vegan you save animals, you save yourself, like
you reduce your chances of getting cancer, diabetes,
heart disease, and obesity. You save the rainforests. You reduce climate change. You reduce antibiotic resistance. You reduce ocean acidification. So there’s so many profound
and remarkable reasons to go vegan. That’s why I’ve been vegan for 32 years. Like, first and foremost, for the animals, but also for everything else,
environment, health, so. I don’t know why, it just,
it still boggles my mind that, like we don’t live in a vegan world. Like, why people support
and consume a product that kills them, kills
animals, and destroys the only hope we have. It’s, yeah, it’s mind-boggling. I’ve been vegan for 32 years and when I went vegan in 1987, it was hard, because in 1987 there was no internet. There was no Happy Cow, like. I think there were a grand
total of three vegan restaurants in the entire world in 1987. So when people say it’s
hard to go vegan now. I don’t know what they’re talking about. I mean, like every decent city has great health food stores,
great vegan restaurants. I mean there’s so much information online. So… All I can say is there’s never been a better time to go vegan. And it’s never been easier to be vegan.

5 thoughts on “There Are So Many Great Reasons To Go Vegan

  1. no there aren't any good reason to be vegan, not one. their is only dogma and religious bullshit reason and none are based on real life necessities. eating animals is absolutely essential to human health.

  2. Moby rocks! I still listen to his tunes from 20+ years ago. What ar ethe reasons to go vegan?

    You can…

    – lose weight
    – become healthier
    – prevent heart disease/cancer
    – become more mindful
    – become ethical (the ten commandments say: do not kill!)
    – save the planet (animal farming is one of the biggest contributors to climate change)
    – stop world hunger (80% of food production is wasted as animal fodder)
    – stop suffering on a huge scale.

    Do you have more? Add them here!

    On a side note: do not copy political slogans from people who spread fear, anger and suffering.

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