51 thoughts on “The Weight Loss Program That Got Better with Time

  1. Agree. Less meat means more benefits. Lucky for me, I never liked the taste of meat and gag at the smell of milk so I am a natural vegan <3

  2. OK. I was intrigued. But seems CHIP program is more focused on making money than being affordable and available worldwide. Checked CHIP program official website. Starter kit with 4 books 300$. Online home course 700$. Program available in USA and limited countries only. Meal planner recipe web site 14$ per month. But meals is only one aspect of the program.

  3. Great info, switching to a plant based diet is definitely better for your health, better for the environment and without a doubt better for the animals, Vegan is the answer ✌️

  4. I went from a size 18/20 in jeans to a size 6 eating a whole plant based diet. I love that I get to eat huge portions and still lose weight

  5. Empowering people with the knowledge of the disease-reducing and health-promoting benefits of a whole food plant-based diet can save lives and allow people to know that their health is in their own hands.

  6. They were instructed to eat more plantbased. More whole foods ad libitum.
    But did they eat completely vegan though..? Or did they do like the "Blue Zoners" and also had smaller amounts of animal foods in their diet?

  7. Absolutely can confirm that. Made some diets the last year's, but the overweight always came back and it was always fucking hard to lose the weight in the first place. One year on a vegan whole-foods diet and i lost all the excess weight without dieting and the best: Never have or had to be hungry, cause I'm eating tons of delicious food everyday. In the end, it's so simple, that it's hard to believe, but it's true. Humans are meant to eat plants not animals, that's the truth and reality no one can change. Eat animals and you will always be some kind of sick. Eat whole plants and you will be perfectly healthy and happy and maintain a normal healthy weight.

  8. I went to a CHIP orientation and I would have done it except for the price. The price was not unreasonable but I was particularly poor at the time. I believe it is much cheaper in the US than here because of the price of books. I had planned on doing it later prior to making changes on my own. I may still do it as my exercise regime is something I need more structure with.

  9. Ok, the CHIP program here is "Coronary Health Improvement Project". Not to be confused with the "Children's Health Insurance Program".

  10. I eat whatever I want I just exercise and plan my meals ahead of time. Diet sodas, low calorie options and higher protein and vegetable intake help as well.

  11. Some of the video icons have been going downhill, including this one. I don't even want to click them lately.

  12. i literally get a tear in my eye from some of these videos! I just wished everyone knew what i have learned from this channel. It is so painful to see friends and family go through struggles with the solution being so easy, if only they were open enough for change… sigh

  13. Does it make any difference to your health if you eat 95% of your calories from whole plant foods and 5% from unprocessed animal foods?

  14. I stopped blood thinning medicine Warfarin, with a wfpb plus garlic and other herbs and spices, nuts and seeds. Oh sprouts are superfoods! i had two PE;'s following my other hip replacement, (i wouldn't recommend a hip or knee replacement). Learn all u can about nutrition, that knowledge will see you through the long haul. Nutritionfacts.org /with Dr. Greger

  15. The main message is very simple, but has to be told for many different situations and regularly, like the videos of NutritionFacts do. Thank you NF

  16. Hi dr Gregor
    Love your videos. I have a question what is the best way to cook oat groats?
    I look forward to everyone of your videos 👍🏻

  17. I had heard how carbohydrates were connected with weight gain and also generally to keep clear of carbs, on the contrary had actually never thought as using them to lose fat. The significant idea behind the 4 cycle weight-loss method is to really train your whole body to reduce fat for fuel instead of carbohydrate. It’s founded on scientific research into the higher than average carb diets of the Japanese and their remarkable long life expectancy. The findings validate the fact that it’s their higher than average carb-cycling day-to-day diet technique that helps to keep on being healthier into old age with a reduced body mass index (decreased incidence of unhealthy weight).Read much more here https://truehealthreport.com/4-cycle-fat-loss-fat-burning-diet/

  18. Hei…This is cool video, and i like it.
    But, maybe you can check the huge new weight loss offer for this year….
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    This is not scam.

  19. How much oil do we need? Is 10% fat of total caloric intake sufficient? (A bit from O3-algae-supplement, rest directly from flax seeds, whole foods and bread)
    Also is there an alternative to (pumpernickel) bread? I read there's trans-fats in it (11mg/100g). Is that even an issue?

  20. How can I find a CHIP program? I checked out the locate page on the website: https://www.chiphealth.com/Location-Search/ and it lists practitioners, but does not give any more info to figure out if there's a group in my area.

  21. As much as I'm a fan of this channel, the videos themselves are usually a downer. Just look at the videos about alcohol. I was so disappointed regarding the adverse health effects thereof. But this video is so positive and inspiring. I'd love to be a CHIP volunteer and watch people regain their health as a result.

  22. CHIP is an amazing life-changing program. Our next online/virtual CHIP begins in October 2018 and in person CHIP in NYC in Nov 2018. Sept is sold out! Go to [email protected] for details on CHIP.

  23. This must be why, when I went vegetarian and started cooking for myself and I didn't know how much food was appropriate for only one person, I lost weight even though every day I ended up eating more than I could. Now that I'm vegan I lose weight without even trying, even when I think I'm overeating too frequently.

  24. Sorry, but it do not woek, I am 3 years plantbased cooking how Dr. Greger Book, but don't loose weight! Because not work for disabled people, they are SCI (not walk) and have loose to much muscle…they help burning kcal!! I am eat most only twice a day….and all 2 weeks go in the Restaurant, which not cooking oel free!! But make this aline a different?My Hope is going…

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