The surprising cause of stomach ulcers – Rusha Modi

The surprising cause of stomach ulcers – Rusha Modi

In 1984, an enterprising Australian doctor
named Barry Marshall decided to take a risk. Too many of his patients were complaining
of severe abdominal pain due to stomach ulcers, which are sores in the lining
of the upper intestinal tract. At the time, few effective treatments
for ulcers existed, and many sufferers required
hospitalization or even surgery. Desperate for answers, Dr. Marshall swallowed a cloudy
broth of bacteria collected from the stomach
of one of his patients. Soon, Dr. Marshall was experiencing
the same abdominal pain, bloating, and vomiting. Ten days later, a camera called
an endoscope peered inside his insides. Marshall’s stomach was teeming
with the same bacteria as his patient. He’d also developed gastritis,
or severe inflammation of the stomach, the hallmark precursor of ulcers. Dr. Marshall’s idea challenged a misconception
that still persists to this day: that ulcers are caused by stress, food, or too much stomach acid. Marshall thought the culprit
was bacterial infections. Initially, his idea was considered crazy by the brightest medical
minds on the planet. But in 2005, he and Dr. Robin Warren
received the ultimate validation when they were awarded the Nobel
Prize for medicine. Our stomachs are J-shaped organs
with surprisingly intricate ecosystems awash in hormones and chemicals. The stomach is under constant attack
by digestive enzymes, bile, proteins, microbes, and the stomach’s own acid. In response, it produces bicarbonate, mucus, and phospholipids called prostaglandins to maintain the integrity
of its own lining. This delicate balance is constantly
regulated and referred to as mucosal defense. Since the mid-1800s, doctors thought
stress alone caused most stomach ulcers. Patients were given antidepressants
or tranquilizers and told to visit health spas. This belief eventually shifted
to the related notion of spicy foods and stress as culprits. Yet no convincing study has ever
demonstrated that emotional upset, psychological distress, or spicy food directly causes ulcer disease. By the mid-20th century, it was widely
accepted that excess hydrochloric acid prompted the stomach to eat itself. Fervent proponents of this idea
were referred to as the acid mafia. The biggest hole in this theory
was that antiacids only provide temporary relief. We now know that some rare ulcers are indeed caused
by too much hydrochloric acid. But they make up less than 1%
of all cases. Dr. Marshall and Dr. Warren pinpointed
a spiral-shaped bacteria called Helicobacter pylori,
or H. pylori, as the real offender. H. pylori is one of humanity’s oldest
and most frequent companions, having joined us at least 50,000
years ago, and now found in 50% of people. Previously, we thought the stomach
was sterile on account of it being such an acidic,
hostile environment. Yet H. pylori survives the acidic turmoil
of the stomach with a variety of features that disrupt
mucosal defense in its favor. For example, it produces an enzyme
called urease that helps protect it from
the surrounding gastric acid. H. pylori can make over 1,500 proteins, many of which are dedicated to maximizing
its virulence. We still have unanswered questions, like why specific people develop ulcers
at particular times. However, we do know individual genetics, other medical problems, use of certain medications, smoking, and the genetic diversity
of Helicobacter strains all play a role. In particular, certain pain medications
used to reduce inflammation in joints have been discovered to work
with H. pylori to create more severe stomach ulcers. Dr. Marshall ended up being fine after
his famous, albeit dangerous, experiment. He ingested a course of antibiotics
similar to the ones taken now for ulcers. To be treated by simple antibiotics
is a modern triumph for a disease that previously
needed surgery. Marshall’s work also reminded us that
scientific progress is not always smooth. But there’s value in trusting
your proverbial, and sometimes literal, gut.

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  1. i've find in most cases of my friend that are having stomach pain and the cause seems like they drink too much coffee (or strong caffeine) without eating food, sometime alcohol. the disease could be called gastritis or gastric ulcer. occurs when gastric acid (hydrochloric acid) had no food to digest/dissolve so the acid scrape off the mucosa layer, could be around digestive tracts & the heli pylori bacteria infect the gastrointestinal wall, then come the inflammation.

  2. I heard about it on the radio on my way to school when I was a little girl in the early ‘90s. What’s shocking is that people still think ulcers are caused by stress, food and excess acid 30 YEARS later.

  3. I remember my late grandfather who died in the 90s, the poor man suffered from chronic ulcers. I remember asking what caused them, and family members would say ‘we don’t know, doctors say anything can cause uclers, like too much acid, but there’s no cure and no known cause’. I’m so glad we finally found the culprit!

  4. Ted ed, good job at making a fun video. But many people are gonna get the wrong idea and come to wrong conclusions. From a microbiologist's point of view, there's info that you're not getting there and forgetting to mention. To mislead in health mustn't be taken lightly. Ulcers, it's causes, and micriobiota aren't easy as 1,2,3. Just a heads up. 🙂

  5. When I was in college, I feel so stressed because of something, so I feel like I don't want to eat, and if even if I eat it's not in the right time, so I woke up one day with an upset stomach and vomiting with small blood and went to the hospital so I was diagnosed with ulcer.

  6. But how do the stomach acids reach the stomach lining to burn the tissue and create the ulcers???

    And yet again, you are dismissing the fact that the mucus membrane, which lines the gut, becomes weak due to dehydration and mineral deficiencies. The mucus membrane is 98% water and 2% Scaffolding materials. Besides the Mucin, The gut cells secrete sodium bicarbonate into the Mucus membrane, which Neutralizes the stomach acids before the acids come in contact with the stomach cells. But, no one wants to address that. Instead, it has to be pills to save the body. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  7. the link was discovered before that..about 1982. H Pylori infection, I had that. I had suffered for years until finding an article about this nuisance here on Youtube.

  8. I talked about ulcer yesterday on the phone with my mother on Facebook Messenger and here I am recommended a 2017 Ulcer video on 2019 by Youtube. WTF.

  9. Here in India, there are large number of doctors who claim to be experts but they are after patient's money. They don't ever care about patient's life.
    I was suffering from duodenal ulcer from may 2014, regular stomach cramps, loose motion, vomiting and excessive burping.
    Doctors gave me medications for normal stomach infections. When my problem didn't seem to go away, I suspected H.Pylori infection as written in some websites.
    I went to top hospital and the director was dealing with my case. He mislead me, asked me to undergo all kinds of blood tests, urine etc but still could not find the cause. Got endoscopy done along with biopsy of the affected area but no avail. Every month he asked me to take two appointments, one prior to tests and one after all tests.
    Finally I was running out of money as I had my wife undergoing treatment of bile stone post childbirth.
    I was hopeless and tried herbal medicines but it only gave me temporary relief.
    Finally when my condition became life threatening during midnight, I gulped down half a bottle of antacid but soon after 1 or 2 hours acid started to boil in my stomach. I was sleepless all night and in the morning 5 o'clock, went to the biggest hospital on emergency. Doctor reached by 10 o'clock and wrote down 6-7 tests but still bed was not available.
    I went back to the first hospital but they asked me to take appointment from their own doctor first and there was terrible queue of patients.
    Went to their other branch and still didn't get a bed. Luckily in the evening, I managed to get a general ward and a very gentle doctor (surprisingly belonged to my native place and community).
    I got my ulcer fully diagnosed and got right medication. The reason for anaemia was due to slow bleeding ulcer. I got back to the best doctor and he advised to take 3 antibiotics for a month as the bacteria was highly resistant.
    Within 2-3 months, ulcer was cured but I suffered from vit B12, D deficiency along with indigestion problems for more than 18 months.
    I took herbal(Ayurvedic) digestive syrup and the symptoms vanished within this period, no allopathic medicines came to my rescue.
    Now I help others to get the best step by step treatment and not fall prey to these cunning doctors.
    Ulcer is very small issue if treated in early stage but can be potentially life threatening if left for 2-3 years untreated.

  10. Important knowledge. My Grandad suffered from ulcers. He was a tough old guy who killed Nazis wearing a kilt. He loved his single malt, but in those days they said booze caused ulcers. His wife would nag and nag about his drinking; really it was all he had to blunt the horrors he had experienced. I get so choked thinking about his last days, puking blood while the family slept, but then having to sneak a wee nip like a thief in the night…

  11. Sao mà tui yêu cái ted ed này quá vậy nè.
    There are no words can describe how much i love "you"- ted ed😍😍😍

  12. h.pylori was horrible for me
    constantly tired, was in pain 3 hours after i ate, i kept falling asleep and waking up in pain. luckily as the video stated, common antibiotics helped get rid of it. 30 days of taking it. im so glad it went away

  13. Do you know how H. Pylori is causing the ulcers ? It leads to more acid production.
    Please dont lecture us when you are no doctor.

  14. Very bad. He ends up saying using /ingesting antibiotics. Even more dangerous to our bodies Should have just said…. Bananas. Clearly, he gave the reason as per the thumbnail. Should have done a better job the solution. My Lord """""""Antibiotics""""".

  15. Tri-sodium Phosphate TSP (something Home Depot sells for scrubbing paint off walls, and Cheerios and other processed food companies put in their ingredients)


  17. Man is a macro cosmos…..
    About 90percent of our body weight is composed of bacteria…
    They are an intrinsic part of our lives….
    In fact the food we eat is digested by them….
    There harmony resonates with our well-being….
    Nobel Prize in medicine is a business tactic by big pharmacy…

  18. it's interesting! ^^ i was raised in a belief that if we skip meals, we would get an ulcer. but it was different.

  19. It's a little more than 1% other than the bacterial type. I'd say more like 10% is caused by too much acid been produced .
    This is solved or at least was by an operation "highly selective vagotamy "which cuts 2 of 5 tributaries of the various nerve .

  20. i am trying to fall asleep. i thought this video will help me fall asleep but i ended up watching the whole thing. Pretty interesting really.

  21. I’ve had 2 stomach ulcers… I believe they were caused by heavy drinking combined with taking too much advil

    I could be wrong but it’s my best guess so I’ve quit drinking and try my best not to take advil unless my headache is really bad

  22. 1:31 i hope he rubbed it on all those scientist faces, because of humans like those our brain evolve thousands of years ago but only started advances in technology a few hundred years ago…

  23. One thing which wasn’t mentioned here is that the human testing is so difficult that doctors have to resort to such measures. Probably the reason why this doctor ingested bacteria.

  24. Patient: has symptoms
    Doctor: ingests bacteria from patient's stomach
    Doctor: has same bacteria now and same symptoms
    Doctor: surprised Pikachu face

  25. You need yogurt with live cultures and bacteria if you eat it every other day you will heal from 90% of all your problems!!!

  26. You better believe MENTAL STRESS is a major factor ! Not only in developing stomach ulcers but in all kinds of ailments. Many people experience discomfort, stomach pains/cramps, gastro-intestinal issues etc. during periods of stress and often accompanied by diarrhea and/or vomitting.
    Healthy mind, healthy body..

  27. I still think that ulcers can be caused by stress due to the fact that stress can effect our immune systems and can allow bad bacteria into our bodies.


    This completely excludes other known causes of ulcers… But go ahead and school your doctors. Who needs them anyway right?

  29. funny some scientists are not open minded when we are taught since childhood it's one of the main characteristics of a scientist

  30. itsxstuborn minded ESS common sense shows bacteriaxare yellow staphyylicocvi etc cause yellow colouring its basic A level biology.more likely they cause many people got sectioned under this sinister idea.chance in gestion.passed in etc.

  31. Eat sugar, your teeth well be destroyed by bacteria. The same happens with other components of the digestive system. Eat healthy food and dont believe the "scientists" shits and their miracle drugs.

  32. I had stomach ulcers first at age four! Was plagued with them throughout childhood and until age 23! Since my twenties my digestive problems have only been intestinal! Then after hitting age 45 I seemed to have become pretty immune to pylori problems! So some physical problems get better with age! It was finally good to learn about the cause behind ulcers!

  33. Why you didn't have Arabic translation there big fans but they don't understand Dissemination of knowledge It is important to have it available to everyone???

  34. that's cool I still thought they were caused by stress I mean in hindsight it didn't mage much sense but thats what I was always thought

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