The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 6): A Fast-Paced Fast Food Life

The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 6): A Fast-Paced Fast Food Life

[ Music ]>>We, in our two-parent
working, two hour communing, two job life do not
have time for food. With all of our labor
saving devices, with the cars and the computers. All of those things have
actually reduced our time, not created it. [ Music ]>>One of the truisms
for obesity and other chronic diseases
is that one of the biggest, most reliable predictors
of early onset and greater morbidity is
through the stress pathway. There are now many
models from animal models to human models showing
that stress matters. That high stress shifts
our behavior, our appetite, stimulates overeating,
and is related to both insulin resistance, the metabolic syndrome,
and general obesity.>>Under stress, whether it’s
stress that’s threatening, losing a job, being confronted
with medical care bills, there’s a number of stressors that are really threatening
to us. And under these conditions it
only makes sense biologically and evolutionarily
that we would reach for those comfort
foods to calm us down. But also to hold on to
those calories and be ready for the next assault because
they are so threatening. We see this in middle-income
families, low-income families and it depends on
this interaction between one’s biology
and the food environment. And so most of us are
going to accumulate fat under these conditions.>>Stress causes this
signals that famine does. Stress makes us hungry. Stress turns on the
brain pathways that make us crave
dense calories. So, when we’re stressed, we tend
to choose less healthy choices, high fat, high sweet
food, or high salt. And it’s that layering
of those three that really reward the brain. And when you have a stressed
brain the food is even more rewarding.>>We’ve been wanting
for a long time to know if we can reduce someone’s
psychological stress dramatically, is it going to
change the hormonal environment, lower the stress
hormone cortisol. And reduce their abdominal fat. So, we rely on a program
called mindfulness based stress reduction. It’s a very common program. People can get tapes
and books about it. We train people to, in a sense
change their mental filter by being more mindful and
paying attention to the moment. And noticing those thoughts when they start worrying
or catastrophizing. We train people to
meditate and to recognize where they keep tension
in their body, and notice when they’re hungry. So they’re really in tune
with their physical state which is a skill that
most of us don’t have. Easy to develop, but
certainly we’re kind of numb from the head down. We don’t really notice what
our body is telling us. So, we did this study
where we did not ask anyone to cut calories or
start exercising more. And so we didn’t expect their
actual weight on the scale to change, but if they really
reduce their cortisol would their fat distribution change? Would they remodel their fat
stores away from the belly, maybe more toward the hips? The more estrogenic fat. So, that was our
hypothesis for this study. And we had wonderful
volunteers from the community who really got the idea
this was not a diet. This was a way to change
their relationship with food. And believe me that
was a welcome message because people have tried
dieting many types of diets, they most always gain all of
the weight back eventually. And so the short-term
dieting is not appealing to a lot of people anymore. So, we had a group of women
who were committed to this idea that we weren’t going to
ask them to go on a diet, but we were going to ask
them to eat differently and notice the process of eating and change the relationship
with food. So, before meals, people
checked in and really figured out how hungry they were and
what feelings they were having. And that really sets them
up to eat in response to hunger rather than emotions. And to eat as much as they
need, a reasonable meal, while noticing the experience,
the pleasure, and the fullness. So, it’s really much more of
a conscious experience rather than eating kind of
automatically and habitually. And then it’s, gone and we didn’t even really
notice that we were eating. We measured their body
fat with a DEXA scan. We measured how much trunk that they had before
and after the class. And what we found was
that for the obese women, the more they improved
on their well-being, decreasing their anxiety
and chronic stress, the more fat they lost. The more abdominal
fat they lost. So this was really what we
call a proof-of-concept study. This showed us that we’re really
right on a certain mechanism. This kind of stress belly fat
that we might be able to remold that even without a diet. So, then we looked at cortisol. And cortisol goes up
right after you wake up, it shoots up especially if
you are having a stressful day and thinking about all
the things you have to do. And so, we look at this
cortisol response to wakening, before and after the
intervention, and we found that for the obese women, the cortisol morning rise
was dramatically reduced. So, we really were kind of
damping down that stress system. And the more it was reduced,
the more belly fat they lost. We hope that this is a mechanism
that we can reverse engineer and work on reduce
stress and help people to have a healthier
fat patterning.>>Many Americans are
under stress and we know that that influences
eating behaviors, now we know that it
influences metabolism.>>If we can bring this to the
forefront of people’s awareness, understanding how our
bodies are conditioned to overeat highly
palatable food and especially when we’re stressed, that’s
the first step to changing it. [ Music ]

99 thoughts on “The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 6): A Fast-Paced Fast Food Life

  1. No shit people are under stress. Gettin paid crap wages and everything being so expensive will cause stress. What did you think it would cause? Sunshine and bunnies to come out of their asses?

  2. Subways is not healthy. They portray a healthy image, but subways has all sorts of processed meats (nitrates) and cheeses, breads with all sorts of chemicals. Back to basics. If you looked at the ingredients in the meats, breads, cookies of a subways meal, u would find that it is only "healthy" because it meets the calorie standards, not because of the ingredients in the food. Truly healthy eating comes from eliminating all processed foods, and eating foods with ingredients u can pronounce

  3. You sound like u get some kind of Monetary profit for selling this book. No atkins is not the answer. Eat fruits and vegetables and you will be alright. You don't need a diet book to be healthy. Besides, eating contrary to how humans originally ate is bad for your health. Just because you drop a couple of pounds doesn't mean it was a healthy way to eat.

  4. Excuse me — I don't argue that it is good to break up the cycle of poor dietary and exercise habits. But who are you to make a one size fits all, blanket promise like that? I hope that you are speaking from direct personal experience, or there is no excuse at all for your proselytizing. But how can you assume your own experience is a match for the world? That shows a superficial understanding of how much human variation there is, and can do more harm than good if people actually trust it.

  5. Subway is a mine field. Yes, you can assemble a meal from their choices that is almost all fresh veggies, although the protein ("grilled chicken cutlet"? It's pink slime molded to look like a cutlet, just a big naked McNugget) is very suspect. But the other choices are right there to mix in with it.

  6. the food government should raise taxes on restruants that serve food with too much sat. fat/calories in one serving then that will affect the processers that make all the food and that will affect the farms to grow greener food

  7. There are many factors to why people are fat these days. Some people have a harder time than others. Some have been that way their entire lives. I am here to say I have been over weight since I was 2. But last feb i was 242. I HAD ENOUGH! 191 now i have lost 51 lbs since. I ain't going back. It can be done. But you HAVE to work. You have to exercise everyday. You have to feel hungry. Its no cake walk. It's a lifestyle change. But it is worth it to live a full life. And in 50 more lbs I WILL.

  8. In the book "Why We Get Fat" by Gary Taubes, Chap 3 "The Elusive Benenfits of Exercise", proves through many studies that exercise does not solve obesity. Exercise is good for your cardiovascular system, keeping veins and arteries supple, so don't stop.
    Feeling hungry is incorrect. A diet of meat and its fats plus olives, Omega 3 supplements, deep sea fish, had 100% of dieters lose weight without any hunger pains. 100%!
    It is our ancestral diet. Eat green leafy veggies, Kale is best.

  9. Eat the meat, with the veggie condiments and mustard only. No bun or fries and no pop! Drink water. Eat a salad with a salad dressing that contains no sugar. We are designed to eat meat and fat, not simple carbohydrates such as sucrose (glucose-fructose) or HFCS – High Fructose Corn Syrup. Simple Carbohydrates leat to Insulin Dysfunction, which leads to "Nuvo lipogenesis" – New Fat Cells.
    Take at least 3 1000 mg gelatin capsules of Omega 3 Oil a day.
    Read "Primal Body Primal Mind"

  10. If you are looking to burn off fat quickly, you should do a google search "Lean Body Maximizer". That can help you get the body you deserve.

  11. Hello there, have you tried out "Belly Fat Blaze" (just do a Google search for it…)? There you can watch a useful free video. It made it easier for Donna to get rid of her stomach fat. It might help you also…

  12. 81% of Syrian women between 46–65 are obese. In the U.S., among women of the same age, it's only 24.4 percent. Obesity is not just a first world problem anymore. Besides, what they're saying is not that stress increases fat stores overall (except through behaviour changes, which of course depend on food availability), but that it affects where in the body the fat is stored. The most toxic fat is visceral 'belly' fat, and when you lower stress, that fat gets moved to less dangerous places.

  13. I've lost 20 pounds in the last 10 weeks and never felt hungry. The key is low-carb high-fat. Fats are tasty.

  14. I googled "Syria obesity" and got the results of several studies, all of them estimating high rates. It's not a 1st world country either. If you look at the context, JogBird's comment, I think you'll see my point. Their challenge to the research was, people are more stressed in less wealthy countries, so why are they less fat? I was debunking the notion that poor countries are all thinner than the US, by showing that their example of a thinner country (Syria) is not actually thinner.

  15. People think that eating vegetables and fruits won't fill them up, but it's exactly the opposite. Carbs from these foods expand in the stomach quickly. They fill you up just as much as any other type of "food".

  16. Obesity happens cuz its faster too eat out then prepare a healthy meal in america. And its also cheaper. Dumb? I think so.

  17. Congrats, you look great to boot. =) I would say the biggest life style change I made was dropping my soda pop addiction for crisp clean water or tea. You would be amazed in how little time though you lose those cravings for it.

  18. Hi there, have you considered "Belly Fat Quencher" (search on Google for it)? There you can watch a helpful free video. It made it easier for Elizabeth to get rid of her tummy fat. I hope it will help you too…

  19. No, there is another way–it can be a cakewalk. It's called Intermittent fasting (IF). You do NOT have to exercise every day. I've lost 70+ pounds and I never feel hungry at all anymore. I can go 20 hours straight without ever feeling hungry. If you graze all day long, you're putting your blood sugars and insulin through massive swings. Eat more fatty/protein foods like fish, avocados, celery, peanut butter, etc. Dump the bread, keep Sugars less than 80g per day. Good luck!

  20. That's is propaganda from the meat industry. Sorry but it is not for everyone so we're not ALL designed to eat flesh. I eat meat & not only do I gain fat weight, I also develop high blood pressure & high pulse. It also increases depression & weakens me. It also raises my sugar levels & lowers my bone density. I am healthier now by not eating land & air animals. I do have fish & limit it to once a week. I stick mainly to vegs & little fruits. I do the diet that my pirate great grandparents had.

  21. Such a LONG Documentary when ALL resides in the FDA and the companies the government let operate under the philosophy : "Let's create modified food cheaper, in tons & lets get rich"

  22. Respect, lady! The first woman i see in a long time who does not hide behind excuses but takes care of it! I hope you achieve your gols!

  23. You don't have to be hungry. You don't even HAVE to exercise if you are young. Your results will likely be better and you will have less saggy skin, but if you get the right amount of protein and natural fats from plant and animal sources you will lose while satisfying your hunger. You will learn to recognize the difference between cravings and hunger, too, but not right away. Limit your carbohydrate intake to what is in non-starchy vegs and eat protein and healthy fats.

  24. Tell that to our teeth (incisors) and our metabolism. You can't get the complete amino acids that you need without it.

  25. natural fat is not poison if your insulin is low. Insulin is increased by fructose and too much starch which goes to sugar, and will then push the fat into storage. Did you watch the first episode?

  26. Meat is natural? oh yeah apart from the fact hundreds of different chemicals go into it then you have to cook it for it to be safe? Natural foods are fruits and vegetables and wheat carbohydrates… read 80 10 10 if you want to actually be healthy and athletically competitive..

  27. Low carb/high fat/high protein is easy and you don't have to exercise to lose the weight. Best diet ever.

  28. Fructose doesn't stimulate insulin, glucose does. Fructose goes to your liver and acts like alcohol on it. very bad.

  29. not easy for me. I was bored out of my mind. I'd much rather have a variety of veggies. Besides, with high protein you may lose weight but you're making yourself sicker in the long run.

  30. i always were overweight even as a
    2 years old i was much fatter than mt cousins even though we ate the same food
    now im 16 and im still overweight they said that it was in my familyy and that ill never reach my healthy weight that made me very unsure bout myself because everybody imidiatly thinks you eat much and ill say im fat and dont eat much at all
    now im like fuck you guys im fit and overweight and im not going to waste my life hiding for food just because i cant lose weight

  31. Good for you! Overweight/obese people who wallow in self-pity rather than choosing to actively change their lifestyles are deluding themselves.

  32. Hi there, have you considered "Belly Fat Quencher" yet? Simply look on Google. On there you will discover a valuable free video by a well respected doctor and certified dietitian revealing the best way to get rid of body fat. It helped Toni to get rid of his stomach fat. Hopefully it will work for you also.

  33. "For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord's death till he come." I Cr 11:26

    So you see how smart people were two thousand years ago even before Wendy's and Big Macs. Food is just another addiction. Overcome your big ugly ego and you will no longer be addicted to anything.

  34. The corruption of our nature starts when we are very young. Food is just another addiction for many people and like all addictions it begins during our formative years usually before the age of 6 or 7. The emotions serve the ego and the addictions serve the emotions. Any corruption or addiction involving food goes back to the mother just as addictions involving drugs or alcohol goes back to a problem with the father. Every obese person I know had a mother who was impatient with them as a child.

  35. It's a lesser of all the evils, mostly. I used to work at Burger King, and I'd always go to the Subway down the street on my break. It still is fast food…but it's definitely better than a Whopper.

  36. I have seen two types of response to stress: 1. eating more and/or comfort/junk food, 2. eating less or almost nothing.
    In my case I get the 1st response in case of low or average stress and the 2nd in case of very high stress/emotional pain.
    p.s. I am not obese.

  37. The meat of a grazing animal and their body fats have sustained our ancestors for 100,000 years. Wheat and grains are only 6,000 years (approximately), in the human diet. Dr William Davis in his book "Wheat Belly", makes the point that the "Frankenwheat" that we eat today is a High Glycemic carbohydrate; not the same wheat our grandparents ate around the turn of the 20th century.
    I'm not against complex carbohydrates such as leafy green vegetables; just against the simple carbs.

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  39. I tend to think all doctors are quacks. Why is it that they think they can pontificate on any diet when they barely touch on nutrition in their training? ON the other hand, I think Davis's ideas are worth something. It worked for my wife. She lost 15 lbs without exercising and her triglycerides went from 220 to 120. Interestingly, she has not regained weight while she eschews gluten.

  40. While I appreciate testimonies from time to time as "proof", the science is clear, the evidence is unmistakable that a whole foods plant based lifestyle is the best "long term" nutrition. Basically, no sugar, no oil, no process foods, no meats and no dairy i.e. just eat whole plants. Better for you, better for the environment, better for the planet and better for animals. Google "Forks over knives" and/or Plant Strong and/or PCRM and look at the clinical science by real scientist, not quacks

  41. "Forks over Knives" … I love that documentary & such an inspiration. 🙂 I also love "Food Matters". Both are such idea givers and encourager-s for me.

  42. It's their sauces and their breads that aren't all that healthy. Their meats are highly over processed… gross! I stick to a veggie salad when forced on going to subway.

  43. So what we need to do as a society is eliminate the availability of the foods that are causing obesity. A government crackdown on these foods is truly needed. The problem is the government makes a lot of tax money on these stupid foods. We need to boycott these foods.

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  50. Tortilla chips, cheese dip, granola, chowder & fat-free pudding aren't healthy foods. Some would even say to substantially limit yogurt & salmon. 

  51. I have found in my own personal experience that in order to be in touch you must first experience actual hunger. Fasting for as long as you can will reset your hunger signal. Then when you are hungry, would you eat a bowl of plain brown rice with cooked lentils? If the answer is no you are not truly hungry keep fasting. Does a bowl of plain steamed broccoli look good? Congrats you are truly hungry. If the answer is no, keep fasting.

  52. I use to eat like a horse when I was stressed, now that I've learned how to manage my stress better, I don't eat like use to.

  53. Oh wow, I took their stress test and apparently I am highly stressed. Although I still manage to keep a bmi of 19.0, I definitely have more fat on me than I used to (but that is probably a good thing, because I used to be underweight), and experience food cravings all the time, even though I'm not hungry. I am constantly thinking about food, it's awful.
    I think maybe I should listen to them and reduce my stress.

  54. We r meant to eats huge Amounts of high nutrient and fibre dense vegan foods. We never had meat in our distant ancestry and it's all lies. If u eat small amounts of low nutrition foods u r malnourished and will b hungry all the time. I eat 5 kgs of vegan foods a day and weigh about the same! Seriously if u don't go vegan this cycle never ends

  55. This is such an important video. It really explains my relationship with food. The relationship between cortisol and abdominal fat is an unfortunate one, but a truly relevant one.

  56. as a 12 year old I used to drink small amounts of vinegar, small pile of salt and a slice of butter from time to time, I used to think it was a little strange but now I know I was just in tune with my bodies needs

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