The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 5): Generation XL

The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 5): Generation XL

[ Music ] 18>>We know that this obesity
epidemic is taking its toll. We know that if we keep this up, this will be the
first generation to not outlive their parents. Here we have this epidemic
of obese 6-month-olds. And everyone is saying,
how is it possible? How can that be? They don’t diet and exercise. They just get fed formula and
breast milk and they’re obese. How is that possible? Well, it’s very possible. Number one, you lay down
your fat before you’re born. And what determines how
much fat you lay down, the baby’s insulin
before they’re born. The more insulin, the more fat. And what determines
that baby’s insulin? The mother’s diet.>>We need to focus
on prevention. When does prevention start? In little kids? In kindergarten? No, it’s even earlier. Is it about breastfeeding
versus giving them the bottle? That’s even too late
to start there. It starts in the womb. And it starts, actually,
even before conception in the woman’s health. And so, young women are shaping
the future generations’ health. They are the gate keepers. And so we should be
putting a lot more effort into promoting a healthy
generation of women because they are absolutely
shaping the next generation and whether they’re coming
out all set up for obesity.>>We know that birth
weights have been going up over the last
25 years worldwide. And we know that mother’s
weight gain during pregnancy, which has also been going up, translates into baby’s
adiposity, baby’s fat stores. So fat cells like to get filled. As soon as they’re
out, they’re hungry. And we see these kids calling
for food at age 2 months, 3 months, and the parents don’t
know where this came from. And it’s because they
were programed to do so.>>So what happens to a
child who had an obese mom? They might have come
out of the womb small for their age or
low birth weight. But very soon after that, we see how their
metabolic calibration is set in this world. It’s set so that they
are absolutely efficient and thrifty with calories. So they may have
catch-up growth. They may have a period
of rapid growth where all of a sudden they’ve gone from
being small to being plump. And then they’re actually at
risk for childhood obesity.>>We used to say if a child
was overweight or obese, that didn’t necessarily
predict that they were going to be an adult that’s obese. And now it’s starting
to track across time.>>If you have childhood
obesity, you’re likely to become an obese adult. If you’ve had obesity for
that long of a duration, you’re likely to have early
onset of that whole range of obesity-related diseases. So it’s a trajectory that
starts with these young women. And if we can’t help women
who are obese in high stress, if we can not help them, then we
are absolutely determining the future of their offspring.>>When a woman enters
pregnancy at a higher weight, either overweight or
obese, she’s more likely to gain either inadequate weight or excessive weight
per the Institute of Medicine guidelines. So if women are gaining
excessive weight and they’re already
at high weights, this is bad for the woman. She’s more likely to
have a caesarian section. She’s more likely to have
gestational diabetes, for example. And it puts the fetus at risk. Because the fetus then can
suffer growth retardation or be born with — at
a large birth weight.>>So pregnancy is another
period that, I think, as a society we need to
rally around and bolster up women’s both mental
and physical health because that is a
short little window where we can dramatically
influence the outcomes. The other change that I would
suggest is that we think about obesity prevention
starting with women of childbearing age, women who
are not even pregnant, yet. Because they are shaping health
of our future generations.>>As a girl matures, we know that obesity is influencing
younger ages of puberty and the need to develop
and mature and go through her own reproduction
will influence hanging on to calories and
hanging on to fat.>>If they are obese, they are
already programming the new little ones that are coming
into the world to be set up for obesity in early disease.>>We know that people
are dying younger. We’ve actually seen
it now in the data. This last year, 2009 to
2010, we saw a decline in mean lifespan
of three months. The first time in the history of
the world where lifespan started to go down instead of up. So this is the gift
that keeps on giving. And this can actually
be transmitted from generation to generation. Fixing the diet is
not just a question of fixing the diet for children. But fixing the diet for
the mother who is pregnant, which means fixing the diet for the mother before
she comes pregnant. Which means all the way back. In other words, fixing
it for everybody. That is a public
health intervention. [ Music ]

100 thoughts on “The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 5): Generation XL

  1. Search "Effects of poor and short sleep on glucose metabolism and obesity risk". This study's abstract outlines the problem. There is no evidence that our diet or lifestyle has changed significantly since the 1950's, and in all the studies I have seen this is merely assumed to be the cause. However, due to changes in where we work – requiring more commute time, as well as other factors, it is well accepted that we sleep less now than we did in the past.

  2. no problem! often times when we think about obesity we consider diet first because it is the most obvious. However what is "the most obvious" is not always scientifically evident, and I think there is much more evidence pointing to other factors than diet.

  3. Sin tax? All you need is to tell people they are fat, and all they need to stop being fat is to stop consuming HFCS. Sin tax doesn't TELL people anything they need to hear. Everyone wants to stop being fat. No one wants to pay tax. So getting through to them is telling them what they want to know.

  4. You can't just blame this on the woman, it also is predetermined by the male sperm. So shut up. Fat guys are just as bad as fat girls. Wake up.

  5. Those concerned watching this video over the Pandemic of Obesity


    Mother nature already has very effective diet plan in store for us. At the current rate human expansion with abuse and mismanagement of natural resources. We will one day run into severe food shortages worldwide, and we can all have the slim figures of starving people in 3rd world countries!

  6. Obseity and technology is taking it's toll. Our kids kids are going to be like the people on Wall-E. This is my opinion.

  7. You're talking genetics. Although that is a valid point this video talks about the girls because they are talking about the baby's nutrition WITHIN the womb. What the mom to be takes or does is what translates into the baby.

  8. no, when your irresponsibility with your weight dooms your child to obesity before they are 1 year old, when you fuck up your baby's metabolism and give them a life plagued by chronic disease and disability, that's child abuse. that goes beyond you screwing up your body because you don't care. this isn't about self-esteem.

  9. Show me the evidence that we are eating less healthily than we did in 1950. We all have this idea that in 1955 people played ball 6 hours/day and ate nothing but lean meat and veggies. I doubt this very much. Furthermore, while *diagnosis* diabetes has gone up since the 1950's, other weight-related illnesses have gone down, including illnesses which lead to death in diabetes. So even if there is an "overweight epidemic" it doesn't seem to be affecting our health.

  10. Quite the opposite actually, several studies have shown that being slightly overweight actually extends life expectancy; in reality, what is an "ideal weight" is not based on science; it not only varies from culture to culture, but from time period to time period.

  11. They are doing something about it, by giving people credible information, and helping obese people understand why/how they got fat, in turn helping them losing weight, stop being a jackass.

  12. Yes, there are those who would say that fetus is NOT alive, meanwhile, it's addicted to insulin before being born. So what do you think of that?

  13. So women and insuline are to blame for the obesity epedemic?
    "I eat for '2' so I can shove down this 30kg of chocolate,ice cream,soda etc etc"

  14. Well, there's some evidence from epigenetics studies that exposure to famine (for example) can have measurable effects multiple generations down the line, as genes are turned on and off and those modulations (rather than changes to the underlying genes) pass from parent to child, even via sperm. But overall I agree that the uterine environment is more important.

  15. You can be fat/obese and not have metabolic syndrome, according to Dr Lustig, 20% of the obese are just obese with none of the other problems.
    You can have metabolic syndrome and be skinny too. Again, according to Dr Lustig, 40% of the skinny also have the medical problems associated with metabolic syndrome. You can't tell by looking at people so it's best to not rag on fat people or idolize skinny people. Most muscular athletes are obese according to BMI charts. They are a blunt instrument.

  16. you're missing the point, people don't allow it, they are biologically chemically set up to be addicted to sugar. And, once you gain a certain amount your brain has a harder time resisting the fat due to processed food and hidden sugars that are now in everything we eat and especially in cheaper food. Even if you work out, Half or more of your programing, for weight gain you didn't choose. So, its not like you can pat yourself on the back for that. Blaming people, isn't going to fix this.

  17. Don't know – if you want to know, find out. Do a Hydrostatic Weighing or a DEXA scan and let us know. But you're right, you can't count on just weight or even BMI.

  18. I think that it is also important to make sure that women of these ages are not treated as baby machines. Additionally, women are already put under a lot of pressure to be skinny like models. Mental health is an important key factor in obesity. Anorexia and bulimia are mental demons of this issue, and they are caused by social pressure. A woman is more than her uterus and more than the weight she has. Health is important, but so is respect for human decency.

  19. No. You still are responsible for what when and how much you eat. You can reverse some of the changes plus you believe me… If you train a lot and eat less and eat better you will lose weight. And yes blaming people will fix this at least partially. You have to know that its people who are responsible for what they do and eat.

  20. Wow. name calling? FYI. I work out 5 times a week and have a protein shake every day. I have a size 29 inch waist and weigh 130 pounds so, assuming I'm fat because I defend people for wanting to improve themselves and won't blame people for their weight is all on you man. Enjoy.

  21. Babies getting obese? That points to a bacterial or pathogen contamination or insufficiency, not some sort of "programming" non-sense. A simple fecal transplant may be required.

  22. This series was well done and very informative, personally I am not fat and now I know why… I hate sweets.

  23. I think both parents should be healthy. For the Mother and the Father. Don't disregard half of the equation.

  24. SCOPE provides the only international certification in obesity management for health professionals provided by the International Association for the Study of Obesity.

  25. Weight loss programs desperately want people to to try their new products to demonstrate that they really help people lose weight.
    Well I found a website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free weight loss programs! 🙂
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  26. I thought of the same thing. Yes the mother carries the child, but the father too has a part of the childs' genetic background. He provided the sperm. I hate it how these docs overlook at the fact that it is the males' genetic material (sperm) that determines the sex of the child, and even some disorders, diseases & syndromes are from the fathers' genes. It takes two parents to make a baby or babies (twins, triplets, etc). Glad to see someone pointed it out. Peace be.

  27. previous video explains why people get addicted to sugar…it can be changed by stop eating these foods with sugar.

  28. He is not talking about genetic backgound, but of in-uterous enviroment, and that depends exclusively on the mother's health and diet. Exposure to insulin in the womb defines the amount of fat cells you are born with. They will never go away, because you can't loose or make fat cells later in life, only empty or fill them.

  29. What should they do ? They cant lose weight for fat asses, but they can give those fat people information about their Problems if there even is one. I mean if someone just doesnt care he doesnt care and likes to eat 10 Big Macs instead of 2 and die yound or maybe even live long but as a fat ass with an ugly wife if any.Point is those fat asses have to stop eating that much sugar in combination with fat or reduce their calories and torcher their bodies… ether way its up to them.

  30. It's not up to us to fix YOUR problem. And if we did do something about it we'd be called fat shaming bigots who need to check our thin privilege. Stop expecting others to fix the problem YOU made for yourself and potentially for your future child.

    We didn't make you eat and we aren't going to do all the legwork in keeping you alive. If you don't care about yourself we won't either. But we will care about how you damage your children. Because they still matter.

  31. I do know one thing though… obesity is not genetic. Slow metabolisms can be genetic, but obesity itself isn't. But luckily they can be changed with proper exercise and nutrition. But in most cases childhood obesity is caused by the parent's parenting. If the parents teach their child to be active and to have proper nutrition and they get their kids off their computers and go outside to play football, they will most likely not become overweight. But if the parents don't teach their child to be active and have proper nutrition. If the parents pretty much let there kids eat twinkies and watch tv all day, they will most likely become overweight. Then that style of parenting goes on from generation to generation. I don't know, that's just my theory 😛

  32. All you fat ass women need to stop consuming to much sugar and carbs. Get your fat asses to the gym and lose that fat ass.

  33. This is enlightening! I've always heard that genetics can play a role in metabolism, but I had no idea that a woman's eating habits while she is pregnant can have such a profound effect on a child's metabolism. 

  34. this reminds me of that woman i saw at the supermarket who gave her 3 year old a Venti Starbucks Frappuccino.  (84 grams of sugar. . .)

  35. Funny how some wise guy once said "the human race will not die when the sun explodes, we will have killed our selves long before that" So true, sugar is only one way we are killing our own race. ONE of MANY.

  36. This is still very correlative not causative, both my older and younger sister were over weight and even obese with there kids but only 1 of 5 is even remotely heavy an by such a small amount, 2 are very thin. Its so funny cause the skinniest one my sister was really heavy, but the little monster is not newly as active as her 'chubby' sister. And for the assholes that tell fat women just atop being fat, you act like its easy, which if you watched any of the other videos in this series you would know.

  37. My mother was not overweight when she was pregnant with me and my sisters. i was born 7lbs 4oz and was bone thin till 3rd grade which by then i was normal. I didn't become overweight till i was put of birth control for a condition i didn't have(pcos) i went from the 130s to 173 lbs in a course of little more than a year or so. My younger sister actually has pcos was heavyish but again not significantly overweight till she was put on bc. The older sisnt become significantly overweight till after ahe has given birth to her 1st and was given a depo bc shot. Now the true question is what is happening with the children born in the mid 90s and later. In middle school I only knew a couple of overweight kids. Ie kids born in the mid 80s seemed okay as children, whats changed. I have only personally seen 3 or 4 obese kids and i live in a town 40,000 people.

  38. I have known so many people that prove this so wrong, including myself. 
    I feel like there is some truth in this, I am not saying this whole thing is a sham.

     but at the end of the day your choices make the difference. your baby will learn to like or even love what ever you feed them. When I was little I loved anything green, salmon was awesome, and fruit was my life! but once I was 3 my father wasn't the one feeding me, it was my mom she was obese, she fed me what she ate, it tasted different but I liked it(Told to me by my father).

     she stopped buying the healthy food (this I do vaguely remember when I was 5-6) I ate most of my life and keep in mind she was very! over weight while she had me.

     I went from a slim happy energetic little girl that ate the healthy food she was raised to like and after 2-3 years I was an obese child because my mother didn't want to buy healthy food. 8yrs old and weighing 120+lbs. It took at least two years to do this, but by then it was all I knew, so I kept eating the same way because that is how my mother fed me. once I was 13 I realized that I really was bigger, I wasn't chubby, it wasn't fluff, It was NOT baby fat, I was obese at 251lbs.

     Decided that I was sick of feeling sick every time I stood up, couldn't walk up stares, couldn't run like my friends could. I lost some weight over time, I'm 16 now and have lost 62lbs. now i'l admit that I didn't try that hard for the first year of my realization, I didn't understand weight loss. first two years I lost and gained a lot seriously just a lot of yo-yoing, not much, but in the past year and few month I lost about 48lbs

     My weight was never because my mother was overweight/obese during her pregnancy. It's because she fed me the same pig food she ate, she knew it was wrong and apologized to me a few times for it.

     Now I will say it is possible for the crap their talking about to be true and play a part in there early life, but any decent parent should find a way to keep there children healthy. or at least understand what healthy really is…

  39. this shit legitimately scares the shit out of me. How have humanity gotten to the point where not eating like a hippo is considered to hard, and we have to accept fat people, when they are draining the welfare system (hospital visits due to diseases and problems caused by obesity), and the same people are ruining the future generations before they are even born. FUCK HAES, FUCK FAT ACCEPTANCE.

  40. The whole "6 month old obesity issue" is garbage. My son is always 99% for weight and it has been mentioned he is bordering on overweight. At 6 months old this was an issue, except he was on a normal growth pattern AND he was exclusively breastfed. Seen as my fat intake and sugar intake doesn't affect him how is he obese? Unless his kind of obese isn't a negative thing. This seems uneducated.

  41. wow…amazing. As I look around there are sooo many obese people & they somehow think this is OK aka "normal". . Even young people in their teens and 20s are hefty. Go to any Asian buffet and you will see people feeding their addiction….some are so fat they have a hard time even walking to the buffet line….and look at the huge portions of carbs on the plates !!! Meanwhile the servers & kitchen help are eating small portions of fruit and veggies for their lunch and are trim as can be,,,looking fit and trim. Ive just lost 40lbs,,,,,,happily…..and have 30 more to go….

  42. There is too much fat shaming going on in this presentation. I liked the others in this series. Also, my mother was thin. I was a fat baby. I am learning how to understand the hatred that others feel for the obese. By the way, I'm only twenty or so pounds overweight. I have struggled with it my whole life and at one time lost eighty pounds. Most of the people I know who are obese have no idea how to help themselves.

  43. I am a 6 foot tall man, you can see my abs when I lift my shirt and I have a 30 inch waist approx. However, I store most of my fat in my lower half and have to wear a size 36 trouser (uk size) because of it. Would this still be considered obese?

  44. When I studied Early Childhood Education (birth to 6 years) back in the mid 80's, we were taught that the most important time in a child's life is the two years before conception – and that this applied to both parents, not just the woman.
    This is not news, but it's good to see it being explained so clearly, as well as what the repercussions are of not eating well in those two years (or more) before conception.

  45. "obesity prevention, starting with women of childbirthing age. women who are not even pregnant yet"?? wtf? that's dangerous logic and against human rights…you cannot police individual bodies…why don't you start with companies which add sugar to everything? Obesity is a huge problem in western world, but is a choise whether somebody stars a diet or have a child…ridiculous logic and very dangerous for young women!

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