100 thoughts on “The Score – Run Like A Rebel (Live)

  1. Yaaaas I’ve been waiting for a live version of this!!!!! You’ve gotta do a live version of Tightrope, PLEASE!!!

  2. Llegué tarde pero ME ENCANTO!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ THE SCORE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I think you can do it more better like the songs like the fear born for this the other songs i dont like too muchbut you are a very good band

  4. Always play this and Rush while playing Need for Speed Heat 🙂
    You guys should get them to put your songs in there !

  5. This was during 6th grade when I finally noticed about The Score. Back then they had 254K subscribers, and one of my friends told me about them. Thank goodness from him, I wouldn't even know about this band. He first showed me revolution, then I found my way to Unstoppable and Legend and all those different, unique songs. A year later I text him saying, have you heard the new song that came out. He said no, I'm like what???? He said no again, and after he said what's the score? My heart dropped and told him I gotta go. At least I remember the score and am a true fan

    Sometimes we forget and that's okay
    So I'll spread this underrated amazing channel to everyone I know now

    Because the score… Represents my true colors in so many ways.

  6. Oh hell yeah! I'm ready to rock dude

    Also why do people think the imagine dragons and the score would be a good collab they're completely different genres like sure they might make a really good song but still

  7. I have two things to say
    1. The score is obviously the best band. The songs they write represent me for who I am. They are just simply the best
    2. Plz come to Australia in your tour.

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