The Psychological Evaluation before Bariatric Surgery

The Psychological Evaluation before Bariatric Surgery

the psych evaluation probably one of the
scariest parts of getting ready to have our surgery is knowing that we have to
go talk to someone who has to decide if we’re mentally ready to have surgery on
today’s video I’m going to be covering the different parts of the psychological
evaluation that you should expect if you’re anything like me you’re terrified
of the idea of talking to someone about your past your feelings and all the
different things associated with your body the person doing the assessment is
actually not out to try to convince you to not have surgery or to keep you from
having surgery they’re not they’re actually there to see if there’s any
support that you may need going forward now sure they may suggest you have just
a few sessions with a counselor prior to having the surgery but don’t
let that bother you that just means they want you to be in the best mental shape
possible for the surgery the other thing that a lot of us are concerned about
when we go and we had these psychological evaluations is whether or
not they’re going to think that well that there’s something seriously wrong
with us whether it’s a mental health issue or maybe you’re an adult
maybe you drink a little on the weekends don’t panic
that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get to have surgery
of course after our surgery were advised not to have any alcohol for a
significant amount of time and we definitely don’t want to be doing any
illegal substances but generally they are looking for people that are abusing
substances they’re looking for patient hospitalizations okay and they
have to be pretty recent like usually within the last year so if you have a
mental health diagnosis don’t panic as long as you’re taking care of yourself
visiting your doctor when you’re supposed to taking any medications
you’re prescribed that’s not going to keep you from having
your surgery when you first go to meet with the person doing your assessment
you may be asked to do some written tests a big piece of advice from me
don’t try to fake your answers those tests those written assessments are done
so there’s a few questions in there that will actually help the Assessor know if
you’re being honest on your answers okay so this is a big time to practice
honesty be really open and honest with this evaluator because they really do
want to do what’s best for you okay if you’re advised to go see a
therapist again don’t panic the therapist will be there to help you
deal with any emotional eating patterns if there’s concern that you may have an
eating disorder like binge or compulsive eating if you are dealing with some of
these issues don’t panic the therapist will help you work through those we need
to have some skills on our side before we go into surgery so that once we have
the surgery we aren’t freaking out too bad because
we’ve lost our primary coping tool finally the evaluator probably won’t go
over your results in that session you may have to come back don’t panic about
that either meeting with the evaluator a second time is super normal
a lot of times they have to have a period where they can score your
assessments write up their recommendations and then they’ll go over
it with you before they send it off to the surgeon’s office I hope this has
been helpful for you just remember the psych evaluation is
nothing to be afraid of and it’s a really good opportunity for you to start
to understand what exactly to expect as best we can
after your surgery you

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  1. What was your experience when you had your psych evaluation before surgery? What other questions do you have if you haven't had your psych evaluation yet?

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