The Prison Inmates Who Run A Zoo

The Prison Inmates Who Run A Zoo

PATRICK: I mean it’s a good experience to
be able to bond with the animals. LAWRENCE: Takes my mind off of being in jail. LAWRENCE: I was pretty, I was pretty stoked
when I found out I got the job. I know I am a hard worker. I like animals. LAWRENCE: And I like to be outside rather than
upstairs in jail. JEANNE SELANDER: It actually started by accident.
There were ducks crossing the road between the jail and the nearby golf course, getting
hit by cars. So they had this fenced area underneath the jail and decided to round up
the ducks, put them on the fenced property and have the landscaper care for them and
the rumour started going up the quays that we were taking in animals and animals just started
getting dropped off and it kind of grew from there and I actually have been here almost
12 years now. When I arrived at the farm, there were probably about 20 animals and over the
years having taken in more animals we have approximately
150 now. LAWRENCE: This is Tatiana. She is a ferret –
female ferret. She is cold right now. I like the ferrets. I let him out, run around, every
now and then. LAWRENCE: They are all cool. They all got
their own characteristics. JEANNE SELANDER: The biggest apprehension
I had was working with inmates because I had never even been to a jail before. So I was
told that they would train me and teach me how to work with the inmates. First, I was
definitely a little intimidated but I do have a radio and we have security cameras watching
me at all times. JEANNE SELANDER: So there are about 550 people
in our jail upstairs and and only four get to work on the farms. So it’s a volunteer
position. They are not required or forced to work on the farm and that’s because we
have animals here and if they don’t love the animals and working with the animals,
they are not going to do well. JEANNE SELANDER: Most other jobs in the jail,
if you request to work and they put you in laundry, you don’t get to decide. I don’t
like doing laundry. You do laundry. PATRICK: Everybody wants to come down here
but you know, a lot of the people want to come down just to be outside or just you know,
take advantage of the benefits but there is a lot of work involved, so. PATRICK: I grew up with snakes. I am a big fan
of all the reptiles. There is one turtle over there that I am really kind of connected with.
His back legs are hurt. So he has got to be separated from all the other ones. But I take
him out all time and let him do his thing. JEANNE SELANDER: I have had a couple of close
calls or bad experiences with inmates. A lot of times, they just get mad at each other and
start fighting. So I called for backup and the deputies come down and for the most part,
having been here 12 years, I get really good inmates. LAWRENCE: Animals are therapeutic you know,
they are like just nice to get away from all the drama upstairs and stress, come down here,
just take care of the animals and yeah, I have a day off Friday but I don’t take it.
It’s just, I just come down anyway, you know. PATRICK: Growing up with animals my whole
life so that’s obviously one of the biggest reasons and, you know, just being able to be
outside and get out of that jail mentality. PATRICK: This is Angus. He is a resident 2000
pound bull. PATRICK: How long has he been here, roomie? MAN: 10 years. PATRICK: 10 years. So they got him when he
was a baby. PATRICK: You would never think that there
is a 2000 pound bull underneath the jail, the Tegu, the 10 foot Burmese python you know, there is just some stuff that you’re kind of like, ‘Wow’, you know. JEANNE SELANDER: When an inmate finally comes
upon their release date, I have mixed feelings. First of all, if they are a really good worker,
I hate to see them go. However, I build a relationship with them and I really wish the
best for them when they get on the outside. PATRICK: I have always worked my whole life.
So being able to stay active, I mean. I wasn’t living the best lifestyle out there. So it’s
kind of bringing me back into my element you know, helping me to be a better person. You know, I am trying to change. LAWRENCE: I am learning how to care for the
animals better so never know. Might pick up something later in life; caring for animals. JEANNE SELANDER: The reason I have been here
so long is because I am challenged every day. And most jobs, I get bored really easily. If
there is no challenge and I have accomplished what I set out to do. I am ready to move on
but here every day is a new challenge. I think this program is great for the inmates. I think
the love that the animals give them, the unconditional love, some of them have never experienced
that before and the animals don’t judge. They don’t care that you are wearing an
orange outfit. They just know you are the person that loves them and cares for them. So I think the inmates and the animals benefit from the love.

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  1. This is actually motivation to rob something in close vicinity to this jail.

    But I’m too lazy to rob somebody

  2. Animals know if you are a bad person… Thanks to all ! To the Judge Your Honor. Will You Call It Time Served ? Extenuating circumstances

  3. I don’t care how you try to spin it, you cannot argue that the experience of caring for an animal will not turn these men into more productive and responsible members of society.

  4. This makes me happy many prisoners have depression because of being inside and seeing them outside gets there hopes up and enjoy life

  5. This is beautiful
    This is better than a Show
    Show makes the animals do things
    And the animals do it to not Starve >:(

  6. Now this is the best way to get images to behave. It teaches them and also they make friends and get to let their stress of.

  7. She is so right. I think every jail should have an animal farm and let the inmates experience love with the animals. Most people especially young adults made the wrong decisions to do the wrong things because they did not grow up with the love they needed. To be able to give love and received love is the best thing and the most important thing in life. Love is the only thing in life that will heal everything and anything. I wish the two young men in this video all the best and success in their life when they are back to the real world.

  8. It's really good that they're doing something like this for the inmates AND the animals! I can't help to find the similarity of an enclosed human helping enclosed animals a little.. interesting. Not saying they're animals cause animals are inevitably free, like humans, but when they get enclosed is when they need to be aided to have a better safer life, and its kinda like a "I help you, you help me" deal. It's interesting.

  9. People in the comment don't understand JAIL vs PRISON. They are different. Your extreme bad crimes end up in Prison unlike a petty small crime

  10. An inmate charged with bodily harm seems unfit for a position like this. If he abused a human being who's to say he wouldn't do so to an animal? I don't care how good of an inmate he is. They should be a bit more rigorous in whom they allow to care for animals.

  11. Breaking News!!
    Florida man robs convinence store so he can go to Florida Zoo Jail
    But seriously, can we PLEASE get prisons that do stuff like this!! The prisoner's may have done a goof but they learned through stuff like this!!!!!

  12. I really think this is so sweet, that instead of sitting around, wasting their life’s away, they take care of animals.

  13. Officer: your times up
    Inmate : I wanna stay
    Officer : no your free
    Inmate 'slaps officer'
    Officer : now your staying

  14. This type of programs should be allowed to prisoners with good behavior and less lethal crimes. eg:frauds or scammers

  15. My local animal shelter actually uses inmates as workers. I think they have like five at a time. It's a county run shelter and it's tax payer paid so it makes a lot of sense. They do most of the manual labor so the staff can accomplish other things as well. There's no way all the daily chores could get done without the inmates. It's a program that helps everyone involved.

  16. this is perfect for inmates
    so they can like distract their mind and work with animals!
    this should be a thing for prisons!

  17. Taking care of and forming a bond with animals is probably one of the best rehabilitation activities for prisoners. You re-learn you don't have to be hard all the time and get back in touch with your human side.

  18. I noticed that there are security cameras that are not turned off at all! That means that there is no way to secretly harm any of the animals, even if you are the most subtle person in the world!

  19. Proud of Jeanne! What a beautiful idea and a heartwarming video. I hope they get some donations. Proud of these inmates too. Big respect!

  20. Animal are better that some (most) humans. They are responsive, generous and they do not lie ever. Animals can be cunning, yes, but they do not lie.

  21. There should be a little zoo at all the prisons because it is really a therapeutic experience for the ones that actually work

  22. Rehabilitation at its finest.
    There's really no better way to fix someone who has done bad things in the past than something this beautiful.

  23. Who else thinks that this needs to be in every prison I mean I’ve seen a program we’re inmates grow a bond with K9’s but a whole zoo that’s wassap

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