The Physiology of Fat Loss: 5 Min Phys

The Physiology of Fat Loss: 5 Min Phys

Dr. Andy Galpin here and welcome back
to five physiology a series right a complicated
physiological strength and conditioning nutrition topics of breaking down for
you in less than five minutes are roughly five minutes day’s topic physiology of found no
wonder how fat loss actually what I mean by that is how was it actually possible
to lose weight or imagined in my belly stuck out here and I want them some
training on jerking program now it’s where did that face the world go to the
loser now most people would say well it’s diet and exercise not but that’s
actually what you do today want to talk about on this nearly the methods inhabit
you pick but the physiology of the adaptation I think we do that understand better what to actually
happen what’s occurring and fat wow it’s not coming from sweat we don’t
chronically lose fat that way it’s not coming from your ppl who put up for that
matter but it’s getting up off of your body somehow figured out yet do something on the count of three why
not take a big deep breath and hold it let it go 92123 in or not congratulations you are just got a
little tiny bit what’s actually happening there cuz that’s right you
heard me correctly you lose fat my breathing and stretching back to the
beginning here everything is made of long carbon chains like the fat in your
body the carbohydrate your body you can see from these pictures are representing
the bread is carbohydrate fat cheese and the protein is the burner I know those
on exactly what’s in those things but you get the idea well carbohydrates whether they’re in
your body or 13 the food you’re consuming sustain our six carbon chain
the most part 6 carbon chain is also used the big monkey a lot more crimes in
the point is so users though image over here this by Arvind Jain represent no
matter what Mac Observer talking about the let’s talk about fast what happens
when you breathe in primarily o2 oxygen and you bring up primarily co2 the
differences farm where is that Carmen come from will actually comes from your fat
storage so they were talking about the again car when you’re eating everything
out what what you’re really trying to do what you all you need to do is to
consume less carbon and you breathe out of course this is why it’s important to
have an excellent diet and exercise program to effectively lose fat because
this is what actually happened so I imagine this card machines were a big
piece of fat in your body like this this picture here’s five pounds five pounds
of muscle let’s say you want to get rid of that fat five-pound path and we know
it’s a big long Gina carpenter presented by this what I’m going to do is break
off one of those arms and your body is animal let carmen float around their
free plane will have to deal with it but because I broke that all on one level we
break the chemical bond here we have the net release of entered case we use that
energy to then make eight of the molecule called atp use up to power
exercised body wants or needs and is not an extra got a reaction we get a net
result of what we’re left with is free-floating carbon I mentioned so you
breathe in that go to because you know co2 plays very commonplace very very oxygen to form co2 and o2 out co2 and that carbon literally was
your fat now that process of breaking up a carbon energy folks that’s exactly
what metabolism oK so that’s something like this again he got their
free-floating carbon it binds to some oxygen you exhale and now because my fat
pad used to be this big which was safe I pardons long even know the answers like
five million little by little as we continue to choke off those carbons
what’s happenin to the science of our fat is literally getting smaller and
smaller and smaller so will simply continue this for as long as possible so
either again consuming less carbon or increase in the rate at which so if you
to finish on this idea of ok so we’ll talk to check in a separate talk but I
need less carbon that’s great not CaRMS more carbon and carbohydrate and protein
food period but the exiled portion of the thing about this way what’s the best
type of exercise for fat loss is it something like over in the corner that’s
a long duration of cardio is there something maybe more like this little
something maybe like circuit training or intervals about something over here
maybe something more like true strength rating or answer isn’t this exactly the
same question is the most important factor is adherence in other words what
are you with a client working with most likely to actually do that’s the program
you want to put them now of course reality of it is a good program an ideal
program probably has a combination of all three of these at least some of the
combination based on personal preference what are you more likely to do all
simply about burning car talk that he not all three of these
modes are exactly equal but at a basic level were talking about working with
the masses because as long as everything they’re losing fat that exciting news
the more information about it definitely check out the 25 minute physiology and
the 55 minutes and geology of fat loss those are available as well questions online on social if not enjoy
share with your friends passing information that’s keeping
inspiring people to reach their health and fitness goals on education and other
things like this so we’ll see you next time thanks for the support

9 thoughts on “The Physiology of Fat Loss: 5 Min Phys

  1. I read articles that talk about certain foods making you store fat. Is this bullshit can specific foods make your body store fat?

  2. exercise is not a good method for fat loss,because as soon as you stop the exercise program for any length of time you will gain the weight back,just look at the people on the biggest loser,they are all fat again,it is not as simple as calories in vs calories out,not all calories are created equal, be careful with studies,you first have to ask,who funded the study?

  3. Gosh darn this was good. I’m always fascinated at how much more there is to learn about food, fitness, fat loss, etc. Thanks for creating and sharing this👌

  4. And this ladies and gentlemen is the opposite of bro-science. Real information from a doctor. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Dr Galpin!

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