Obesity costs this country about $150 billion a year, or almost 10%
of the national medical budget. Approximately 1 in 3 adults
and 1 in 6 children are obese. [ Monitor beeping ] Obesity is epidemic
in the United States today and a major cause of death, attributable to heart disease,
cancer, and diabetes. [ Flatline ] At its simplest, obesity results from people consuming more
calories than their bodies burn, but it’s a more complex problem
than that. People didn’t decide
to become overweight. Their weight gain
is a consequence of complicated changes
in the environment, where food
is more readily available and opportunities for
physical activity are lacking. DR. O’TOOLE: Societal, economic,
cultural conditions have all contributed
to the rise in obesity. DR. MOORE:
One contributing factor is the fact that the way we eat
has changed over the last 50 years. Americans are eating
more processed foods and eating out
a lot more frequently. The foods that are offered
in restaurants, snack shops, and in vending machines are higher in sugar,
calories, and fat than what we typically prepare
in our own homes. We are surrounded by food. We’re constantly bombarded
by it. We’re consuming
larger portion sizes and more calories
than ever before. Another factor is that people who live in poor
and rural communities may have less access
to quality grocery stores that sell healthy
and affordable options. In these areas, it might be
easier and cheaper for residents to purchase less healthy foods
and beverages. DR. O’TOOLE:
Other factors, such as technology and the way
we build our communities, has influenced our lives. Both of these factors
have left us more sedentary. Families must drive
to work and school because it’s often
too far to walk. Many communities
are built in ways that simply make it difficult or
unsafe to be physically active. For many families, safe routes for walking and biking
to school or play may not even exist. Getting to parks and recreation
centers may be difficult. Public transportation
may not even be available. And we spend a lot of time
sitting in front of screens for work and for entertainment. [ Engine rumbles ] Also, too few students get daily quality
physical education in schools. DR. MOORE: There is no single
or simple solution to the obesity epidemic. It’s going to take solutions
at many levels in order to resolve
the epidemic. What can each of us do
as individuals to be healthier? First, we can eat
more fruits and vegetables and fewer foods that are higher
in fat and sugar. We can also drink more water
instead of sugared drinks. Everyone, including adults
of all ages and ability levels and children, need to get the recommended
amount of physical activity. Parents can listen
to their pediatricians and restrict television viewing
for their young children to less than two hours a day, and we can not put televisions
in our children’s bedrooms. How can we work together
as communities to resolve the obesity epidemic? Communities can expand access
to fruits and vegetables through farmers-markets programs
like this one in Brownsville, Texas. DR. GOWEN: The market was
designed for the sole intent of reducing obesity rates and improving diabetes rates
in our community. There’s a wide range of people
who come to the market from different walks of life. DR. MARTIN: Low-income families,
who may not be able to afford some of the fruits
and vegetables — the voucher program
has been very instrumental. DR. MOORE:
Communities can also advocate for quality nutrition programs and physical education
in their school systems. One way to do that is through
school health advisory councils. UDARBE: The school health
advisory council is something
that doesn’t cost any money and it is relatively little
amount of time, and it brings together
a diverse group of people from the community
and the schools. STUDENT:
I like to be healthy because I want to be
big and strong. UDARBE: Because schools face
so much pressure to try to do
so many other things, the school health
advisory council is the perfect way for schools
to achieve this. DR. O’TOOLE: Local governments
and communities can play an important role in developing environments that encourage and support
active living. They can increase opportunities
for physical activity by encouraging
mixed-use development to allow for easy access
to schools, businesses, parks, and grocery stores. They can implement
traffic-safety measures and crime-prevention strategies. Building bike paths, sidewalks,
and crosswalks will foster safe and easy access
to more physical activity. States and local governments can provide incentives
to existing markets to offer healthier food, and they can also provide
incentives for new businesses to establish their supermarkets
in low-income areas. WOMAN: The quality of
the produce is much better, and, of course,
it’s less expensive than at the corner stores, and it is very helpful
to the neighborhood, I think, to, overall, be
a more healthier neighborhood. MAN: I had lived in Philadelphia
all my life, and I had never — there never was a market
like this around here that we can walk to
that’s a convenience and, on top of that,
healthy foods. DR. O’TOOLE: Employers can offer
work-site health programs that offer a variety of options
for their employees, such as this program
in Austin, Texas. TEAGUE:
This used to just be a place to come to work and go home, and now it’s a place where you
can come and get in your workout and get in your support group
for your weight loss. And instead of just going
to the short-order cook and having a burger and fries, you can have a nice,
healthier sandwich, and that’s —
that’s made a difference. DR. O’TOOLE: In addition,
employers can make it easier for women to continue
breast-feeding when they return to work because babies
who are breast-fed are less likely to become
overweight later in life. DR. DIETZ:
There is no simple solution to the obesity epidemic. People need to make
better choices, but we also have to change
those choices in our schools, in our child-care settings, in our work sites,
and in our communities.

73 thoughts on “The Obesity Epidemic

  1. "people didnt decided to become over weight"…OF course!!, why would obese people blame themselves for CHOOSING to eat to much, when its clearly everyone elses fault!!! sheesh
    some people

  2. who is to blame for obesity? the food? the media? the parents? or yourself?

    I would say is a bit of everything, here my dad got Diabetes thanks to his obesity, basically destroyed his pancreas, been nonfunctional for 3 yrs already, he is around 450 – 475 pounds, and he is just 46 yrs now, problem with him as we saw it is part his diet, he hated diets, refursed to change, and was a constant battle from me and my mom to make him change

  3. >> so you know my dad used to pour soup tablespoon size mayonnaise on almost everything, obviously he got a problem with salty and fatty food plus the portions were unreasonable, now is not an option the eating habits, HE GOT TO CHANGE now if he want to live, sharing this so you guys know is up to you to keep yourself checked on your dietary habits, don't let obesity control your life,first things first, don't go straight to try loosing 60 pounds right away, first change your food habits

  4. maybe food is cheaper in the more processed form but there is NO way a bottle of coke is cheaper then a bottle of water

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  7. No single solution? False. There is no simple solution? FALSE. How can so much horrible information be coming from the CDC? Why do they keep promoting the same tired old advice that is NOT helping fix the problem and never has?

    Want proof? Search for an article called "Obesity: My Unexpected Final Conclusion". It turns out there is a single, simple, logical solution and it is NOT even mentioned in this video. WHY??????

  8. Hihi, have you wondered about this plan called the SkinniMaker Diet? (go search google). My cousin says it helps people get thinner.

  9. Fat Combust Factors (google it) kept appearing here on many videos thus I thought they are scam. Right after my brother used it, and lose alot of unwanted fats, Im convinced. Go ahead, look for Fat Combust Factors on google(:

  10. I've been obeys in my entire life and that is why I became diabetic as well. I’m so sick of it. I want to enjoy my life to the fullest. I keep on searching for a possible solution that could help me lose weight and I got an information from one site that talks about a formula that could help loosing weight without undergoing gastric bypass surgery. The link is – howtofightobesityrocalabsreview.blogspot.com. Have you guys heard anything about it? Is it true? or another scam in progress?

  11. The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is about lifelong dietary and physical activity changes.

  12. The cost of healthy food far exceeds the cost of "bad" foods. If you do not make a great deal of money you will have a more difficult time buying the foods you need. However I guess us fatties could get off our but and work. If we are physically able to do so.

    I agree the majority of obese folks are that way due to wrong food choices and lack of working out but, there are some who have health conditions that they have no control over.

  13. A good solution for being able to get good foods is right in it: the seeds. you can always plant a garden and after some time of watering , maybe months you can grow your own fruits and vegetables

  14. The idea is to Educate people on how to eat healthy. And, because of the Toxins we injest every day, i.e. the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe, it is impossible to be and stay healthy today. You Can eat healthy for less, You can have the most nutritious meal on the planet for about $2.65. And, it removes the toxins from your body, which causes the body to retain fat cells. For more info go to achieveurdream watch the short video on toxins and contact me there.

  15. Wow, I sure hope your body never betrays you like mine did. I sure didn't get fat by eating junk food and failing to exercise. 1,800 calories a day, all low carb, high-protein fruit and veg. I also jog for an hour each day.

    How lucky you are that your body responds to healthy eating and diet. I'd give anything, anything, anything, anything to be in your shoes.

  16. Back in the day fat chicks popped out more kids, 100 years fast forward, here your bumper crop of fatties.

  17. wow its like 3 eateries ever y 8 minutes and wonder how a place has more glutties than other glutties so intellectual who designs some areas?

  18. In the year 1960 obesity rates in America were less than 14%. In the last 50-60 years the obesity rate among Americans has increased dramatically. Some people do have genetic and/or medical conditions that cause them to hold on to body fat but not most people. There may be a psychological element to obesity but then you must ask why does only Mexico have a higher obesity rate than us? Why our other nations not experiencing these issues that we seem to face here?

  19. And again, no one dares to utter the R-word — REFINED CARBOHYDRATES!!! They try to put it more Agra-Lobby-friendly, "sugar and fat rich foods" and of course can not let of the "too much calories"-myth.

    If you kick out refined carbs, where do people get their energy from? It has to be unprocessed natural FAT! But unfortunately AGRA and PHARMA lobbies don't like the idea that the old unproven myth of "fat makes you fat and give heart disease" could disappear causing them billions of dollars lost on statin drug and grain market.

    What CDC does is trying to act in between two Big Daddies – the government and AGRA/PHARMA lobby. They can't say to you – eat more natural unprocessed fats and throw refined carbs in your rubbish bin! Big Daddy gonna be angry about that…

  20. The up rise in prevalence of obesity in the world is s major factor in negatively impacting global economy and human being quality of life, this epidemic should stop, and we all responsible

  21. Anyone who becomes obese is dumb because they should know that eating too much junk food makes you unhealthy. The only exception is inherited obesity. 

  22. Obesity is extremely easy to avoid. All you have to do is step on a scale every morning. If you gain just a little weight, it is easy to lose just a little weight also. I do not understand why people wait until they are extremely overweight to do something about it. Do they not see that they are gaining until they have gained the equivalent of five, or more, bowling balls? Also, if you push your body a little everyday, you will stay much healthier. There is no need for gyms if you do preventative measures everyday. It is easy to lose a small amount of weight. Why do people wait until they are corpulent to do something about the amassing garbage on their body?

  23. If fast food was never invented, people exercise all the time, meat is illegal, liposuction cost less, and people eat only fruits and vegetables then no one would be fat ever

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  25. Yes its the governments job to keep each of us from eating ourselves to death!
    Anyone who advocates this is an idiot.

  26. I honestly thought the "r" word was ghnna be "responsibility". everything in this is an excuse. If you think hard enough you can blame or rationalize anything and be the victim.

  27. excuse me?!?

    Get: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, cold clean water, hot green tea, brown rice with beans veggies spices, physical activities, gym memberships, herbs spices, nuts seeds, independence, science, usefulness work play fun friendships, honesty reality, planting gardens EVERYWHERE! !

    make walking an always-safe-available-option

    more trains subways etc everywhere


    get rid of: soda Kool-Aid, bullying forced-drugging/medicating forced-inactivity, dairy products, greasy fried foods, booze cigarettes, bologna, forced-feeding, cults child-abuse hunger, boxed mac-n-cheese, refined grains, Atkins, weight-loss-scams, unemployment, fear, crime,

  28. my teacher literally gave me an assignment with this YouTube video attached to it, and i'm not gonna lie, its quiet boring, there's no excitement in this video at all, its all about people eating foods that just make you fat, as i'm sitting over here thinking bout chocolate cake. We all get that sugars, fats make you fat, well more than what you need, but to break down the quantum physics of what type of foods you eat and whats inside them that makes your bones became brail and make u not walk anymore, ( yes i'm writing this instead of doing my work, but we all know who even cares whats in our foods, snacks, drinks, all i care about is that i'm eating) yes there might be lets say a 7% of those people that actually want to know whats inside their food, but i know this didn't even make sense, all im saying is, im gonna fail this assignment and yeah…..good day, from random unacknowledged kid

  29. As the incidence of obesity continues to increase, the development of effective therapies is a high priority. The endocannabinoid system has emerged as an important influence on the regulation of energy homeostasis. The endocannabinoids anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol act on cannabinoid receptor-1 (CB1) in the brain and many peripheral tissues causing a net anabolic action. This includes increasing food intake, and causing increased lipogenesis and fat storage in adipose tissue and liver. The endocannabinoid system is hyperactive in obese humans and animals, and treating them with CB1 antagonists causes weight loss and improved lipid and glucose profiles. Although clinical trials with CB1 antagonists have yielded beneficial metabolic effects, concerns about negative affect have limited the therapeutic potential of the first class of CB1 antagonists available.

  30. Food industry don’t care neither government, the government are actually wanting people to die off with obesity because they say they say they are over populated

  31. i think it is that we are not moving around as much. I went to a 3rd world country and a lot of people were walking and bicycling. I came back to the US and it looked so automated with hardly anyone walking. Now you have grocery pickup that you can order on your phone and pick it up when you get there. How much laziness is enough ? On top of that food manufacturers are making their foods taste better with added calories. Then we have TV, internet, and cell phones. There is no wonder there is an obesity epidemic in our country.

  32. I think fastfood places shouldn't serve food to people that are at a certain weight. You can call me fatphobic all you want, idc

  33. Diet & exercise seems to be the simple solution. Have just a little bit of willpower and don’t live a sedentary lifestyle, you probably won’t be obese.

  34. A whole video where nothing is said. Boost your protein a la Ted Naiman and abstain from snacking as per the advice of Jason Fung. Throw in regular high intensity resistance training and voila.

  35. Why does no one talk about planting a garden, even in the city. Even a couple of well tended tomato plants can easily produce a nice little crop of tomatoes, or beans in a garden pot, or fresh herbs. It's so easy and healthy. if you succeed in producing anything you have a real sense of accomplishment and you improve your diet, and it frees you from dependence on retail food markets. Does anyone realize how easy it is to make a pickle or homemade salsa. Get off your butts and grow things.

  36. I think the biggest problem is it’s to dangerous for anyone to go outside without being attacked, I’d love to go for a jog in my local area but I cannot because of gangs or let my kids play outside for the same reason, so it’s not like people don’t want to exercise, it’s just we can’t, if the police would just put all criminals and gang members in jail then the rest of us could enjoy life as it was meant to be, and we could exercise without fear.

  37. Humans are not designed to eat meat. People are addicted the the adrenaline the animal secretes when it get tourchered. Hence a society of easily controlled morons. To lose that disgusting belly of yours you need to fast and let your body eat the fat. The hunger pains go in 3 days and after this you will not feel hungry. You can just sit back and watch your body become beautiful again.

  38. A good way to go is introducing a sugar Tax(excluding nature sugar in friut n veg)!! The revenue from the tax go to subsidize fresh fruit n vegetables n or health food store startups!!.

  39. but like how I get it if you actually have to work out to loose weight that takes effor but it takes litterally no effort to not eat

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