11 thoughts on “The Obesity Epidemic: Why Have We Failed?

  1. This video is full of typical misleading information. There is an article that explains what it is that causes the obesity epidemic. The article is titled "Obesity: My Unexpected Final Conclusion". They are so HYPER-FOCUSED on calories and exercise that they fail to see the obvious.

    No food promotes fat loss. Obesity is easily cured by eating full, satisfying meals and WAITING before the next full, satisfying meal. Read the article!

  2. The solution to the obesity epidemic is actually mentioned VERY briefly in this video at 42:34. The so-called "stable method" of eating is what is causing the obesity epidemic.

  3. My anecdotal experience, lost 24 lbs in 10 weeks, I changed my meat, oil, poultry, fish, egg and especially dairy diet to a starched based diet (whole wheat rice, whole wheat pasta, corn on the cob, potatoes, whole wheat whole grain bread in moderation, more vegetables and fruits) I eat as much as I want. I've lost more pounds during same period last year than increased exercise, which I still do.

    If interested in taking responsibility for your health, get more info from Dr. John McDoughall.

  4. Seriously. People forget that women had always worked, especially those of the lower socioeconomic classes. I would also point out it wasn't just any male jobs… it was when women wanted careers in enterprise, government, positions of power that everyone, particularly men in patriarchal societies, who freaked out. Most men need to feel in control because they r primitive shitheads who can't stand to share wealth & power with another, especially those of the opposite sex & gender. Pathetic!

  5. The rise of sugars & processed foods, along with sedentary lifestyle, gave rise to overweight & obese people. End of story. Want to get rid of this so-called "epidemic"?… Get rid of sugar & processed foods & either decrease food intake or exercise! I can't move for shit so I decrease what I ate, which is an intake of 500 cals a day. That's all my body's needs. 2000 cals a day would make me obese. >_> U calculate what u REALLY need, not what some pseudoscience health science bullshit tells u.

  6. Women were always just as often opposed to female liberation as men were, if not more so. Gender roles are enforced by both sexes, on both sexes, & in fact, each sex tends to discriminate against themselves on any issue slightly more often than the opposite sex does. E.g. more women than men are against abortion. Equally, more men than women are opposed to males' right to be feminine and/or gay without getting beaten up by parents & peers, & more men than women are pro-drafting young men to war.

  7. At 11;00. Absolutely, totally wrong and irrelevant. The energy balance model – calories in, calories out -has to be ignored if we are serious about trying to solve this problem. It is about nutrition quality and nutrition density. Good quality food is more expensive. And there's the problem. It's really economics and accessibility.

  8. How much money has this guy been paid to come up with this nonsense? It's so annoying. It's not genetics. It's economics.
    "Appetite suppression?" Simple. Eat less refined carbohydrates and fruit and eat more healthy fats and vegetables.

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