The Myths About Weight Loss Success that Sabotage Your Goals

Hi my name is Dawson Church from EFT
Universe and as you know I have a passion for science I’m the author of
several science books and many scientific studies and also I have a passion
for sharing with people the practical tools it takes to apply the lessons of
science to gain real leverage over the problems in their lives now one of the
problems I struggled with for many many years my whole adult life was being
overweight in college I was a normal weight but after college I began to gain
weight as I became more and more stressed in the workplace as my first
marriage didn’t work out very well my first job was a disaster
all these things didn’t happen to me I found my weight began to go up and up
and up and I soon became one of the two thirds of the world that is obese or
overweight and I struggled and tried all kinds of things for many years and one
of the things that held me back from my goals was all of the information I got
from other people I read magazines that had stories about weight loss
I heard experts talk about weight loss on the radio on TV I had friends tell me
about weight loss I had all these sources of advice about weight loss and
many of them were just plain wrong I’ll give you an example of a myth one whole
popular school of thought says don’t use a scale stop being so obsessed about
your way throw away the scale and just eat naturally now I tried that for a
while and it didn’t work for me and I’m gonna tell you science and research
shows it doesn’t work for anybody one of the characteristics are people
who lose weight and keep it off forever and this is according to research from
the National Weight Control Registry one of the characteristics is that they
weigh themselves every day even when I travel and I travel a lot I bring a
scale so that meant that you can throw away the scale is the exact opposite of
what you need for success so when I travel this is my
friend doesn’t weigh very much but it just weighs a pound half powders feel
like I’ve built my suitcase and I weigh myself every single day if I gain a
pound on a Monday eating that delicious French cooking in Paris I lose a pound
on the Tuesday and that’s exactly what most successful weight loss people do
long-term they weigh themselves every day if they gain they lose right away
there are so many myths like this and in my weight loss programs I give you the
facts the scientific evidence based facts on how to lose weight and keep it
off forever it turns out those practices are not very hard there are only about
seven things you have to do but you have to do them consistently and you have to
be guided in doing them in a routine that makes them part of your life it
changes your behavior so you take the weight off and leave it off forever
so please do join me by clicking the link below find out about our programs
and give yourself the gift of a science-based effective way to lose
weight and keep it off together do things that are effective quit doing
things that are just myths and stories that people tell you that aren’t based
in science because they’ll just stand between you and your weight loss goals
you deserve to meet those goals you deserve to be the weight of your
intention it’s not that hard you can do it easily click the link below to find
out how also give me a thumbs up for this video and also click the little
bell icon will notify you about future videos leave me a comment down below I
love reading your comments thank you and I know that you too can succeed

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