The MSM Parkland Problem Is Ridiculous, Zoella Obesity Study, and Tommy Robinson Controversy…

The MSM Parkland Problem Is Ridiculous, Zoella Obesity Study, and Tommy Robinson Controversy…

Beautiful bastards, hope even a fantastic Thursday Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and let’s just jump into the first thing I want to talk about today in fact One of the most requested stories this week is the story around Tommy Robinson now Robinson if you don’t know because of his believes his former association with the English Defence League He has long been a controversial figure in the UK He’s best known for his anti Islam and Islamic immigration views Robinson supporters in general like him for speaking out against political correctness and the growing influence of Muslim communities throughout the UK all opponents While opponents call him a racist bigot who Stokes fear and division by painting the Muslim community with a very wide brush Although Tommy’s argument there as he claims. He’s not a racist since he only talks about an ideology and not the people’s race So that’s a simplified version of the who we’re talking about here And now for the what why how and when which started last Friday that’s because last Friday? Robinson was filming outside a courthouse covering a huge child grooming sex trafficking trial involving Muslim men the trial which is just one of a Series of shocking trials at his Rock the UK involves ten accused men and allegedly upwards of one hundred Young girls as the victims as of right now 18 have publicly come forward and some of these girls are as young as 11 and so Robinson was there to wait the potential verdict and he was live streaming the whole thing and the stream starts with him confronting some of the men that are on trial but for The most part it’s just him standing around talking to other bystanders talking about the case, but then things ramped up at 9:40 a.m When Robinson who is still live streaming is surrounded by seven police officers who tell him he’s being arrested Are you gonna ask me Mike Lai’s is going to explain what’s gonna happen next? And from that interaction there was a lot of confusion of why was he being arrested right before the police showed up He’s kind of just standing around talking to Bystanders reportedly Robinson was arrested for just talking about the ongoing child grooming case and made comments that the judge believed risk causing the child Grooming trial to collapse. And the reason for that is this case has something called a postponement order It’s essentially a gag order and the justification for this restriction on speech in the UK is that it’s seen as necessary So the defendants can get a fair trial as the secret barrister a prominent legal blog explains to avoid jurors having their deliberations contaminated by what they might read or hear about the earlier link trials reporting of all of them is often postponed until the end this Is what we had here the judge had imposed a postponement order preventing the media from reporting on the ongoing trial until all linked trials had concluded reaching a reporting restriction amounts to a contempt of court and what ended up being kind of crazy in my opinion is that Till Tuesday it was hard for outlets to talk about this because there was then a postponement order uncovering Robinson’s case this because the judge believed it indirectly influenced the child grooming case but that was lifted after English news groups challenged that in court and the official reason that order was then lifted was because it was pointed out to the judge of the gag order to be quiet about Robinson’s case was already being widely ignored online as far as what Happened to Robinson within five hours of his arrest he pled guilty and was sentenced to 13 months and of course following this you had people furious at Robinson’s arrest this sentence saying he was just Live-streaming the event all they also have people arguing against that because of the beginning of the livestream He is confrontational with several of the accused He had Robinson asking them what they feel about their verdict something that had not come out yet at one point he points out the men’s bag and calls it as prison bagged as implying the Tommy things if they’re guilty and the reason people have Been pointing out those moments is this is pretty much what he did back in 2017 where it got him in trouble and the judge then was very clear that if he did it again He’d be back in prison and connected to that because it is a major point one of the reasons leading to his arrest and quick Sentencing is that he was out on a suspended sentence for what he did in 2017 Now that said there of also been criticisms of the gag order itself and Tommy’s arrest based on it Well some think that it is needed for a fair trial many in the UK believe the whole concept of a postponement order is anti free speech Keeble Also pointing out that Tommy was allegedly just reading out things at a local newspaper and printed this leading to claims that he was targeted Specifically that it was already publicly available information There also people to believe that this is a death sentence because given Tommy his anti Islamic views He’d be a target for Muslim inmates not according to Tommy’s lawyer the judge basically said he doesn’t care and Tommy has claimed that president ministries have purposefully put him in situations out endanger his life in The UK they can apparently hold you for eight days without a trial during one incident during his eight days He was transferred to a prison for no reason thing He asked for solitary for his protection but was denied Robinson also claimed that a white prisoner saved his life when he came to Tommy And said that Muslim inmates in the prison were getting ready to put boiling water and sugar on it So he started a fight to get thrown in solitary We’ve also seen over 550 2,000 people signed a petition demanding that Robinson be freed We’ve seen hundreds of supporters protesting his arrest at Whitehall and 10 Downing Street We’ve also seen UK Independence Party leader and European MP Gerard batten Criticizing the gag order calling it an attack on free speech saying what kind of police state have we become I am trying to recall A legal case where someone was convicted of a crime which cannot be reported on where he can be cast into prison without it being possible to report his name offense or place of imprisonment for fear of contempt of court and I will say Ultimately where I land on this as far as Tommy Robinson as a person, I’m not saying I like what he says I’m not ever wanting to be paired with him what I will say is a postponement order a gag order on what should be a free press is Disgusting and outright ridiculous. It is without a doubt suppression of free speech It creates an environment that is prime for abuse and it’s essentially Criminalizing news following facts and sometimes opinions is and not the answer. But of course that is my opinion And so I passed the question off to you. What is your takeaway from this situation? Because there’s kind of two situations one There’s the current legal situation of there is a law. However ridiculous. I personally find it. Should you have taken that into account? Not live-streamed or no, you’re happy that he did and on the other end. What do you think about postponement orders? Are you for them or against them? Why why not? I’d love to know your thoughts in those comments down below But from that I want to share some stuff. 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Also simone if I mispronounced your last name, I apologize I found this explainer you put out on how to properly pronounce your name But I did not have the idea the appropriate equipment to to replicate it or rather a way to replicate it without it resulting in A career-ending lawsuit but main point for those that aren’t aware simone fantastic creator highly recommend you check out her channel Subscribe and two yesterday. She went into surgery to have a brain tumor removed according to a tweet on her account The doctors were very pleased woke up long enough to make an inappropriate joke things are looking good And I just want to send some love and positivity your way either with my words or my people Love you face and fuck Brian Then we got a video from the fantastic molly burke who I will say as a side note I feel like a complete dick We talked multiple times by getting together for a video and because I am scheduled ignorant. I Have not done that so promoting. Her awesome collabs is how I will make do for now Then we had Tom Cruise giving us a teaser pic for Top Gun – and oh Please don’t suck it life knocking asking who owns your DNA zach woods gave us tips for surviving in the woods We have a featurette for action point with chris pratt and bryce dallas howard replying to comments and if you want to see the full Versions of everything I just shared the secret link of the day anything at all Links has always are in the description down below. And what is the mainstream media blaming youtubers for today news? We have BBC news telling us youtube stars might encourage kids to eat more calories where they specifically named the massive creators alfie deyes And zoella making the kids fat and they’ve been doing it right under our noses this entire time reportedly There was a new study that was presented by the european congress on obesity They said the study found that when kids watch popular vloggers consume sugary and fatty snacks that those kids would then consume 26% more calories reportedly how they got these numbers. They came to this conclusion. They took 176 kids they split them into three groups one group was shown a personality promoting an unhealthy food another healthy food and the last one and non-food products where the kids were offered a variety of unhealthy and healthy foods right in the range here was carrot stick to chocolate reportedly the children who had seen unhealthy images consumed an average of 448 calories while the others ate just 357 and according to dr. Emma Boylan the children considered the vloggers to be everyday people just like their peers adding They’ve earned a position of trust among young people and there has to be some responsibility along the line But if I could interject really fast This is not news all that appears to actually have been done with this study is to once again prove that Advertising works if you see a thing online on TV on a billboard and it is presented in a way that is appealing to you You are more likely to incorporate that into your life. Maybe make a purchase you’ve also kind of explained the the parent child or Brother-sister sort of relationship where if you see someone that you you feel connected to doing something you incorporate that once again? That’s not even new information even Anna Coates The lead researcher of the study says we know that if you show children a traditional drink ever than their preference for that drink rise And adding now that we’ve shown that children are influenced by online stars Our next study will look at whether they understand that in many cases Celebrities are being paid to promote products What I would say about that last part is I think that is the most important thing in general I do think there needs to be rules regulations enforcement to make it so that all of these online stars are Transparent when they’re doing ads on top of it being in general just kind of a scummy thing to try and sneak something like that In it’s just plain Manipulative my main point when you see that relative go and see I told you YouTube was a bad influence on the kids Maybe give them this extra information and maybe they’re not allergic to new information or having a different opinion and though though though widen their worldview and actually understand the reality of the situation or that’s just wishful thinking and and it’s too late for a lot of People and then let’s talk about the massive update around the park Linda’s shooting that shooting of course at Stoneman Douglas High School were 17 Were killed 17 were injured and so right now the shooter is facing 17 counts of first-degree murder and 17 counts of attempted First-degree murder a Broward County prosecutors said they plan to seek the death penalty. This will require them to prove the crime was premeditated But on the other end The shooters attorneys have said that he will plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence instead of facing the possibility of the death penalty His lawyers insisting he had a troubled life that he should be spared execution also arguing that’ll be wrong for the state to execute the shooter after so many red flags were missed that could have prevented the shooting and finally they argue that this deal would spare the victims families from having to relive the tragedy through what would certainly be a lengthy trial and appeals process that said the prosecution feels very confident because they have three videos from the shooters cell phone that proved that the crime was premeditated and those clips are part of an Inventory of prosecution evidence recently shared with the defense team during pretrial discovery And the reason that for the past 24 hours, you’ve seen that video posted on pretty much every news outlet Which I will touch on again at the very end of this story is that because under Florida law with few exceptions evidence becomes a public record when it’s turned over to the defendants attorney as part of The pre-trial discovery process these videos are disgusting. They are horrible But also they are fantastic evidence for the prosecution the first video He says his name. He says that he is only to be the next school shooter of 2018 He says his goal is to kill at least 20 people with an ar-15 gives the location of Stoneman Douglas and he says that it will be a big event that you will see him on the news you’ll Know who I am. He then laughs says you’re all gonna die makes gun sound says he can’t wait in the second video He details his exact plan of how he’s going to get there and what he’s going to do in the third video Here’s to give motive saying I hate everyone and everything with the power of my AR You will all know who I am I had enough of being told what to do. And when to do later adding you will all see it You will all know who my name is it over all we see from these disgusting and disturbing videos is a twisted monster who? Premeditated his attack talking about it and then being excited about being made famous Which is why I want to say to any of the mainstream media news outlets in the outlets any any kind of news blogging organizations that promoted this video just plastered this assholes face and name all Over the place and in a video where he is so Excited knowing that the media is going to eat this up and showcase his face and he’s going to be made famous go fuck yourself Right in your stupid fucking face at this point. I cannot believe that there is anyone out there in the news world That is ignorant to the fact that when you plaster these faces and names all over the place you make these people famous you also incentivize Copycats you’re incentivizing the next mass shooter and you have a track record of just feeding These people the extra clicks and ad dollars from people’s morbid curiosity shouldn’t be the driving force behind your news organization You should always try to think how things are going to affect people people should matter common decency Common sense should matter hell. Look at this. Here’s NBA Finals If someone just you know storms the court, right like we’ve seen YouTube pranksters try and do in the past Guess what? they don’t fucking air that on television if they can’t help it because they don’t want to promote that behavior yet apparently for Organizations like the Washington Post and NBC. No, it’s just another murderer So we’re giving him exactly what he talked about in several videos and laughed about but you know whatever the people that message me and say we’ll fill how are we supposed to talk about this story if we’re not using Faces and names. What do you think? I just fucking do it’s not hard. All it takes is caring about decency more than dollars I’m not saying suppress speech or suppress information. Let’s find out everything we can but don’t make them famous. Of course There can be moments or you have a different policy if there’s an active search for someone Yes, get their name get their face out there so that they get apprehended. But once there they’re taken in No
There’s no benefit except to you for trying to get more clicks want to show the names on your TV show Your website you were ever. How about one of the 17 people. He killed Well, I appreciate places like CBS who have said they just will outright not show the video That’s a fantastic start. But if you still go to CB His name and face are still plastered all over the place It feels a little bit sad to me that I need to even praise thee the smallest of steps But but hopefully this this slow kind of tippy toe can turn into a full-on sprint to not be in complete shit bag But that’s where this non Advertiser friendly rant is going to end and of course It’s a story then my opinion and obviously this is a very strong opinion I’d still love to hear from you whether you agree or you disagree in those comments below and that’s where I’m going to end today’s show although if you are not done consuming news some of the other things happening around the world today that I’ll link to in the Description down below we had Denmark passing what is being called the burqa ban? It’s a lot of prohibits face covering in public unless there is a quote recognizable purpose with this move Denmark is now in line with other European countries including Austria Belgium and France also in New Jersey We had a couple admit. They stole 1.4 million dollars from victims of Hurricane Sandy this through a construction fraud scheme, and they reportedly spent the money on gambling and jewelry We also had Kim kardashian-west meeting with Donald Trump is to discuss the possibility of a pardon for Alice Marie Johnson And actually despite many mocking this meeting including the New York Post who called her Kim phone hoon adding Trump meets rump at the other Big-ass summit Alice Marie Johnson’s story is actually interesting and it really hits on mandatory minimums And so there’s that and much more in the links down below but unfortunately I have to get out of here because This is the last show in this office and I got a move now Remember if you like this video like I try and do on this channel hit that like button if you’re new here hit that subscribe Button, maybe ring that Bell Also if you missed yesterday’s Philip DeFranco show you want to catch up especially with the last story Which was just crazy all you gotta do is click or tap right there to watch that unless you want something a little bit lighter you can watch the Newest behind the scenes vlog by clicking that butts that said of course as always my name’s philip. Defranco You’ve just been phill’d in a love yo faces And I’ll see you tomorrow either in a video or in a livestream where we tour the new other new facility

100 thoughts on “The MSM Parkland Problem Is Ridiculous, Zoella Obesity Study, and Tommy Robinson Controversy…

  1. To anyone who is going after Tommy calling him a racist. Muslim is not a race it is a term used to call those who believe in Islam just like Jews and Judaism and christians to Christianity and mormons to mormonism etc. And he was not going after all muslims just those who follow the radical ideology because there is a higher percentage of muslims who are not radical than are radical, the radical ones just give them all a bad name to some. Im not a muslim myself but i know this through classes i took and research i have done and others i have talked to. I do think the judge basically gave Tommy a death sentence though by throwing him in prison

  2. I literally just bought a bag of M&Ms because Morgan was eating some in one of Shane's videos. Lol.

  3. Tommy Robinson broke a law and was arrested for it. AND he breached his own suspended sentence. Also, the petition was to the GOVERNMENT, not to the bloody courts is both ridiculous and stupid.

  4. People keep talking about what has caused the rise in school shootings and blame a bunch of things like video games and movies, but no one talks about the relationship between the increase in school shootings and the increase in coverage and availability of news.

  5. Does anyone else see a time coming when children age 0-18 years will be banned from all media types; kids going back to using sticks and rocks and homework for entertainment?

  6. A burka ban is absurd to me, The Idea is that people don't like Islam telling women what they can and can't wear, so they tell women what they can and can not wear.

  7. Probably won't read this but here it is.

    1. Freedom of speech as an ideal is nice, until it does not suit your ideals. Philip in the span of 1 video has contradicted himself on these points, he himself even realized it in this 1 video but his explanation is not satisfactory. This brings me to number 2.

    2. Freedom of speech clearly cannot work in every instance, Philip is right to say "denounce this shooter of any public showing" but that goes against Freedom of Speech. So which is it Philip? FoS, FoS when it's convnient, or no FoS? Because if it is the second or the last option you have no right to complain to the UK government about Tommy being gagged for a reason that is reasonable. Which is, wait and see the actual verdict before harrassing the accused. Which brings us to number 3.

    3. your point on the Shooter having media attention and Tommy having media attention are definitely similar in the fact that they have an issue of FoS. One when there is a lack and one where there is too much. Yet you claim consequence for FoS on the Shooter, but denounce consequence on Tommy. The same logic can be used, Tommy's use can inspire others to do the same or worse. What happens when Tommy inspires a whole Mob? Something that these Martyr stories tends to end up doing.

    My point is that this is poorly thought out. I agree with you on the Shooter, I disagree with you on Tommy. There's a difference between journalism and slander. Many people like to pretend they know the facts of an issue until the facts contradict their preconception. Happened with the Mosque shooter in Canada and it is bound to happen again. Instead of oh IDK perpuating the FoS falsity and radicalizing more people who may be against Muslims in more than just an "Ideological" fashion look at the nuiance of why Tommy shouldn't have done what he did not once but twice and see how it compares to another story in your own video. This is a thumbs down for me.

  8. In America, we sequester jurors to prevent them from becoming biased. In the UK, they censor everybody else. It's a bad law in the first place. They should release Robinson and change it.

  9. I love you Phil I really do you are an incredible human being I really mean that I love the honesty

  10. So much of the stuff involving Tommy Robinson spits in the face of the 1st amendment in so many ways if it happened in America.

  11. Sucks for the school shooter because I forgot his name. He is not important and should not be remembered.

  12. You have to realize the USA is the only country where freedom of speech is a thing. In the UK there is no constitutional right to free speech.

  13. unpopular opinion but I like the idea of not allowing the coverage of criminal trials. I would like to clarify here that I mean I like the IDEA of it. There is almost no way of enforcing it with limited chance of corruption. I would say it would only apply to evidence or exact details and only until a verdict is given. the charge should always be public record but with the amount of media coverage there is nowadays there are a massive amount cases that are tried in the media to the point of it being impossible to have a legitimate impartial jury. and the bias can be seen going both ways. I know this is an unpopular opinion and I admit I would not want the law on the books because it would be a orgy of corruption but still, not a bad thought.

  14. I saw this video and the on,y heartening thing I saw was that everyone who commented wanted the video removed and demanded that they change their policy to match yours.

  15. Don't you think you talking about his story Phil is still you giving him credibility. just because you don't give a name or a face you're still giving him a story and people are attracted to either…

  16. The You Tuber thing is hilarious as that's been a problem since commercials first appeared on television … or even when radio was invented!


  18. Betterhelp question. In the terms of agreement, I took that they would have the right to access other platforms of my social life like Facebook or Instagram. This made me concerned. I don’t know much about this and I guess I should look into it more but I just want help and want to know if they have that right or if I’m just being scared to sign up for a random site for help. I don’t want to put personal information on there or for them to be able to access without my permission – not just accepting the terms and my life’s free to them. I won’t join this page if accepting the terms means they can have free for all. Even employees can access. Seems unsafe to me.

  19. Just an alternative option: in addition to not showing information about mass murders, don’t show specific information about the people who are killed. As someone who has a close friend murdered in a mass murder, it is awful knowing that the only reason people know your loved one’s name is because they were murdered. It’s horrible scrolling through social media and seeing they’re faced posted again and again with nothing but captions of “X person, 22, murdered”. It’s horrible knowing if you Google your loved one that you won’t get the Flickr accounts or news stories about the soccer team wins like you used to. Instead you’ll get page after page after page of detailed accounts of how they were brutally murdered, from news stories to murder porn podcasts. Don’t let the only thing associated with the victims be their murder.

  20. If Phil had done nothing else right with these videos, the push away from 'celebratizing' mass shooters would be enough for him to earn my loyalty as a viewer.

  21. As far as the Tommy Robinson situation goes, you can say whatever you want but be prepared to face the consequences: especially if you’re in contempt of court while ‘reporting’ on a live case.

  22. While I think postponement orders could be abused, and should be narrowly applied, I think someone's right to a fair trial is more important than the press being able to write what they want.

  23. It's irresponsible to come to the conclusion that it is youtubers causing the higher calories. They never controlled for the person eating the food. They needed to have another set of 3 groups that showed strangers promoting the food. Here they only could conclude that advertising unhealthy food increases the desire, which they did at the end at least. Overall is a misrepresented study either by the researchers or Media

  24. If he was already in legal trouble for doing it, then he got what was coming to him. That being said, stifling free speech sucks, and is one of the reasons we broke away from the King 240 years ago.

  25. thanks for saying what you did about the media plastering everything about school shoooters like its a fukin scoreboard. And although this contradicts a lot of the things I stand for, I hope the death penalty for this horrible monster.

  26. I can't stand the Islamic religion as a gay man but if that's what they wanna spend their life doing hating people then whatever

  27. Tommy is literally a crook. He went to prison for using his friends passport to get into the US, so no sympathy from me. Plus, there are laws for a reason. He didn't obey them and he bears the consequence

  28. Tommy – whether or not it should be legal that cases can have a postponement clause, he knew it was illegal to do what he did and he did it anyway, and then rightfully was jailed for it. I think it would be fairer to protest the law, rather than protest for his release.

  29. I agree with hiding the story from press until after the verdict because the innocent until proven guilty rules become non-existent when publicized. It leads to attacks when people find out things without the full story.

    Although I believe the sentence was too harsh and in circumstances where they are at risk, prisoners should be granted the option of solitary confinement.

  30. Robinson started over a decade ago speaking out against the cops politicians known 10-40 year grooming rape gangs in his home town which is what his targeting started from! FYI check what he has actually ever said he uses facts about Islamic ideology using their laws and the horribly violent Koran he always makes the distinction being Muslims and Islamic ideology! Sadly most people like in this case don’t do any actual research on what he has said and believes and just take the insanely everyone’s a Nazi who disagrees with any leftist agenda! 🙄 this is the prime example why millions of Americans will fight in a second civil war and the only way they’d take our guns is out of our cold dead hands for this exact reason you give up your rights your life and freedom goes with them!

  31. Incredibly morbid thought here, major media outlets stand to gain from incentivizing copycats… more big stories to draw people in with.

  32. Correct me if I am wrong. Wasn't Robinson's conviction overturned because of the photographic evidence of the Judge looking out the window as Tommy was arrested?

  33. Why wouldn't the MSM not want to create copy cats? News is a for-profit business that thrives on things like disaster, controversy, and tragedy.

  34. Humans are kind of pre-programmed to lean towards foods that are high in fat, salt, and sugar. With that in mind, it wouldn't take much to influence kids further towards junk foods. I feel the main point this study proves is that being reminded of an enjoyable thing's existence often causes a person to desire that thing….you know, because its enjoyable.

  35. It goes against due process to influence a jury. He's done this before, which is why the verdict against him was so quick. He was warned to stop influencing the jury. The imprisonment is justified. Gag Orders – can you imagine if juries had complete and total exposure to public opinion on their ongoing trials? Trials would become a competition on which side could pump the most propaganda onto tv/the internet. Gag orders are a must to uphold due process.

  36. 1. Long live Tommy Robinson. Jurers are picked for their ability to not be influenced by any one side. That's why they are chosen, right? Who cares if they happen to read something. If the Judge gives them an order not to read the paper, and they do…then they themselves are in contempt. Let the press do its job! Informing the entire populus of people who are accused. If they are innocent, the truth will set them free.
    Nuf said.
    2. Zoella Obesity Study…. Do these people even remember sugar cereal commercials during Saturday morning cartoons??? Kids have been fat for a long long time. I used to crush a entire box of Coco Puffs during Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo, after school and Saturdays, right before Kung Fu Theatre. (I had to get my energy build up for that). Hell, they keep sugar cereals on THEIR eye level. Why don't they put them all along the top of the damn isle… They're killin' meh'. How about McDonalds and their happy meals being pushed by a clown. Oh NO! That hasn't influenced kids since the 60's. Geez Louize Mary and Margarget. smh

  37. How many people have been falsely convicted because they’ve been tried in the press long before the accused ever sets foot in court? If the gag orders reduce false imprisonment cases in any meaningful way, even by just a few %, i think it’s incredibly irresponsible to dismiss it out of hand. It’s easy to watch law and order and think that you can exclude any biased jurors or trust them to avoid prejudicial media reporting, but in practice it doesn’t seem to be true.

  38. Just to be clear, there is no such thing as Freedom of Speech or Freedom of the Press in the UK. I don't say this judgmentally, it is just fact that , Justice is seen as a higher calling than free speech so speech that interferes with justice must be curtailed. Can it be abused, certainly, just as absolute free speech is abused in the states. So, regardless of your feelings, Tommy violated a law. I think his arrest and punishment is just because he's a racist shit-heel motivated by hate speech and endangering an important trial.

  39. I think you are missing the most important part of the injuntion law. It was put in place to stop a mistrial. I dont want one man to cause 2 child sex ring cases to be thrown out because he couldnt wait to report on it. He commited contempt of court. Pretty sure America has that law as well.
    Although some injuction laws should be changed. Look up the Ryan Giggs gagging order

  40. I've never seen you so upset ab anything but I love you for this man I have tears going down my eyes right now I'm in about that Douglas story thank you

  41. The problem with Islam is that the not so good and compatible with the west sects of the faith that most Muslims don't want anything to do with that most people should have a problem with because that's the people that give Islam a bad rep. Kinda like the west Burrough baptist church, I don't know how to spell that. But in regard to the uk censoring the right, I feel like they're very obviously doing it and clumsily as well. Do I agree with the right? Sometimes but by no means all the time. I still think they should have the right to say whatever they want. It's just free speech and how human beings learn from each other in many ways.

  42. Something to enlighten those who think Tommy Robinson has been persecuted.

  43. Having a bad upbringing does NOT excuse someone for their actions and should NEVER be used in a court of law.

  44. in court the judge is supreme just like in classrooms teachers r supreme there r always going to be always going to be people who cause trouble and wonder y they r being punished. it wasn't Robinsons first offense so what did he expect to happen saying they were after him or setting him up they fifnt need to they probably knew he going to do something stupid

  45. Why think about ethics when you can make money, and almost nobody cares enough to hold them to standards

  46. I appreciate that it may seem unfair to put those restriction on something being talked about. They are trying to conduct a court case that has effected may people that is high profile and they want to convict these people without them being able to then go to the court after it and get out of jail for crimes they have committed because of it influencing the jury. We have a very different court and criminal system here and his reporting it could have effected a case. He intentionally knowing what could happen put himself in that position meanwhile putting a criminal conviction at risk not caring of the outcome he wanted to make statement. That is what he has done by breaking the law and now going to jail for it.

  47. For psychopaths, death counts are competition now. It’s absolutely disgusting. They see all these monsters killing innocent people, and they think, “I can do better than that.” Those barbaric, savage, and vulgar monsters should not be made into celebrities. They should not be known. They should not be famous. They should not be glorified.

  48. Regarding how influential online stars are regarding "food", as Phil pointed out, it is marketing. But in all honesty bottom line, it's the parent's job to control what the child not only watches, but what they consume. You can only blame (social) media so much.


  50. 107 kids…and some have millions of views & subscribers. I don't think 100 kids = Every kid. Funny science doesnt do the math.

  51. 4:46 it's not criminalising news it's just preventing biased media (which is the definition of what Tommy Robinson was producing) from influencing the decision of a jury during a court case

  52. I could agree that this situation goes to far, and that it creates a situation where the law could be abused. But, the idea of a postponement order makes a ton of sense. In America they put ppl up in hotels for similar reasons Right? And it's not like u can't report at all, it's just postponed.

  53. FREE TOMMY! one thing you didn't mention Philip is that a few meters away from Tommy there was another online journalist live streaming in the same place at the same time and HE SAID THE SAME THINGS TOMMY!!!! He is, I beleive, a Sikh (So a brown person) other than their skin colour the only difference between the livestreams was Tommy razzing the defendants at the beginning. Other than that the wording was almost word for word

  54. The youtube food thing is so biased. The study they said they did doesnt make any sense. Why arent they telling us what the kids ate instead of the calories. It doesnt make sense that they would tell us that the kids chose between healthy and unhealthy foods like carrots and chocolate but in the results only tell us the calories they consumed. If a kid watched an unhealthy video but still ate vegetables, the amount of calories doesn't prove your argument. Thats just something i noticed that pissee me off.

  55. Why is the death penalty still a thing? It's so hypocritical, especially if the prosecutors' goal is specifically the death penalty. If someone goes dexter on someone, they'll go to jail but if the legal system does it, it's fine?

  56. Tommy Robinson broke the law. He got arrested and sent to jail for it. He was told not to do what he was doing and has to pay the price. Tough shit.

  57. Also a gag order on a trial during the trial is not against free speech as long as the trial can be reported on after the proceedings of the gag order said the press can't ever talk about the crime for the rest of time then yes that would be suppressing free speech gag orders are meant to allow defendants a fair trial by a jury of their peers

  58. I came here to see what was thought of Tommy Robinson. I personally support him. I must say that this report is very good and pretty on point. Even though he said that he does not agree with Tommy, the report looked very non-biased. Respect for that

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