The Lowest and Highest Carb Vegetables are…

The Lowest and Highest Carb Vegetables are…

let’s talk about the vegetables that
have the lowest net carb ratio now when we’re talking about net carb we’re
talking about taking the total carb and minusing the fiber why do we do that
because fiber has a zero effect on insulin and blood sugars our bodies
cannot digest fiber we feed it to our microbes that then turn it into some
some food for our colon cells but fiber does not affect insulin or blood sugars
so you don’t have to worry about that now in this category right here okay
these are all the vegetables that have less than one carb per cup that’s pretty
low okay beet greens arugula lettuce look at this point two point four point six
bok choy 0.8 chard endive mustard green spinach sprouts have point one romaine
lettuce and watercress okay less than one carb you’re allowed 20 grams per day
okay we’re not even talking about one card per cup so sometimes when people do
keto they’re afraid to eat too many vegetables because it’s carb but look at
this if you’re consuming these it’s basically insignificant it is not going
to stop you from losing weight it provides other benefits of fiber and
nutrients a vitamin C folate a lot of minerals potassium magnesium things like
that then we have the group of vegetables over here with less than
three carbs okay a lot of them are like one point something and two and this is
per cup avocado is two grams of carb per cup which is kind of like one medium
sized avocado asparagus 2.4 celery one point four chili pepper one point four
grams of carb okay and this is net carb cucumbers 3.0 eggplants 2.3 mushrooms
2.2 pickles 1.9 radish 2.0 zucchini 2.4 cabbages 3.0 so you can see these are
pretty low too because we are allowed 20 to 50 grams of carbs so you don’t
have to worry about gaining weight or being out of ketosis when you’re
consuming vegetables in fact I don’t even count them at all because I think
they’re necessary now let’s take the flip side of that what vegetables have
the highest carb okay net carb are artichokes are 11 grams per cup okay
still it’s still within the range pumpkin six point nine rutabaga eight
point nine turnip 6.0 tomato four point eight again this is you really don’t
have to worry about Tomatoes I mean it’s not that high per cup okay beet is nine
it’s a little higher but guess what with the fiber it’s still in the range but
potato we want to stay away from that that’s 33 okay stay away from potato
corn is 21 that’s pretty high right but this is GMO so you want to stay away
from that too squash is four point eight that’s fine but look at this peas are 14
it’s pretty high so I would say out of all these vegetables right here peas are
probably the ones that you probably don’t want to consume large quantities
if you’re on keto but still one cup is 14 you’d still be okay if you did that
all right so I have a lot of interesting videos on vegetables if you want to
check out some more I put them on the screen right here

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  1. we should not even be discussing this, vegetavles are good stuff and should not be questioned avout their carb content

  2. I have TEN DAYS LEFT on my carnivore elimination diet. I have not put a single carb in my mouth for over a month now. I did not intend to "go carnivore" just check for food sensitivities but I am STUNNED at all the improvements I have noted. Body fat percentage drop has been dramatic, I am now in "athlete" territory. Aches and pains that were nearly crippling me are GONE. I never really got over cravings with keto, and I guess I still have some craving but it is not for chocolate or bread now… when you said artichokes were in the range I nearly started drooling. I have fantasies about burying my face in a bowl of berries next week… LOL! I can hardly wait to get my labs done, I am just sure I am kicking this Hashimoto nonsense to the curb. EVERYONE says it cannot be cured, but I refuse to listen to that. I have a thyroid still, it still works SOME, why shouldn't it be possible to restore healthy function? I am doing it. Screw the naysayers, I am doing this thing – with help from folks like my amazing doctor and good ol' Doc Berg!

  3. Except for starchy veggies you’re probably A-OK eating various veggies as far as obesity is concerned. Some of us can eat a little more than 25 grams of carbs so why obsess over veggies. Instead look at hidden sugars or sugar substitutes and go easy on protein. Don’t snack and try IF. Or better yet OMAD 😲😉

  4. People who are concerned about fruits and vegetables because of carbs and not concerned about how much dairy eggs meat and all the other animal products they are eating are so out of touch with reality.

  5. very useful information, thanks a lot!

    In your Hummus video you said that chickpeas have some good qualities in preventing insulin resistance and that they have many insolutable fiber. Can you make an extra video on chickpeas and go more into detail on the topic?

  6. Can you please do a one meal intermittent fasting info session for menopausal woman or people with slow metabolism who are not losing weight with 2 meal intermittent fasting.. Thankyou


  8. I got an interesting question that I bet Dr Berg can't answer. How does a survivalist on keto diet prepare? With Coronavirus around the corner and everyone going into quarantine, what food should people buy that could last a long time but also healthy

  9. Dr. Please make a video for only reasons of elevated GGT & What does it mean when urea is lower side on KFT.

  10. Oooo. I love a bowl of peas with a big blop of butter. It's like a desert to me. I usually have it on meatless mondays.

  11. Hi Dr. Berg thank you for another great lesson. Can you please advises us on the best utensils that can be used to stay away from those that are harmful while cooking our foods…etc. You're the best!

  12. glad tomatoes are OK…. but I wish I saw brussel sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli on the list…me loves em.

  13. My general rule of thumb. Most of those I don't worry about because they're not cookies and I won't over eat them. Besides they're ( roughage ) not easy to digest.

  14. Yum Beets, hot with butter on, tastes just like corn on the cob. Mmm.🌽 Thank you for sharing this important information with us all, Happy Sunday, & take care off yourself too. ❤️🙂🐶

  15. Peas make my hair stand on end. Honestly, every folicle stands right up when I eat peas. My mom said she used to feed me one when I was baby and then laugh when I would quiver from head to toe. No allergy… just don't like the taste.

  16. You taught me something new, because I thought there was sugar in beets. Now I can put beets on my salad… Thanks!

  17. Do these numbers include the skin of some vegetables that we don't normally eat? like avocado, eggplant, and sometimes cucumber?

  18. if fasting itself is a miracle why nobody's is experimenting it with those who's got infected by the corona virus

  19. Hey doc… love your videos… quick question… would you be able to consume a fiber such as psyllium husk to counter glucose from another food you eat at the same time? Do you think there would be any minimizing factor in blood sugar spike from the extra fiber?

  20. Great Video
    Can you please make a Keto video for Vegetarians & Vegans. ( Please don't use foods that are made to look like meat or fish!!)

  21. Would be nice if the serving is by weight which is more accurate. e.g. per 100g. Thank you, though, for this video.

  22. I have lost 11 kg from dec 22 from watching and taking advice e iff your vids dr berg. I'm overweight and you have really helped. Thanks

  23. I just started putting chopped and sliced rutabaga's in an air fryer to substitute for french fries; so delicious!

  24. I LOST 80 POUNDS IN 10 WEEKS FASTING, cardio, & weight training! I wouldn’t eat carbs on the days that I 🥦just broccoli ‼️I’ve even started my own YouTube journey about my weight loss. DOWN 126 POUNDS IN TOTAL!

  25. Have seen lots of your videos and am so thankful for all the great information. Dr., you are one of my most appreciated teacher on keto. Started with about 300 lbs, am now below 240 lbs after 7 months and falling. T2D medication stopped after 5 weeks, bloodpressure ok without meds, fatty liver and hormones much better……
    However there is one thing I can‘t deal with – the use of „cups“ as a measuring base. Maybe that‘s common in the US, but especially concerning e.g. leafs : You will agree that uncut leafs are different in volume than finely chopped ones…. Would be so happy if you could add additional data in „grams“ for the rest of the world.
    Nevertheless, please keep on teaching us more healthy details 👍😁✨

  26. Surprised that broccoli didn't appear on any of the lists. You often extol the benefits of this green vegetable which I eat a lot. Can you give me a carb count for it?

  27. Can you talk about BMI? I did IF inconsistently for 3 weeks and ate healthier, I lost 4kg and am underweight. I used autophagy to have a brain boost but I hope to gain weight to 80kg to look "full". Now I'm like an African runner. Any tips?

  28. Your "healthy keto diet" has a significant flaw. Bacon which is a Red meat is high in glutamine which is one of the 2 fuels for cancer.

  29. Hey Dr.Berg i have a question that I really need you to address. I am a muslim and we will all be fasting in a month (ramadan) with no water throughout the day from around 4am to 8pm (timings depends on where you live) we have to wake up at 3/4am to eat and then go back to sleep what do you recommend us to eat? to lose weight on this month. Also do you recommend us to stay on the Keto diet!

  30. Cups? Grams? Pounds? This is like working with the old boys when I did my masonry apprenticeship…. "how long is that" answer…."2 metres 4 inches"….. grams are the best and easiest method when weighing food, a "cup" (tablespoon, teaspoon, pinch too) is a stupid measuring system….grams- grams per 100g- kilograms…. decimalisation is so much easier (than 17/64ths of an inch too etc)!!!

  31. Carrots are by far my favourite vegetable. There's always concerns from people about carrots on Keto because they have higher sugar content than most veggies, but at about 4-5g per 100g serving having one per meal is really not bad. Especially for 2mad or omad. Been eating them almost everyday while on Keto and no issues. Then there's all the nutrients that it provides such as Vitamins A, K, C, and potassium.

  32. Great video… I would love to learn more about how carb requirements varies for people who perform mentally exhausting job vs physically exhausting job.. thanks 🙏🏻

  33. In addition to carb and glycemic count, one should avoid vegetables and fruits based on the Omega 6 to 3 ratio. Chronic diseases thrive in a high Omega 6 diet. Grass fed finish beef is a 1:1 ratio which is good. Grain fed meats are high in Omega 6.

  34. Unfortunately I don't care for the taste of many veggies and I have digestive issues with some so I tend to be carnivore mostly.

  35. I have a bad feeling about bell peppers as they are the easiest to slice and grab on the run, they were to good to be true but wonder why he didn’t mention them since they are so widely used.

  36. I was reading cruciferous vegetables cut lung cancer risks by 50%, & that collard greens, bok choy, kale, arugula, broccoli, & brussel sprouts were supposed to benefit pulmonary function.

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