The Hidden Fact about Obesity In America美国肥胖的深层现象

The Hidden Fact about Obesity In America美国肥胖的深层现象

I think a lot of my viewers had noticed that America has serious obese problem I don’t need to talk more about how sever the problem is However, there is a deeper fact that the obese rate is relative to social class further on, the lower class is, the higher obesity rate today, I’m going to show you this phenomenon through my video Here’s how I conduct the survey: I will take a footage in Sam’s club then take another footage in Costco these two stores share a lot of similarities they are all membership based warehouse store so the consuming habits of customers are quite similar the major difference is, Sam’s club is targeted on low end market and Costco carried high end product therefore, the household income of the consumers in these stores must have a significant difference I didn’t look for the exact data about this If you’re interested in the precise statistic result about it, you can do your research at home I believe, just setting my camera in each store for five minutes, would sufficient enough to bring up the fact generally speaking, the average household income of Sam’s club members is lower than Costco and the social class is lower,too I will sit here for a while and do the same thing in Costco then I don’t need to explain much, you can see it though my camera the obsessed people amount is higher than Costco’s to ensure my objectivity I wouldn’t cut off the footage include skinny people in Sam’s club what I cut was some blank part and people whoever showed their faces Now, I’m at the front door of Costco I will do the same thing I had done in Sam’s club I think you can get the impression, the obsessed rate here is lower I think it could clearly proved that the lower the social class is, the higher the obese rate is why it turn out like that? I had read some theories Theory No.1 Healthy food are sold in higher price in America and unhealthy food are more affordable poor people couldn’t afford healthy food that caused obese in low class people Theory No.2 The best way to pull yourself out of poverty is through education the process of being educated is constantly fighting against temptation Lacking of self-discipline couldn’t make you through the education journey the obesity in poverty group is another symptom of lacking of self-discipline That’s why the obese rate is significant higher in poverty group They were lack of self discipline when they were receiving education so they didn’t have the skill to push themselves into higher social class they also can not control what they eat, how much they eat after grow up these are two polarized theory I’ve read explaining the cause of the relation between obesity and poverty which one do you agree more? Please leave in the comment box down below Alright, if you enjoy this video give it a thumb up, and subscribe to my channel see you next time

8 thoughts on “The Hidden Fact about Obesity In America美国肥胖的深层现象

  1. Number 1 and 2 at the same time. But you must also define what is "obesity". Race is also a factor. When you look at a lot of Chinese people they are far too skinny to be Caucasians, just the skeletal differences alone make it impossible for most Caucasians to be the shape of a Chinese person.  You must also factor in what this culture says is "beautiful". If you look at the fashion industry you would think that skinny women would be considered beautiful but these women were chosen by homosexual fashion designers that prefer women that are built like young boys. Then you look at the women that American men choose to look at and they look like this. Bikini Car Wash – Tres hermosas mujeres lavan tu auto
    woman that look like that would probably be considered "fat" in China but here in the US, these women would be considered sexually attractive.

  2. You are being too nice.. too generous …or to "PC" (politically correct)
    Try saying "fat/stupid" vs "smart/thin" Are you not surprised at the number of very very stupid americans? (I mean so stupid they are unteachable) Walmart? .. I pay my $55 to costco each year with promise I will not be contaminated by the "people of walmart" Advise your chinese viewers to go to "youtube — people of walmart" and tell them this is NOT A JOKE !!

  3. Thank you for creating this video. I live in Alberta, Canada and the lifestyle here is very similar to the USA. The number of obese people at Costco in Canada seems to be the same as what I see in other stores such as Walmart (we don't have SAMs Club). Alberta has a very strong economy so construction workers here can easily earn the same salary as professionals. Maybe that explains why my observations are different. Obesity is a very big problem in Canada. I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, almost 60 years ago. It was a relatively poor area, but only 1% or 2% of the people were overweight. It is much different now. I am guessing that the problem is a result of several factors that could vary by region.

  4. 你说的是原因之一,我感觉跟饮食有关系,比如平凡的吃汉堡 汽水 甜食 薯片油炸食品应该也有很大的关系吧!

  5. First off – Awesome video, I truly appreciate the time you take to make these interesting videos, edit them, and then upload them.

    I agree with both theories – Yes, healthy food here in America is more expensive, and also in America, I would say a vast majority of children that grow up in America are not disciplined that much – if at all.

    I'll admit, I have never been to a Costco before (WNY resident, there isn't one around here, we have Sams Club and Walmart), and I can honestly say the (majority, not ALL) people you find at Walmarts are most likely to be rude, undisciplined, uneducated, and most likely also in poverty. I've worked at a Walmart for a year, and I had to deal with multiple customers that fit this description.

    Also, when I do errands for my current boss (to get bulk supplies for the restaurant), he sends me to Sams Club. I can understand this because you cannot get bulk supplies at places like Walmart – anyways, the people you run into there are the same as you would find at Walmart.

    I love that you posted this video, it is very accurate. There is a weird complex in America about how everyone's child is "special" and should be treated as a "prince or princess". This results in basically everyone born (in America) after 1980 something NOT  disciplined like a child should be growing up. This also results in what we see in these videos, which you explain.

    Thanks again, keep up the good work.

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