The Girl Who Lives In A Bowl

The Girl Who Lives In A Bowl

COMM: Nineteen-year-old Rahma Haruna has lived almost her whole life in unbearable pain,
after her arms and legs failed to develop properly. COMM: Her loving family does their best to move her around using a plastic bowl. COMM: A seemingly healthy newborn, Rahma’s mother soon noticed that her daughter was
missing key developmental milestones. COMM: The cause of her condition is not yet known and Rahma’s family have worked tirelessly to find a diagnosis. COMM: Specialist medical testing is expensive and the family hope to get the attention of
a charity to help give Rahma a better quality of life. Kind gestures from those who heard
about Rahma in the local press have already made a big difference. COMM: Despite the challenges she faces, the brave teen is full of hope for her future.

100 thoughts on “The Girl Who Lives In A Bowl

  1. Why is a God always brought into these tragic cases ?!! If there was one he wouldn't let babies be born like this in the first place …… and deluded people praise him !!!!!

  2. Poor girl I can’t imagine this and wouldn’t wish it upon anyone she was so lucky to have a family that cares for her may she rest in peace

  3. My heart is literally broken. I wish I could have taken all her pain away all the years she lived on earth. If only I was capable of that. At least now she’s flying high, free from grief. Rest In Peace, beautiful.

  4. Most of the people that have bad disorders are African cuz they don’t have birth control in Africa. Not tryna be racist tho

  5. They should try and take her to the Synagogue Church of All Nations I Lagos Nigeria. I hear they do all kinds of miraculous healings there for all kinds of human ailments.

  6. I will never in my life complaining about how I am anymore god is great I'm proud to see how God made me just pray god help that family if you didn't go outside there and see how people are doing you'll be complaining but when you see you will thank god so for my life Lord I Thank you I thank you for everything even though with the condition I adore you thank you Jesus thank you father

  7. She was very beautiful and a good hearted person and I feel terrible for what she had to live through . Luckily she had a very loving family

  8. I feel sooo bad why can’t all people be the same😭😭😭☹️😩😫😖😣😢I hope she has the best life ever and all the disabled people too I hope everyone is happy specially the disabled people
    💋💋I love her voice☺️☺️

  9. Your family saw your life as precious no matter how you grew. you were loved. and appreciated and were a very lucky lady to be apart of such a supportive family. God Bless you xx

  10. She sadly past away at age 19 on Christmas Day. She was such a fighter and was very brave. I hope she is watching down on us and will always be in our heart.

  11. She must have been using her tiny finger more than i use my both hands in my entire life, bless this fighter that shes in peace now

  12. We should saying thanks god about everything just example about all what we have but never saying thanks that we are ok !

  13. My heart is in pieces right now, for her, her parents, and her whole family ! Their whole situation looks so hard, Even without the girl's condition !

  14. لاحول ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم لا الله الا الله محمد رسول الله 🇩🇿

  15. I’m thinking if she lived in any other country With world renowned specialists , she could’ve maybe been given a chance by getting prosthetics possibly?

  16. And they still dare to put on her scarf so as not to excite men, a shame for this unfortunate girl. Religion of another time !!! ….
    Et ils osent encore lui mettre le foulard pour ne pas exciter les hommes, une honte pour cette malheureuse jeune fille. Religion d'un autre temps !!!….

  17. I feel bad for her she is soooooo cute😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😚😚😚🤗🤗🤗🙂🙂🤗🤗🙂☺🤗🙂☺☺☺😇😇😇😚

  18. Everyone who saying “she gorgeous” or “those wings are better than legs” you guys just need to appreciate what you have. She looks normal face wise but obviously I feel bad for her unfortunate situation but like I don’t get all these useless comments.

  19. Words are unnecessary you are very cool girls🤩may God give you hearth and endurance good luck 🤩

  20. oh! i don't know what to say. it is very bad situation and i feel good when i see how people take care about her. from the video what i saw that girl is very kind and good girl and her mother is fantastic woman to take care about her she is great 👍 mother . of course father too he is great 👍 father. he is working and pay 💰 his family's bill and i think that that little girl will be very good woman and her dream will come true and she will be the great 👍 businesswoman.
    and i have one question can she feel better and be like other people?

  21. hi!😊
    what is going on there😢
    i Almost cry😭,trust me i am crying now😰
    she is our heroine😢
    this vlog made my day💫
    their family is so strong she is world for us we need to help them she is more brave and strong☺️i can’t understand how beautiful and nice is she and i don’t know what to say🥰
    i love you🙏🏼you are so strong and amazing girl❤️☺️
    be who are you and think about future you will be the first strong Woman in the world🥰
    i can’t understant my feelings and my emotions❤️
    i amn’t writing this for point and …
    this is so amazing vlog i thinked that was so simple vlog but this vlog is the best🙏🏼
    wish you everything best you are the strongest and you are nice☺️
    trust me you will be so important person in our world🙏🏼😊
    can you make another vlog about this girl pls?😊

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