The Fat Footballers Tackling Obesity One Goal At A Time

The Fat Footballers Tackling Obesity One Goal At A Time

DOUG CURTIS: If you want to lose weight and you want to play football, there is nothing better out there. TERRY DOWDING: So, MAN v FAT Football is a
football league, which is exclusively designed for overweight men, so anybody in the inner
country with a BMI of 27.5 or above. TERRY DOWDING: So, I am the Project Manager
for MAN v FAT Football so all of the leagues that we have across the UK. So, it
was held first in 2016 and since then we have grown to 25 leagues and they range from as
low as Portsmouth and up to Glasgow and anywhere in between. Anybody in the country can go
to and register. DOUG CURTIS: I kind of, had a bit of a rough
telling off from my GP, like, weight-wise. I was borderline diabetic, I had high blood
pressure and when I saw this, I knew I could shift enough weight to not have those health
concerns anymore. DOUG CURTIS: Wasn’t sure what to expect.
I thought I would be the biggest guy there, I wasn’t. I wasn’t the oldest there either.
There was a real good age range and size range. DOUG CURTIS: The guys in my team and in the
other teams are really great guys. We have a lot of banter between us. MICHAEL RICHARD: I was pretty nervous for
the first time. I was really off the pace. I didn’t really know my teammates. The pace
was pretty quick for me actually and that’s surprising, you think, you know it might be
played at a slower pace. But I think the intensity of this league, it’s really good. And if
you want a really good workout, you can get it. DOUG CURTIS: There’s teenagers and there’s
old age pensioners playing. So, everyone is in it for a different reason but they are
all in it for the weight loss. You turn up once a week, you play for part of a 30-minute
game and then you look after yourself throughout the week food-wise, exercise-wise and you
gain points for your team that way. PHILLIP SMITH: As a coach in MAN v FAT, my
role is to support players, weigh them in on a match day, giving them support around
small changes that they can make to their diet, their lifestyle and motivating them.
So, basically for MAN v FAT, the key thing is that you can earn goals from being off
the pitch as well as on it. So, for losing weight each week you can score a goal straightaway
for your team. If you lose weight 3 weeks in a row, you score an extra bonus goal called
a hat trick. PHILLIP SMITH: So, another kilogram off, which
is fantastic. TERRY DOWDING: It clicks for the male psyche,
it’s, it ‘gamiefies’ the weight loss. It puts that competitive edge on it. DOUG CURTIS: You can lose on the pitch, but
then win on the scale. TERRY DOWDING: Tracking their food is always
an important one as well which we provide every player with a player handbook. MICHAEL RICHARD: There is a food diary that
you can fill in. So that way you can regulate your meals. TERRY DOWDING: In addition to that, they have
a weekly weigh-in with a coach. And that coach will be able to use that food diary to hopefully
signpost some good quality changes based on what they have tracked over the last 7 days. PHILLIP SMITH: How was your weekend? MICHAEL RICHARD: Yeah, not too bad. Yeah,
been keeping at it in bits. I was quite social on the weekend but I made sure I did a lot
more, like, floor work at home. Just got up that a little bit earlier and just did a bit
more, like, stomach work and things like that. So, to make up for it, so, hopefully I have
got a loss yeah. I was probably about 96 kilos when I first started this MAN v FAT. PHILLIP SMITH: It will fluctuate by 0.2. MICHAEL RICHARD: Yeah. PHILLIP SMITH: So, if you do it three times,
that’ll be 90.2, two times and 90 the other way around. Fantastic. You have lost weight. MICHAEL RICHARD: Fantastic. MICHAEL RICHARD: Yeah, brilliant. So, I’ll
fill it in here with the 90? PHILLIP SMITH: Yeah. No, I will put it. MICHAEL RICHARD: 1.6, I think. PHILLIP SMITH: Great stuff. MICHAEL RICHARD: That’s great, fantastic.
Brilliant, cheers. MICHAEL RICHARD: When you come off the scales,
it feels great. When you know you have made a loss I think, you feel very relived because
that’s what you have been working up to all week. MICHAEL RICHARD: You know, you’re gonna
have to make allowances. So, for me in the beginning I didn’t drink for, say, well,
over a month. And that was like, crazy for me. But, you know, it’s nice to see what
you can do. The team is always there for you. They can give you tips if you are struggling.
They can give you support. I know a couple of guys had to drop out for injury and this
response that the other guys gave them on, say WhatsApp, the encouragement was really
great. So, you know, it’s nice to be a part of that. MAN: The sheer amount of weight that the men
are losing is the most exciting thing. DOUG CURTIS: So, when I started my weight
loss journey 18 months ago, I was nearly 25 stone and I am now about 20 stone. PHILLIP SMITH: We have had some fantastic
case studies. One chap in season 1 lost a total of 26 kilograms over 14 weeks, which,
for him, that’s a life-changing amount. TERRY DOWDING: I think it would make sense
for everyone in the UK to be able to access it. I mean we have got around 67% of our
men that are overweight and obese. So, we should have football available to them everywhere. TERRY DOWDING: So that, we aspire really in
the next year to have MAN v FAT Football available on any night of the week in any area of the

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  2. Finally something pushing weight loss and acceptance at the same time. Love this, this is the type of thing the whole world needs to see

  3. I love them!! Get them doing it in ways they can do. Since weight loss is completely individualized, HELP THEM INDIVIDUALLY. Love this so much xo

  4. This makes me think about how men and women deal with fatness and obesity differently: women promote body positivity and acceptance, etc, and guys promote playing football together. There should be a female version of this, be it football or whatever.

  5. There should be more things like this. We always promote kids and teens exercising in school sports. Then you become an adult and there is next to nothing if you still want to continue playing sports for fun.

  6. This is brilliant but why are women to promote body positivity and not lose weight and men are to lose weight? Well done guys! Keep it up!

  7. The only thing I have to say is that I think they should meet up more than once a week, you're not going to loose weight playing football once a week

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