17 thoughts on “The Exogenous Endotoxin Theory

  1. these mini reports seems to frequently draw conclusions prematurely.. Aboriginal and original ethnic diets high in animal products rarely showed heart or cholesterol problems. Also, was the animal products natural or steroid, anti-biotic, vaccine, growth hormone infected.

  2. These aren't "mini reports", he is summarizing numerous studies to make the information easy to comprehend and more accessible. There is literally thousands of studies and hundreds of these videos that support a whole foods, plant-based diet being the most optimal for human health. You're incorrect about traditional animal-based diets being healthy (frequently parroted misinformation BS), even the ancient Egyptians were DYING from heart disease, google it. Do some honest modern research.

  3. you're still ignoring the fact that there was no specifics as to the actual type of animal food for this study – why, because it isn't significant? And why was heart disease so rare with Eskimo's before the influence of modern diet? They had a 70%+ fat diet.

  4. also, life expectancy is a factor… when most people are only living to 45 or 50 or whatever the statistic is for any particular group at any particular time in history, that reduces the incidence of heart disease for that age group & decreases overall percentages, most likely

  5. Inuit mummies have been discovered with severe atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and cancer. Can't blame that on modernization, now can you?

  6. "Inuit mummies have been discovered with severe atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and cancer."
    And that is evidence that the inuit diet was unhealthy? By the same logic, the number of vegans that are unhealthy is evidence that a diet consisting solely of non animal matter is unhealthy. You would think that, with a diet so full of meat and fat, that the negative health effects would be greater, no?
    What do you think about heart disease in France, and the traditional diets of the Sardinians?

  7. "But thankfully – the phytonutrients – the plant-based nutrients – outweigh the effect of the bacteria and decrease inflammation overall. The same cannot be said for animal products."

    Can you link me to any studies documenting what happens when you eat both meat and high concentrations of phytonutrients? (And the meat is lean and grass-fed or low-trophic fish)?

  8. How about other fermented plant products such as fermented soy (natto, tempeh), fermented cabbage (sauerkraut), sprouts, etc.? Can they also induce inflammation?
    Or otherwise it's only restricted to those fermented foods which are rich in fat (e.g., chocolate)?
    In such case, fermented animal foods which are low in fat (e.g., non-fat yogurt) wouldn't trigger inflammation either.

  9. This may be of interest: http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/life-science/stem-cell-biology/3d-stem-cell-culture/learning-center/what-is-endotoxin.html

  10. Dr. Greger what's your opinion regarding Linus Paulings research on Heart disease being a Vitamin C deficiency? Thanks

  11. I cannot believe how blind this doctor is. To me obvious. The wheat in the bread of the mcmuffin is what opens up the lining of the digestive tract. MEAT + PLANTS = diabetes, heart disease, and colon cancer. Not meat alone. Wheat has highest linkage to colon cancer and heart disease, when combined with these. Take out the wheat, lectins, nightshade, and no Atherosclerosis, no diabetes, no colon cancer. Dr. Gundry, heart surgeon, is onto something. Ivor Cummins has a model that explains things aha and McGregor cant:why smoking causes heart disease, why a vaccine against Atherosclerosis is possible, why carnivores don't have calcium buildup while low ldl people die hourly of atherosclerosis, why carbs and sugars drive insulinemia and heart failure, why big fluffy ldl (blood immune protection, energy distribution, building block) is good, but not shattered small ldl. Glycocalyx is decimated after carb heavy meal… Think about, blind people, humans just invented farming and plant consumption 10,000 years ago, while the human brain was invented when the first spear was invented. So, what is our body adapted best for. Not plants, as they were only available seasonally to help us gain weight for the winter. Get rid of the grains period. They will certainly kill you, especially wheat. Common sense. These studies never consider carb, plant free eating, which is more historically accurate for most of the year with humans, especially outside Africa.

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