The End of the Watch Market…Has the Well Run Dry?!

The End of the Watch Market…Has the Well Run Dry?!

So there’s a saying that says, “Imitation
is the best form of flattery,” and right now in the watch business, it’s safe to say
that steel cases with blue dials is the leader to follow. [opening music] So there’s no secret that Gerald Genta designed
two of the most iconic watches in the industry, the Nautilus and the Royal Oak. As a matter of fact, this Diver that I have,
the 42mm, still has the DNA of Gerald Genta’s design. Now, there’s no denying that there’s been
great success with both the Nautilus and the Royal Oak in the last 30 years. I mean, not even counting the last 3-year
craze and uprise there’s been with those two models. That being said, I feel like in the business,
there’s been a bit form of desperation, like I like to call it, because there’s been a
couple of brands that just could not contain themselves. Perhaps maybe they’re suffering from lack
of creativity or just feel that maybe they could corner a little bit of that look with
a fraction of the cost. Now, I wanna go ahead and say that in no way
do those other brands bother me or do I hate them? As a matter of fact I think each of them have
at least one model that I feel that I personally like. I just think it’s a bit of a, I don’t know,
just kind of like a low hanging fruit, cheap shot. In the business, to blatantly rip off the
styling and overall idea or can we just say maybe the blueprint. [boat engine motor sound] So the victims of this copying have been the
Royal Oak in steel line and also the Nautilus, mostly the 5711. Now, one of the first examples that I like
to give of this blatant styling or like I like to call them, Royal Oak and Nautilus
tributes, is…let’s start first with the Piaget Polo. I mean, is it just me or the bezel is a step
away from being an Aquanaut? Just kind of like, let’s give a little bit
of that Nautilus pedigree, but by using the Aquanaut sublimely in there. I mean, look, it’s not that it’s a bad watch. It’s just that just because these two brands
are having luck right now with the steel and blue dial, should everybody follow in formation? I mean, yes the Datejust 41 and the Datejust
II with blue dial had a great success, but I didn’t see everybody rip them right off
the back. Now, don’t get me wrong, that Polo is not
a bad looking piece. It just feels kind of cheesy and corny to
follow suit and like almost say, send out a blue dial, steel now. We have to try to corner the market. So don’t get me wrong, man. I’m not saying it’s an ugly watch if anybody
out there has it. It’s just kind of cheesy, you know? Which leads me to the next one, Bell & Ross. They come out with the BR05, which pretty
much almost says, let’s almost blatantly rip off the Nautilus bracelet and put on our instrument
panel style gauge as the head of the watch. Again, look, I don’t think it looks terribly
bad either. I just think it’s kind of comical right now
with how everyone’s just trying to jump on the bandwagon. There’s two more that I saw with the same
look. Let’s go over a couple more. Chopard. Chopard came out with the Alpine Eagle watch. Again, trying to rip off the same look, satin
with a little bit of polish here and there. Let’s put a little screw over here by the
bezel, this and that, blue dial and it’s hot and ready, like Little Ceasars. Again, I hope they sell a billion of them,
because again, I don’t hate any of these brands. At the end of the day, I’m a watch lover overall. I just…just seems a little comical to me. Another interesting one which also caught
my attention is the Maurice Lacroix Aikon or Akon, or I don’t know what they’re gonna
call it, but I guess that one was very low handing fruit for some of the guys that are
trying to start. Don’t wanna break the bank and want that steel
look with the blue dial. Now I’m gonna go over the last two examples
that I feel are a bit more stronger and more attempts to kind of dominate that angle in
the market. Next we got the Girard Perregaux Laureato. Another example of the straight styling and
trying do these tribute models. Again, a tribute to the Royal Oak, that’s
the way I would see it. But perhaps maybe the most disappointing of
all for me was the Lange & Sohne Odysseus or Odyssus or whatever you wanna call it. You see, I can expect this more from these
more commercial brands out there, where they have a lot of product to push, but a brand
like Lange and Sohne, I just didn’t see that coming. They’ll probably deny it and say that that’s
not what they were trying to do, but I mean it’s pretty blatant that again, they’re trying
to jump on the steel and blue bandwagon. So I get it. There’s only one Gerald Genta and the same
says that lighting doesn’t strike the same place twice. Even Gerald Genta’s own watchest that he came
out with didn’t look as nice as the one he designed for other brands, but it’s safe to
say that in the watch world, it struck in three places: Vacheron, Patek and Audemars
Piguet, because those three designs have been timeless and are still proven in the market
and are obviously being imitated still today. So does this spell the end of the watch market
or pretty much a slump in creativity? We’re gonna have to wait and see what comes
up next year with the new shows. See if these brands actually got some new
directors out there and are gonna come out and push some new, creative products for us. So feel to leave a comment below how you feel
about these tribute versions that I just mention below. And don’t forget to hit the notifications
bell till it looks like this. And if you liked this video, please like and
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100 thoughts on “The End of the Watch Market…Has the Well Run Dry?!

  1. I have a Rolex date just and AP chrono both with blue dials and I love it . I don’t see my self doing any other color I’ve been on that blue dial steel for a few years now lol but those other watches gezz looks like there trying to hard to look cool .


  3. Enjoyed the video. You're right…lack creativity but can't blame them. Its hard to get those iconic watches for the average consumers. Why not serve those consumers.

  4. When you said a lack of creativity, I would agree 100%… I admit not to know the watch game to the level that you do, but when that next new design that takes the watch industry by storm, we will all know it. And it won't be a lazy rip off! BTW, that Bell & Ross dial looks a lot like a Panerai theft LoL! Great report Eric!!

  5. I am enjoying my Gen3 Overseas Chrono, blue of course. IMO, the best of the three, definitely the most versatile with the quick change straps

  6. Eric, Normal people can't get the PP or AP due to availability and price. I don't see the subject as a negative (lack of creativity, knock-off) rather options for people that appreciate the beauty of the original design. Yeah, you can't buy the Patek Phillipe, but take a look at this Maurice Lacroix for $2,000. Every other industry does it. Ride the wave and give them what they want. Its a good thing as creativity is more often than not, expensive and polarizing.
    Dig your channel Man.

  7. Not the best video on this channel. The best I got from this video is some extra ideas to check, I like that Chopard. First of all I don't see any problem with what the companies are doing. Competition is good and I welcome competition in the "same" design department as well. What if one of these companies manages to create a watch that is "like RO but better"? Well kudos to them, well done. Why doesn't AP innovate instead of offering same watch over and over again, closing down shops in entire countries etc? I think AP needs to be better and this might help them to some extent.
    Second, I love the RO family design but it wasn't RO that got me to love the design. It was trying IWC Ingenieur that me realize that I really like the style. Again, if I want to actually try some Royal Oaks in person, I have to take one hour airplane flight.
    Third, I especially couldn't understand that last example, the new Lange watch. If first thing people think of when seeing the watch is that it's a ripoff of whatever other watch, I think it's time fora deep breath. I think the reason might be very strong emotional attachment to some other brands. At the end it's implied that just it being steel watch with steel bracelet and blue dial is enough of a ripoff. Come on. What's next? Every watch with an ugly cyclops lens is a ripoff of Rolex?
    I've tried the Maurice Lacroix chrono limited edition and I like it. I think I'm ordering in next few weeks, with the separate bracelet. What's not to like. It's a watch that you can wear anywhere and has the best bracelet in its price range. Is it the same as Royal Oak? No. But I can actually try it, it's actually available and costs 10% of it.

  8. The NERVE of Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Toyota and Lamborghini…for jumping on the “4-wheels, seats, steering wheel, engine , glass and steel” bandwagon of Henry Ford, with their obvious “homage” models. Seems pretty cheesy to me!

  9. I just got a Datejust 41 blue face, white gold bezel, ss bracelet and diamond digits. I had to wait a year for that lol. I just got it a week ago. Looking on the used market, it is going for over 20% MSRP. It’s beautiful

    I also just got a special edition divers watch AP Offshore with blue face and yellow divers bezel. I put on the yellow bracelet. Absolutely superb!

    I also have a Rolex OP 39mm blue face. That thing is selling for 20% over MSRP and that’s at the same AD I purchased it from 3 years ago.

    I don’t sell any of my watches. I just collect them.

  10. So you can't make a steel with blue dial cis Genta designed them back in the 70s lol hmm ? The LANGE looks Nothing Like The 5711 Or The RO.

  11. AP have like 200 variations of Royal oak. the only model AP is surviving on, just like Paneri. when the hype on Royal oak dies, AP dies! just like Paneri did.

  12. We all have our personal preferences and the ALS Odysseus has has some challenges esthetically (bracelet) speaking but a good base of design. My only comment is the Nautilus and Royal Oak took years to develop their design identities. But man, too many damn blue dials out there! Great video

  13. I don't know if this is an analogous example…when I was a kid if there was a hit TV show, it would be followed by an almost direct imitation. eg: The Addams's Family >The Munsters, Bewitched>I Dream of Jeanne, etc. That said, I kinda like that Lange. I would wear that. Anyway, I enjoyed this episode. Thanks.

  14. Great vid Eric. Let’s see you do a vid standing in front of your badass Porsche! BTW do a throw back intro with that little jingle and spinning submariner with cartoon Eric.

  15. I agree with what you're saying. I do think the Choppard is a better looking watch than the AP. The Lang also has a pretty unique look, and I can't blame them for going steel when that's what is dominating the market. Other colours would have been nice though.

  16. That’s why I love your channel Erick!! All brands you mentioned are really homages of Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe with little side differences and I really blame them for just a copy some famous brands without creating really unique style and look…

  17. The B&R is like a AP had sex with a Cartier. I agree with the Chopard. Actually it looks like the Maurice Lacroix non Chronograph.

  18. Nah bro. You're wrong about the A&son. The other ones…absolutely I agree. Just the A&son piece doesn't remind me at all of the Patek or AP.

  19. In the hit or miss category, here is the best one yet… Take IWC who decided to discontinue the ingenieur, which also had similar look, with real legitimacy, having "true DNA", being an Original Gerard Genta design. Go figure that one out?

  20. Eric you are young but there was a time when young losers bought the Nautilus because they could not afford a real Patek. This was not the watch you wanted to wear back in the day.

  21. I’ve always loved Piaget, (even their name spells “class”), since I was a child, a ‘born watch lover’, for their slim elegant designs but very reluctantly, I have to agree with you Eric. All the other examples you mentioned…you’re right, just plagiarism!!

  22. I don’t think we can go too harsh on these brands as this is the current fashion so it makes sense to make a watch like this, personally I like this kind of watch design. As long as the brands are bringing their own twists. Eric great setting and b-roll on this one!

  23. Hey people, stop complaining about those iconic designs being ripped off in one form or another by the other brands! Those low hanging fruits mentioned in the video are not low. At least they are not being copied by Seiko or Citizen…….. yet. Yikes!!

  24. Money liquidity is dry
    But watch brand for 2019 rank as follows:
    1) Patek Philippe
    2) A Lange Shone
    3) Audemars Piguet
    4) Vacheron Constantin
    5) Breguet
    6) Richard Mille
    7) Rolex

  25. Try and pronounce the names properly, it's rude and embarrassing that you are in the business and can't say the names correctly. Erin or Eric?

  26. Um what about the blue face seikos.from the 70s n 80s… That's a timeless watch design rite there n that's 40/50 years ago mite not be as flash n prob still not even the originals to do it but anything after that in that look is copied from.them

  27. I feel there isn’t any originality in some watches. Many are based on old designs. Many copy the main brands like Rolex and AP.

  28. Today i`ve bought my first luxury watch…of course it`s not an AP or a Rolex…it is a Patek Philippe 5960R-011.
    Wearing it right now…

  29. This style will always be a timeless Classic. Fashion also repeats itself via "retro", "vintage", etc. The Original inspires others & that's fine. Genta himself was inspired by one of those very old diver helmets attached to the suit by 8 screws! (Royal Oak) That's cool.

  30. Papi seriously?? Some of the other watches are blatant about it. BUT, The Lange & Sohne JUST went from Precious metals to SS & used the color Blue for the dial. Now you're just Nitpicking!!!

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