The Doctor From My 600-LB Life Is Very Shady

The Doctor From My 600-LB Life Is Very Shady

Anyone who’s seen an episode of My 600 Pound
Life is familiar with Dr. Nowzaradan, who is affectionately known to his patients as
“Dr. Now.” According to his professional bio, Nowzaradan,
a general and vascular surgeon, specializes in performing bariatric surgery on, quote
“the most challenging weight reduction surgical candidates who have been previously denied
by other surgical professionals, especially the super-morbidly obese — over 600 pounds.” Fans love Dr. Now’s no-nonsense advice on
TV, but there’s much more dirt on him than the show reveals. Here’s what you may not know about the doctor
from My 600 Pound Life. “I have to eat something…” “No, you don’t have to eat something. “You have eaten 800 pounds of food in you.” Malpractice suits In 2012, patient Michelle Park sued Dr. Now,
claiming that during her gastric sleeve procedure, he left a, quote, “6.69 inch piece of tubing”
inside her body. According to Radar Online, Park’s lawsuit
also states that the tubing wasn’t discovered until nearly two years later. Park ended up dismissing the suit, which Radar
speculated could have been the result of a top secret settlement. However, Dr. Now told the tabloid, “The lawsuit against me was dismissed because
I was not the one who left the tube.” In June 2017, a patient sued for $1 million
dollars, alleging that a botched tummy-tuck left her with a deformed abdomen, extreme
pain, and restricted movement. Dr. Now denied the allegations, and in February
2018, his accuser filed a request to dismiss the case. In a September 2017 suit, another patient
claimed Dr. Now left a stainless steel connecter and some tubing inside of them. Yikes! Fatal errors? In 2007, a woman named Colleen Shepherd alleged
that the doctor failed to properly inform her daughter Tina of the risks involved with
gastric bypass. Tina weighed more than 500 pounds at the time
of the surgery, and she passed away one year later from complications of liver failure
and blood poisoning, according to The Houston Chronicle. Colleen also stated in her lawsuit that Tina
did not receive proper aftercare, which Dr. Now claimed was Tina’s fault. He told the Chronicle, “We called and called her to make follow-up
appointments and she said she would come in, but she never showed up.” Five years later, according to Radar Online,
a deceased patient’s wife filed a similar lawsuit, claiming Dr. Now failed to properly
assess and diagnose the extent of her late husband’s condition, which led to his passing
after the procedure. Again, Dr. Now denied the claims, and a year
later, the case was closed after the plaintiff filed a motion to dismiss her own suit. Ugly divorce battle According to published legal documents, Dr.
Now’s wife of 27 years filed for divorce in 2002, citing “insupportability” and “cruel
treatment.” He filed a counter petition, also claiming
insupportability, but in the end, the court attributed fault in the marriage to Dr. Now. The court also concluded that throughout the
proceedings he had, quote, “…complicated the discovery process by concealing
and withholding records, obstructing discovery, asserting baseless privileges, failing to
disclose essential information, denying access to records, and failing to comply with court
orders.” The court reportedly awarded his wife 70 percent
of the couple’s joint assets, which was basically everything but Dr. Now’s business. Ouch. Terrible long-term results In his keynote conversation at the 2016 Obesity
Help National Conference, Dr. Now may have surprised some people when he said he believes
his patients reach that level of super morbid obesity because of a, quote, “genetic disposition.” However, the doctor explained that the other
key element is the need for patients to fundamentally change their eating habits to address the
specific way their bodies metabolize food in order to keep the weight off in the long
term. “Pizza is not part of your diet when you’re
700 pounds.” Dr. Now explained that after around five years,
a patient’s metabolism reverts to pre-surgery levels, which is why it is crucial for a patient
to address their eating habits. Unfortunately, it’s the combination of these
two factors that makes for such an uphill climb, and that’s reportedly the reason Dr.
Now’s patients have a mere five percent success rate over the long-term. To hear him tell it, there’s only so much
Dr. Now can do for a patient who isn’t willing to do their part. And he also says he’s doing it not for fame
or fortune, but simply to help those in need. He claims to see between 60 and 80 patients
per week, and says he sometimes doesn’t earn a profit from treating a patient. At the Obesity Help Conference, he shared
just how little he made over the course of one 800-pound patient’s entire treatment: “Insurance paid, and everything was deductible,
and this and this, and they sent me a check for 97 cents.” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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100 thoughts on “The Doctor From My 600-LB Life Is Very Shady

  1. dr now is a hero and saves the lives of people who everyone else gave up on or didn't have the balls to be honest with them

  2. Lol I adore him😂 I wish I could get him as my doctor I would be the healthiest person ever cause I would be scared to mess up 😂

  3. LOL no. You tried but this is not shady. I'm also trying to understand why if he cited correct statistics and was honest about long term results, he's shady?

  4. He seems like an aspie to me. They can come across as cruel, but are usually just being very honest. I think Dr. Now is awesome! Looks like none of his patients truly found any dirt on him.

  5. Better get your facts straight, or he'll be sueing for his ex – that is non of your bizzo..!! Or mine.
    Law suits ect, if there are any is Dr Nowaradens problems, I have seen nothing as yet to support this in media..

  6. Being a surgeon, no ones perfect. Surgery is a very delicate procedure and may come with complications. At the weight these individuals are at it is very hard to determine what the long term success will be like. A doctor/surgeon’s job is to help you not hurt you. Nothing about this man is shady. Don’t make a video when you know nothing about the process.

  7. This is horrible. 1. You listed lawsuits that he won or was dropped, and then you talk about people saying they didn't know the rest. How does one not know the risk for this operation? I am too small to get it, but I know the risk. Honestly , people who family's didn't care about them and let them get to 800 pounds now want to make money off of them. If you love someone you don't let them get to be 800 pounds.

  8. Dr. Now is compassionate, sincerely cares for his patients, and has a bullshit detector as large as his clientele! Love this man… he has to be abrupt and stern… he’s dealing with patients that are extremely non-compliant and on the verge of death. I adore him… he is one of the “good” doctors out there. Shady my ass!!! We all have personal problems. Give Dr. Now the credit he is due. You’re the shady one.. why don’t you try doing his job instead of bullshit you tube videos that screw with the reputations of heroes.

  9. If you listen most of the cases were dropped. I think it's the patiences who were shady. I think he tells it like it is.

  10. A shady life of a man that is dedicated to helping people out. If he didn't care he wouldn't be so hard and strick on these folks. A shady life shame on you for posting this as such, so how many people he has helped and ya some will die they are already to go before they see the wonderful DR. This Dr has more patience than anyone I have seen the bs he puts up with. Everyone wants the easy way out especially the lawyers. Good for you a-holes your so educated you pick on the "SHADY" people, I have seen shady and you call this shady????

  11. I didn't even watch the video, just read the comments to affirm what I already knew, Dr. Now is a stern, sweetheart of a man and this video is the shady troll

  12. You called him “shady” and then ended the video with him sacrificing his well-being for people with virtually no chance to survive without said sacrifice.

    Well done. 🤣

  13. He tells patients what they don't want to hear. He tries to help them but telling them what they need to hear. He is very successful in what he does and he is awesome in my eyes.

  14. Dr. Now is the only person on reality TV that is straight up with his paitents and wants to help as much as get can. Unlike Dr. Phil who brings people down to make himself feel good and sends people to some pointless ranch or Judge Judy who insults everyone and thinks that she's better than everyone (I actually don't mind Judge Judy, but I hate Dr. Phil)

  15. So he was divorceraped by a talentless wench. That's more to do with the shadyness of the broken family court system than anything.

  16. Well would you rather die or have you’re feelings hurt by him telling you that you NEED to stick to the diet and do exercises.

  17. Sooooooo… where's the part of the video where they show Dr. Now to be shady… ? This dude works his ass off and sacrifices his time and life to serving those in need with little reward. Shady. Seriously? This channel is ridiculous

  18. Yeah right… Dr. Now is shady…. bunch of bull crap. If he was a bad doctor, he would be fired. This is a bull crap channel

  19. People are pissed because they don't take responsibility for their lives and they always want to place blame somewhere else.

  20. How about making a video of all of the good things he has done. Anyone who goes through a divorce, goes through lots a crap, on both sides, just because the judge sided with his wife doesn't mean the judge had it correct. it's very emotional . The lawsuits, any doctor is going to have a few. I think that's normal in his field. Give the guy a break, he is helping a lot of people out there.

  21. I love Dr Now~ he literally renews my faith in humanity- thank you so much for all that you do for those who desperately need your help- thank you!

  22. What a bunch of bull. Every surgeon suffers from malpractice suits. These are just unscrupulous complaints because these clients blame everyone else for their miserable lives in Doctor Now's case. And who hasn't had a messy break – up? GEESH !

  23. When someone dies, people often want to put the blame on someone. He's the doctor trying to help people who haven't taken care of their bodies, sometimes it's just too late for them. Not his fault. Not sure why we need to know about his divorce, no one else's business!

  24. Dr Now is an absolute saint….have you seen the people he deals with on a daily basis?! Lying, manipulative, lazy and addicted to fat and sugar….worst vid you've produced, Nikki! Muck rake where it's deserved, not on Doctors trying to save the lives of incalcitrant overgrown babies who cannot accept responsibility for their gluttony.

  25. People who overeat to this extent need to deal with their psychological problems which cause the overeating; that is the huge challenge, and why many fail in the end.

  26. A bunch of dropped law suits, and an unreasonable settlement to an ex-wife from a judicial system that's wildly in favor of women. Wow, sounds like you bitches got nothing on this poor guy. Nice try, Swift.

  27. And here we have the reason why physicians have to purchase malpractice insurance. Shade?!-where?! From Nikki Swift. That’s who.

  28. He must be making some big bucks bcuz who would want that job it’s disgusting!! He seems to know what he’s doing but it looks to be he really hates his job. I never see a smile no joy! I want you to do this do that take care…Next number

  29. If at first you don’t succeed, sue! The American way. God forbid they should address their eating problem.
    They are victims and must be vindicated. Any dem would tell you that.

  30. What a hit piece, no real facts, he hasn't been found guilty of malpractice, it was a who stack of innuendo. And from the type of people who in more than 50% of the cases believe they are victims and everyone else is responsible for their overeating.

  31. Such bull shit! The patients who see Dr. Now- have been previously rejected by other Surgeons and these patients ALL knew why. He does his utmost to save their useless lives. He should sew the person who posted this video for defamation!

  32. All lies! Are you a democrat!? No facts and all lies! You should be sued for defamation of character! Wow!

  33. His private life is no one's business. Leave the man alone…how many lives has he saved ?????
    He's a lovely caring man so just shut up.

  34. Would it not be more reasonable to start dieting? Instead of accusing The doctor of various Post operation complications? I suppose these obecity patients accuse The Doc and other people for their own excessive eating…

  35. If you’ve gotten to 600 lbs it’s past time someone was totally honest with you. Either lose the weight or die. Those are your options. Someone has been enabling them for most of their lives. And that’s sad

  36. Your channel is BS , he’s a damn good doctor who does not bullshit and sugar coat things. And as far as law suits.. he’s not the first and won’t be the last doctor to get sued.

  37. What’s ”shady” about him?!? This video is just such bullshit, this channel is more shady than dr. Now

  38. Doctors are people too..their not perfect!! These patients have a 5% chance of life even if they lose at least he tried to help…

  39. Dr. Now is actually a very good doctor. He’s like that teacher whose very strict but not because that teacher wants their students to feel offended, but wants them to pass the final. Dr. Now does not want to make his patients feel offended, but wants them to succeed and have a better future and will go out of his way to give the patient their dream.

  40. DR NOW IS A GREAT MAN who helps people who would otherwise die. All divorces are rough. Her side, his side, the truth. You are full of crap.

  41. He just tells it like it is. If he didn't the patients would die. Now that is what you would call malpractice. He's in his 70s and still working. Leave him alone.

  42. I've seen the show, I don't believe any bullshit that comes from the patients.. and the wife is a gold digger

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