26 thoughts on “The Dangers of Broccoli?

  1. Dr. Greger's conclusion demonstrates pre-judgements (prejudice) about large body size. It is assumed that anyone who weighs 316 must be a glutton. The fact is, some very large people dieted their way up to higher weights, some eat healthy, & some eat unhealthily. YOU CANNOT TELL A PERSON'S LIFESTYLE BY LOOKING AT THEIR BODY SIZE. This prejudice is part of what causes people to choose stomach mutilation as a last resort. To help, end size-prejudice & begin a focus on health, at every size.

  2. kellybliss, the doctor is highlighting the ridiculousness of gastric bypass surgery, especially this extreme type of gastric bypass surgery.

    There's nothing wrong with broccoli. It's an absolutely brilliant vegetable!

  3. Watch "80/10/10/ Proof" here on YT. You'll find that many of those people are formerly overweight to obese, and now they are all lean and mean.

    What you put into your body is directly related to your eventual physique. "Gluttony" is a bad term, because humans need to eat a lot—we just do. You can eat all the fruits and veggies you want and not become obese—it just won't happen.

  4. I thought about this when my ex girlfriend's mom got by pass surgery. Wouldn't the surgery keep them from eating healthy? How would they get enough calories out of plants when their stomach had been altered?

  5. +FormerOmnivore
     I wouldn't say Michael Pollan is an idiot (one rarely becomes professor of ANYTHING at Berkeley with a deficiency of brain cells y'know); I think that, just like the rest of us… he's simply not perfect.
    Just a thought.

  6. HELL To the YES!!!!! Our dear Dr. Klaper has so many great youtubes about CHEWING up our foods…so very important for ALL of us! our teeth are our "blenders" and "juicers" as he so succinctly puts it!

  7. Thanks for showing the illustration for gastric bypass. I find it insane that anyone would allow a doctor to do that to them, or that a doctor would do that to someone. Wouldn't it be so much safer, and saner, to put that food addicted person into a rehab where they would not be able to eat anything they should not be eating? If they are large enough to even consider gastric bypass, they are most likely so large that they aren't very mobile, and therefore keeping them in such a facility and keeping food away from them should be relatively easy. Of course they would have to consent to this, and friends/family (enablers) coming to visit would have to be watched as if they were trying to smuggle a file into a prison, but certainly it would be safer, and saner.

  8. I am a veterinarian and once removed a piece of a rubber broccoli toy from a small dog's small intestine. So, I guess broccoli can kill after all! Oh, the dog is going fine, thanks for askin'.

  9. "Eat mostly plants." Anyone care to explain how you could possibly eat enough calories (2500) if your diet is mainly plants?

  10. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery!!!??? OMFG, that people will SUBJECT themselves to this type of surgery versus even a moderate amount of self restraint …. insanity defined …
    Currently involved in weight loss … and have been pleased to learn that I am easily able to consume at least 600 calories per day less than calories expended without being hungry, without being tempted to binge, and even allowing for 270 calories of 'empty' calories (2 12 ounce Natural Ice beers 🙂 ) .
    To lose weight you must be very careful about what you select to eat. I am happy to say that my diet now includes no added sugar (VERY common in foods), almost no processed food, almost no meat, and whey protein isolate and powdered milk being only dairy products.
    I am a seven year + survivor of cardiac arrest and have had cardiac stents so I have taken my diet much more seriously than most for the last several years but lately have been doing as much research as possible to take my diet to the maximum level for survival.
    I am VERY thankful to Dr. Greger for his HUMANITARIAN work in providing nutrition information.
    People of planet Earth …. know this … the lives of nearly every person on this planet is run by psychopaths. To free yourself from their power … 1. Turn off your television 2. Learn to reason (pick up a book on logic and STUDY it regularly) 3. DIVEST yourSELF to the very best of your ability of the psychopathic way of doing things. 4. To the best of your ability live in harmony with nature. 5. Know this … Christianity or Judaism or Islam will not save this planet or lead to world peace. God is in nature and reason.

  11. Incredible how dumbed down the population has become. Just exactly as owners and managers would want us. What an amazing coincidence.

  12. What I like about these clips of information Dr. Gregor posts is that they usually aren’t more than ten minutes long. And they’re quite interesting.

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