The Danette May Show – How I overcame Expectations and Defined My Own Truth

I’m Danette May and I’m known as
America’s leading healthy lifestyle expert, but you see I’ve been on this
journey in my own life to uncover the power of healing food, the power of
movement, and the power of a mind and I just want to share it with the world. I grew up in a small town called Salmon,
Idaho. it’s a town of about 3,000 people quite conservative, definitely spread out
into different farms, and just a really simple, simple town. So I didn’t really
have friends in the neighborhood I had like a hundred sheep, chickens, we had
four dogs and every day I would go down into the pastures and hang out with the
animals. You know, of course I was raised with all brothers. So my mom made sure my room was like this girl oasis, away from all the dirt and the
grime of the boys and the farm. So I felt like I had a little bit of both worlds. I
got to be that part of me that likes the dirt, and the animals, and adventure and
then the other part of me that got to go into the sanctuary of the girly land
that my mom created. It was actually really a beautiful childhood. I’ll be in
full disclosure I grew up LDS or Latter-Day Saint and that just meant
that we had a very strict way of being and not that strict was bad it just
was a very structured belief system around, we definitely went to church
every Sunday, we read from the scriptures every morning, even 5:30 – 6 a.m. in the
morning, and as a female it definitely felt like girls were in the kitchen,
girls were cleaning, girls were meant to be girls and boys were meant to be boys
and it was definitely very segmented and I remember feeling that for sure because
my brothers I felt like got to have all the fun, and they got to do the
adventures and the camping trips, and build canoes and I thought that seems so
cool and I felt like I was learning how to can and sew… and it just wasn’t doing it for me. And I wrestled with that a lot because there’s a lot of me that wanted
to travel and be adventurous and I was constantly told if I was to live a
really epic life and a life with purpose then it would be raising children,
staying at home, being an amazing canner of food and an amazing sower, and amazing housekeeper and I’m none of those things. I actually
have really dived into this thought process of wondering how much this has
really impacted the person I am today so I’m actually super grateful for this
upbringing because I think it lit a fire in me because I always felt this
resistance of being in the kitchen and this resistance of feeling like I had to
take care of this boxed home when I felt like the world was my home. When you’re
kind of put in that environment you either stay in it and succumb to it or
you get this big fire within you to go, I’m gonna see every part of the world,
I’m gonna try to learn all about different people, different religions, and
it just created this adventurous spirit in me and I can’t slow down I want to
see every square inch of the world. So I actually am creating this show because
it’s where my curiosity lies, you know I feel like I’ve been on this mission, I
just haven’t been documenting it. You see I’ve been on this journey in my
own life to uncover what makes me feel alive. Which led me on this journey of my
downfalls, of my shadow, of my rock bottoms. I found myself not too long ago
driving home from the hospital. For those of you who have children… have you driven home from the hospital after having a baby, you know how slow that drive is.
You’re like the best obeyer of all the traffic rules because you got precious
cargo in the back, and I was driving home from the hospital as well driving really
slow, but I was driving slow because I didn’t want to go home. I was driving in
my car with an empty car seat in the back. You see I’d lost my son, I had to
leave the hospital, all the signs of having a baby, but no baby. And I started
to unravel into the deepest depression that I had ever experienced. You know I believe it’s in our rock
bottom is when we actually find our truth and we find our true character, and
it was in my rock bottom that I found the power of a mind. The power of your
mind to choose happiness, to choose perspective, to choose what is our truth.
You know as humans we are brought up to believe certain things. We are taught to
the best that our parents know, to the best the community knows how to eat, what
kind of friends to have, what kind of house to be in, what kind of finances to
have, and we grow up with these ideas that we think are truth and on this
journey that I’ve been on I’ve really started to realize that there’s been a
lot of things that I thought were truth that actually weren’t my truth. For me to
be curious and to say, maybe I don’t actually have all the answers, maybe I
actually think I have it all figured out and I have the ultimate health hacks
figured out, but maybe that around that corner or in that town or from that
person there’s some more wisdom to be had. I want us to learn to love ourselves
more fully. I want us to learn that there might be a different way of eating or
moving or thinking that we didn’t even know about that could totally enhance
our lives. We’re all in this together. We’re all the
same. We all have our mud our muck and we also can have our glory. We can also have
our light and our sunshine as well. Today we are traveling to Ethiopia. I’ve been invited to be here for a week with Charity Water there are millions of
people in this region without access to clean water and we’re going to go up and
meet them. We’re gonna meet some tribes that actually have access to clean water
through wells that we have helped to get into those regions. Which they basically
took us to the hardest situation firsthand.
They said the children are going to be asking for food and a water bottle, and
we won’t have enough. We can’t give the whole tribe water and that’s gonna be
really hard to be drinking that water in front of them, and I knew then that I was
up against something that was gonna be of rub against my ethics, a rub against
the humanity side of me in the moment.

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