The Chinese Expat Running an Underground Gun School

The Chinese Expat Running an Underground Gun School

Hi, I’m Lydia from the VICE office
in Brooklyn, New York. Despite being very illegal in China
the appeal of guns drives many youth to travel outside of the country
just to shoot. Our colleagues over at
VICE China did the same by traveling to the Philippines
to take a shooting class and study the growing
gun culture of China. This is Shooting Camp
from VICE China’s What We Buy series. We’re in Nasugbu, Philippines. Today, we’ve followed
a Chinese tourist group here for a special tourist experience. We’ve arrived at our destination, it’s a local military base
in the Philippines. We’re heading to the shooting range. We came here today
for the shooting class. To learn how to use a gun. Don’t put it like this after firing. Empty the weapon
and put it like this. I think that many Chinese people
such as myself rarely encountered guns
during our childhood. We never received training on
how to correctly use a gun or how to react when facing a gun. Try to press it. Not you. Before we begin
I need to tell you the rules. First, as he just said, consider that every weapon
is loaded. The first of four principles
of the shooting range is: assume every weapon is loaded. Second, don’t put your finger on the
trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Third, don’t point at anything
you don’t mean to shoot. Fourth, identify the target
carefully before shooting. The four rules are standard in
shooting ranges around the world. Grab the gun, get ready, fire. The three positions.
What are the three positions? The gun holster and then fire. Wait. Stop. Everybody, look carefully. As we rehearsed, we can’t put our finger on the trigger
until we’re ready to shoot. Take note while using it,
don’t put your finger in there. Please pay attention to this. We need to keep
practicing this today. Okay, once again. I’m from Beijing, born and raised. I went abroad and by chance met another Chinese person
who was active in the military. Then I had an idea. I decided to prepare for one year. I studied another language
and improved my stamina. I took gun training courses in China and then joined a corps in France. Weak hand strength.
Ladies, please pay attention. You’ve loaded it, right? Take this. Watch this. Hold the gun and push it.
Pull it with this hand. When I first started handling guns,
I was about 13 or 14 years old. My father took me
to a friend’s home. I remember there were several
pneumatic guns at his home, but I couldn’t tell the names.
I was very excited back then. I thought it was a lot of fun. I played with the
unloaded guns for a while. After I went to the corps
to receive training, I got bored with firing guns. Because I needed to wipe the gun
after using it every time. And I needed to wipe it carefully. I needed to treat the weapon seriously. I got a strong sense of awe from it. Now I’m retired
from military service, and I’m working on
teaching shooting classes. So I can make a living from it. Just now, we held unloaded guns and learned some fundamental
procedures about pistols. We learned how to
prepare ourselves before shooting and how to recover spent bullets. I feel rather nervous. I have never experienced this before
and now I have to remember so many things. It’s going to be hard to remember. After a lot of practice we’re going to
start using loaded guns. And it’s quite dangerous. I’m particularly worried
about my teammates. I going to stay away from them. Attention! Load real bullets. Pull the barrel. Ready? Fire! It’s a shooting experience
designed for Chinese people. It’s about the experience. And more importantly
guns are lethal weapons not toys. It’s more about what you do
when a gun is pointed at your head. So for me, it’s more like
a responsibility. I hope that everyone takes a
well-rounded gun course. When you’re very excited,
you may underestimate the risks of using a gun. Don’t move. Don’t move. Let go. In the first period of the class, I’ll teach them
how to correctly operate a gun. I’ll show them
how dangerous it would be if they fire the gun
inappropriately. I’ll show them some mistakes. If you put your hand like this, you can easily fire at your hand. These intuitive practices
will help them learn and show them how serious this is. Definitely. Look. Adjust the hand
to hold the gun well. Don’t take it the other way around. I’ve always been a military fan, so I’m crazy
about war films and guns. But after handling guns for a while,
I actually feel that the most important thing is safety. Not only do you need to
guarantee your own safety, but also the safety
of those around you. When you have the gun in your hand, it’s a responsibility not a right. Zheng, you actually trust me. I don’t even trust myself. Wait. The balloon’s moving. Dangerous situations
are always occurring. And I’ve witnessed some of them. For example,
I learned trigger control which teaches you how to resist
from shooting people around you. And under such pressure, we still needed to complete
the required operations and tasks. This impressed me a lot. Go down, go all the way down. Touch my hand. Quickly! Lift the tire, come on! Turn to the side. Watch out. Don’t fall down.
Use the ice bucket. Get up. Grab the gun. I’ve got the clips. Follow me. Look for the clip. Go. Go. Go. Hurry up. Find the clip. Go! Hurry up! Load the clip. Hurry up! The yellow one on the left. Forward! Forward! Shoot your fucking target Blue. Out. Gun! Great! You can focus
through an intense drill. It’s really great. Alright. Give your teammates a high five. Yeah! It’s true, when I used to
watch war films, I simply couldn’t imagine the kinds of situations soldiers
faced on the battlefield. Once an officer made us
go through a drill. Later I found out that
not all the targets on the opposite side were clear.
Think about it. My sweat poured down my face. It went into my eyes
and distorted my vision. You hid from it. My human instinct took over
in order to survive. It’s a matter of life or death. So it was actually very ruthless. What was it like when
it impacted the body? It may be a small wound
when it hits the body, but the wound behind it
could be large. Comrade. The environment varies
from place to place. I once wanted to film
about border defense in China, but it was a sensitive topic and they said it’s not allowed. For them, it might be a symbol of the supreme power. A gun like sunrays as sharp as knives. Actually, it’s related to our origin. It’s also an accomplishment
of the human species. This is beyond doubt. So what’s our expression like
and what kind of mood are we in when we have a gun? This is rather interesting. So we’ve been collecting
these photos. I liked using this type of gun
when I played Counter Strike. Everybody, come here. Listen to my commands. Okay, confront your enemy. Take off the safety. Are you okay? It just sprung up. Jixiao. Handle this. Go find Jixiao. War is very terrible. And gunshot wounds
are very dangerous. Those who have heard
the sounds of a gun or who have been shot by a gun
know how powerful and dangerous it is. For example, some Hollywood films
conform to the American culture, but don’t conform
to the Chinese culture. American culture has an impact
on the entire world’s culture, so they influence gun use
around the world. They have definitely influenced
gun policies worldwide. There was a small accident. This wasn’t an accident. It was a bloody lesson. There is… a shell fragment here. But in a war,
it could have been a bullet that could have killed somebody. We have to be careful.
Safety comes first. I’m in favor of strict prohibition
of gun use in our country. Because in a large country like China
misusing guns can be fatal. China is very different
from other countries after all. China’s customs and culture
are very unique. Move on. Stop. You guys are so bad. As for the definition of guns, there should be a strict one. It’s not that
we can regard an object as a gun as long as it can be used for firing. Nowadays, there’s a rather controversial
topic related to the fact that simulation gun are measured with
the standards of a real gun. We’ve contacted someone who collects
simulation guns online. He promised to bring us some of
his guns and show them to us. The standard for identifying
a gun fabricated in China, is a test where they take
a pine wood board which is 3.25 mm thick and shoot it
from a distance of one meter. If the bullet
goes through the board, the instrument
is identified as a gun. At first, the standard in Hong Kong was 1.75 J. Then the standard kept changing. Nowadays, the standard seems to
have reached 2 J in Hong Kong. But the standard can be 4 J
or 6 J in other countries. This standard depends
on the laws of each country. As far as I’m concerned, I hope that one day gun use is free
in our country because l like guns. If that happens, I’ll certainly be
the first person to buy many guns. But currently, there are
strict gun laws in China, and this isn’t necessarily
a bad thing. It makes us feel safe. In fact, learning how to use a gun
doesn’t mean using it to kill. They teach you the sound a gun
makes and how to identify its source. And how to take evasive actions immediately after you
hear a gun go off. If people learn
what type of actions to take when they’re confronted by a gun it might help save people’s lives.

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    The word "authority" in Chinese is the same word as "liberty"
    But he was clearly not talking about liberty in anyway.
    我是一個在加州教育使用槍枝的教練, 我建議您請不要嘗試去學習或是去參予這影片裡面的活動, 這都是一群外行人在拿性命開玩笑罷了, 如果你對槍枝操作有興趣我建議您去美國有名的槍枝學院像是Gunsite Academy或是Insight Academy比較可靠.

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