The BEST Weight Loss Advice On The Internet (The Number ONE Secret To Fat Loss)

The BEST Weight Loss Advice On The Internet (The Number ONE Secret To Fat Loss)

in this video I’m gonna show you the
best weight loss advice what’s up guys
Carlo Macapinlac here from I help busy
professionals look good shirtless so they can feel more confident and get the most
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to get notified every time I post a new video every week okay there’s a lot of
information on the internet there’s a lot of you know diet tips and diet
advice floating around but there is one rule when it comes to fat loss that
trumps all of them are you ready for it here it is eat when you’re hungry don’t
eat if you’re not hungry it is so simple but we miss this concept
all the time now if you want to get into specifics on which diet you should
follow then make sure you check out my other videos and if you want a simple
four-step process on how to lose all the fat around your stomach without going on
a crazy diet or wasting hours at the gym then make sure you stick around until
the end of the video but this is big-picture stuff right here that we’re
going to talk about today now Society has led us to believe that you know
breakfast is the most important meal of the day or that you should be eating six
meals a day which is honestly you guys there is no scientific data to back that
up and back in the day right like I was never hungry first thing in the morning
but I would always force-feed myself because you know I didn’t want to miss a
meal right or you know I would eat snacks in between meals even though I
wasn’t really hungry and I struggled to lose weight big time because of this you
know I would I would force feed myself I used to follow iifym I don’t know if you
guys are familiar with that so if it fits your macros right so you have a
specific amount of calories that you should be eating throughout the day and
I was already full but then I still had like 500 calories that I need to fill up
so it’s either I would stuff myself with more food or I would just start eating
junk food even though again I was already full
hey comment below the video if you can relate to that if you want to lose
weight you need to abolish this concept in your head about meal times and what
that simply means honestly is that if you’re not hungry if you wake up first
thing in the morning and you’re not hungry don’t eat or if you end up eating
first thing in the morning and you’re still full from your breakfast and it’s
lunchtime you don’t need to eat lunch are you guys catching my drift here like
meal times are completely made-up think about it this
way right animals you know animals in the wild they wake up first thing in the
morning and they don’t really go oh we should eat breakfast let’s go for
breakfast no they go out they mind their own business
right they go hunting sometimes they’re successful and they get to eat sometimes
they’re not successful and they don’t get to eat and if we go all the way back
two and a half million years ago right you know think about like the
Paleolithic times here same concept you know paleo man didn’t wake up and say oh
I should probably start eating my breakfast cereal no it’s the exact same
thing he went out to go hunting if he caught an animal then great he’s gonna
feast on that you know for a couple days maybe or if he doesn’t catch any
animals then he would go an entire day without food or even days without food
and guess what he survived if we didn’t have the capability to survive and
thrive without food we would not have survived as a species and think about it
this way modern agriculture has only been around you know for the last 12,000
years yet it’s been engrained in our heads that oh you know you should be
eating breakfast cereal we grew up eating breakfast cereal or that you need
to eat healthy whole grain and I’m putting air quotes on the word healthy
when it comes to whole grains listen I’m gonna drop a knowledge bomb on you and
this might blow you away okay human beings have zero requirements when
it comes to carbs that’s right there are no essential cards there are however
essential fats and essential amino acids that your body needs to survive but
there are no essential carbs you don’t need cards comment below the video if
that’s news to you now that’s a completely different rabbit hole and I
talk about that in my other videos as well now a common objection by a lot of
people why they don’t want to skip a meal is that oh you know I get hungry I
get dizzy I won’t have any energy but here’s the thing your body only feels
that way because you trained it to get hungry at specific times okay which
means that you can train it to go the other way around you can train it to be
okay if you skip breakfast you know you can train it to be okay if you skip
lunch or if you skip dinner again we did not evolve to eat six meals a day that
is completely made up the only people that benefit from that way of eating
eating that many times throughout the day are food companies I mean think about it
the more times we eat the more they profit and
the other thing too is that you know I don’t want you to starve yourself but
there is a big difference when it comes to eating when you’re actually really
hungry and eating out of boredom I mean I used to be so guilty of this right you
know sometimes I’d be watching a TV show and I would find myself just snacking
even though I already ate dinner right like there’s a big difference there and
you need to get out of that habit if you want to lose weight I mean because at
that point you’re not really hungry anymore you’re just eating to entertain
yourself and if you want a quick explanation on why this concept works
when it comes to fat loss is think about it this way every time you eat and this
is how your body works you know physiologically okay every time
you eat your insulin goes up and I talk about insulin a lot in all my
videos because it’s super important so insulin is what controls your body
weight so every time you eat assuming it’s a blend of you know carbs fat and
protein your insulin goes up and you’re in fat storage mode right your body’s
taking in all the nutrients that’s coming in from the foods that you eat
and that’s not necessarily a bad thing the problem is if you eat all day if you
eat breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks in between right your insulin
goes up all day long and you’re in fat storage mode all day long which means
that your body does not get a chance to use your fat source as a source of
energy now when you don’t eat that’s when your
insulin levels go down when your insulin levels go down that’s when your body
gets a chance to tap into your stored energy to use for energy because there’s
no more food coming in right so that’s in the form of stored glycogen and body
fat so let’s say you skip breakfast for example right think of it as your body
using up your fat stores for breakfast I mean it’s such a simple concept you’re
not gonna die I mean you’re not gonna cause irreparable damage think about it
this way so let’s say you eat three meals a day and then there’s 365 days
throughout the year if you do some simple math that is 1095 meals okay
that’s a lot of meals you can’t possibly think that you’re gonna cause permanent
irreparable damage if you skip a meal or two and if you’re worried about energy
levels don’t be you have at least 20,000 calories okay
20,000 calories worth of stored energy in the form of body fat or more if you
have a lot of weight to lose you see this this is energy
waiting to be used you just need to give your body a chance to tap into that
stored energy if you want to lose weight and the other thing that I want to talk
about is the quality of the food that you eat matters which means that you
know a simple rule that I like to give to people honestly to just simplify
their diets without tracking their their calories or counting macros and stuff
like that is try to stick to single ingredient foods what that means is you
know let’s say you eat ground beef or a burger patty right what’s the ingredient in
that just beef right now I don’t want to pick on vegans but think about it the
other way right so you know beyond meat or beyond burger or whatever is all the
rage these days right if you look at the back of the label of like beyond burger
patty there’s about I don’t know I can’t even count how many ingredients is in
that thing and a lot of it you can’t even pronounce if you want to eat that
stuff for ideological reasons which means that you want you don’t want
to harm animals that’s fine but you cannot you cannot possibly think that
something that is so highly processed is better than you eating
you know grass-fed ground beef or a grass-fed burger patty the point that
I’m trying to make is you know again try to stick to single ingredient foods
right so let’s say you eat you’re having a lunch of like eggs bacon maybe some
ground beef and some cauliflower or broccoli that sounds like a super
healthy meal to me and then you know if you want some dessert maybe you eat a
few macadamia nuts or a couple squares of 90 percent dark chocolate that sounds
super healthy to me things start to go sideways when you start getting into
highly processed refined carbs you know and I love cookies you guys I I love
cookies I love ice cream I love all those things but and this is what I tell
all my private coaching clients right you need to follow a system and follow
it 90% of the time so this is the 90/10 rule right 90% of the time follow a diet
follow your system the other 10% live your best life if you want to eat ice
cream for breakfast lunch and dinner go ahead and the other point that I want to
make here is that every time you eat eat to satiety eat until you’re full which
means that if you’re there’s still food on your plate but you’re already full
you don’t need to finish your food right and I know you know there’s starving
kids in Asia or Africa or whatever but you can’t feel bad leaving food on your
plate if you’re full stop eating again eat when you’re hungry don’t eat if
you’re not hungry if you follow this simple concept I
guarantee you 100% now you’re gonna start losing weight okay the next
question then becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you want to
lose weight because let’s be honest 80% of your body composition goals is
determined by your diet you can’t just freestyle this part do
you have a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to
give you a free copy of my lean body blueprint this is how I melted all the
fat around my stomach and turn it into a six-pack without going in a crazy diet
or wasting hours at the gym it’s a simple four-step process specifically
designed for busy professionals and it’s the exact same blueprint that I teach
all my private coaching clients they’ve all gone to see some amazing results if
you want to be the next accessory then download your FREE copy of the lean body
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  1. Hello Carlo , I'm 15 and want to lose weight so I'm gonna do 100 sit-ups everyday combined with my normal workout for the whole month of August and tomorrow I'm gonna do a 2 day water fast , all I wanna know that is it ok if I break my 2 day water fast with veggies

  2. Processed foods are terrible, so many people don't realize just how processed the food they're consuming really is. Right on man.

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