The Best Way to Prepare for Gastric Bypass

The Best Way to Prepare for Gastric Bypass

3 thoughts on “The Best Way to Prepare for Gastric Bypass

  1. No, I have not myself but know people who have. Some went through the same situation as your sister. So dad for them. Thank you Cristy. Awesome video.

  2. Christy: Thank you so much for posting this video. I have currently been going to Spokane working towards doing the gastric sleeve. I feel like its my last hope to force myself to change and lose all this unwanted, unhealthy weight!! 🙁 I have wanted to be able to talk to you or Cari through email or somehow to be able to explain the last 10 years of my life from losing my mom, both my grandmother's, my aunt (my mom's baby sister), my cousin, my husband's grandmother, my father-in-law, a family friend to my husband catching on fire (15 months ago on Christmas day)and us having to spend a month in Seattle and we are still going through the aftercare to this day…so I can figure out how I can do this and move past the things that are holding me up. I just am at a loss because I am the biggest that I have EVER been. My mom was my biggest supporter and when she died, part of me died too. I didn't only lose my mom but my best friend and so now, trying/wanting to lose weight, my give a crap attitude has really screwed me up. Its like without my mom, I have no encouragement so what's the point. I know you are busy and I don't want to bother you but I wish I could get into the Code Red lifestyle like so many people I have seen. I envy them and their progress so much!! Thank you for being you and all that you do for so many people!! Helping them to take their life back!!! 🙂 I hope I can too one day, here soon ♡ hugs lady!!

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