Hey everybody and welcome to the video. This is Josh here, and this is another episode
of ‘Walk with Me’. So this week has been pretty good. I am currently walking and going to my new
store. No more train, no more transit. I’m just going to work right now I feel
like I’ve already accomplished so much today. Had some coffee, checked my emails, checked
all the comments, still had time to go to the gym then for a full workout, went to the
grocery store, got all of my food and everything ready for work, felt really good. So much time. I don’t have to rely on the transit either,
and I don’t have to leave early enough to account for errors. So having that dependable consistency is going
to be incredible on top of the extra time. I’m really happy too, I get to up my frequency
for weightlifting which is going to be really great. I had to dip it back down for a few months
there just because I could not fit it into my day. I had to lower the frequency down to 3-4 days
a week, just because I did not have the time to commit to it, my focus was just elsewhere. Now that I’ve got a little bit more time,
I am going to be upping it back to 5 or 6 days a week which is really cool. I’ll have more time to spend in the gym
on those days instead of trying to rush through a whole upper body workout. So it’s going to be really good to get back
into my old gym schedule. I used to workout 6 days a week, so I think
I’m going to be going back to that I really liked it. Alright, so my new split is going to be back
and biceps, chest and triceps, and legs. Repeat, then day off and that’ll be the
7 days of the week. So I’m going to be switching back to that
workout routine. So we’re going to have some new surroundings
for the walk with me series now, what do you guys think? This whole neighborhood is just beautiful. A lot of old houses, a lot of old trees, a
lot of moss. It’s just a few blocks from downtown but
it feels like a really quiet suburb. There was also another topic I wanted to talk
about. I get a lot of questions— I get a lot of
comments from people asking, ‘How do you keep the motivation to keep up with your diet,
or to prep your food, or to go to the gym, or to stay healthy?’ There’s no secrets, there is no special
sauce, there is no magic. It’s about priorities. You have to be willing to put in the work,
and you have to be able to place the importance on whatever you’re working towards. In my eyes, I see it as ‘How do you find
the motivation to go to your job every day?’ or ‘How do you find the motivation to pay
your bills?’ Because you frickin’ have to, and that’s
that. I mean… It’s the mentality that you have to have
if you’re going to succeed and if you’re going to follow through with your weight loss. You know, anyone that’s lost weight; we’re
not special. We all have our circumstances and our troubles,
and our struggles with things. The only difference is that anyone that lost
weight followed through and treated it like it was a job, like they had to do it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to
hate doing it. People love what they do and they love working,
but you need to have that level of commitment. Like your finances depend on it, or your life
depends on it. It has to be a number one priority, or it’s
never going to work. So set yourself up for success and get your
priorities in check. Oh man, that turned into something way different. Make sure to give the video a like if you
did enjoy it, it helps me out a ton, and be sure to subscribe if you want to see more,
I put out new videos twice a week. But until next time, I will talk to you all
later. Have a good one.

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