100 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Shaun’s Surgery Meltdown – The Good Doctor

  1. It was great to see Steve again. I think it means that he's always been watching over Shaun even though he's dead. Steve was the only other person that made Shaun feel loved. I wish they could have given Steve more lines though, like him saying "I'm always with you Shaun, you may not see me but I'm always here, I'm always watching you"

  2. Park is such a great character, when he first came in I didn't like him that much (still liked him more than Morgan then) and now he's one of the coolest characters after you learn about him and how he wasn't holding a grudge against Shaun for taking his surgery but thanked him as it led to his own surgery.

  3. I really liked this episode…he doesnt endanger the patient thinking oh im the best doctor i can do it bet. Nope. Hre admits it and says he cant and needs help

  4. Why is Steve older? Wouldn't it have made more sense to cast a similar looking but younger actor or do what they did to the kids in It Chapter Two?

  5. I was so glad that they brought Steve back! I was afraid we wouldn't see him again since the actor playing him is older now. ❤️

  6. I love Shaun Freddy and Shaun. That's why the show is worth it !
    He is able to be completely emotionally synchronized with the character he is playing.

  7. hes wearing his lucky surgeon do rag that his mentor give him when he was a young surgeon that do rag must be very lucky and orange

  8. Can we just state out how much Lea is supporting Shaun. She was so happy for him in the beginning of the episode, plus she even gives him advice about him and Carly's relationship. I wish I had someone like that.

  9. This episode was good, but I just wish Shaun didn’t contaminate the OR before he left. I just wish he ran out but still had his glasses and mask on.

  10. HOW DARE YOU HELP STIGMATIZE MENTAL ILLNESS! WTH. I am LIVID. On tonight’s episode YOU COULD’VE GIVEN THE “TERRIBLE MOTHER” mentioned by the nurse, ANY ISSSUE, or she could just have been a bad mother but YOUR CLUELESS WRITERS JUST BASHED EVERYONE WITH A MENTAL ILLNESS and she had to have Bipolar Disorder AND YOU made that THE ONLY REASON she was a Bad Mother”. And what kind? BP1 or BP2? BP 2 is MILD. There’s a Big difference. You missed a chance to educate & DESTIGMATIZE BP Disorder. HOW DARE YOU ABC. YOU NEED TO APOLOGIZE AND MAKE IT UP TO THE WORLD somehow. IS ABC RACIST TOO? It’s no different. JUDGING ON RACE OR JUDGING ON AN ILLNESS ARE EQUALLY HORRIBLE. Unacceptable . I AM FLABBERGASTED AND VERY ANGRY.

  11. Making a show about an autistic doctor that the autistic peoples will watch, & then screwing with the schedule randomly which really upsets autistic viewers….. Real shitty thing to do ABC!!!

  12. This scene is so intense. Freddie's acting was superb, indeed you gave justice to your character. It's captivating

  13. Tal vez esté yo exagerando y no quiero desestimar al resto de elenco de actores y actrices de esta serie, pero a nivel personal creo que el éxito en un 70% de esta serie es por Alfred Freddie Highmore, el resto del porcentaje divídanlo como quieran; lo siento. Creo que David Shore tiene una visión más que analítica y de intuición, yo diría que de adivinación, al dar en el blanco para los protagonistas de una serie. No se equivocó para nada con Alfred, porque Alfred es oro puro en talento, garantía de éxito para cualquier proyecto o serie.

  14. Just to deviate, when they started the breathing exercise, I could feel their breath fanning my face through the phone. How even..

  15. His voice is just everything but appealing,

    The cast, the scenario, the lights, the music, the props, they aaaaaaaaaall here to make him look good,

    please have Daniel Kim Dae back, I don't care how farfetched it will be, just take him back to Pathology lab and make him a consultant and replace him on the OR with Daniel

  16. So not only did he freak out during quarantine, but he also freaks out during surgery. This is BS. he should not be allowed in surgery. Because in the real world no one is going to leave a patient opened on the table while the surgeon panics and 3 others hold his hand.
    Also, I hope no one let him operate like that, drenched in sweat, cause you know, it probably violates a bunch of standards from half a dozen abbreviated groups =_=

  17. Some mental guy in my school has autism I wondered why he goes to Learning support.
    Until I found out he has autism.

  18. My Nigga Shaun always give his all. I love how Freddie makes you feel every emotion shaun goes through wether it’s happy/sad/nervous. This show and greys is my favorite show!

  19. I just wanna give Freddie Highmore a standing ovation. Not only his someone who's playing autistic but he has to use an American accent when he's on camera. Those complex traits must b hard to remember and stay focused on a task during shoots.

  20. omg ill be panic if this happen to me..i mean like if im there with shawn im like okay im gonna head for the door..i know its bad but haha it did makes me panic as well

  21. LMAO why is this video recommended to me by youtube? Why is this doctor guy acting that way? Doesnt seem like a comedy show with that tone.

  22. I almost lost it when he saw the vision of his brother breathing with him.. poor dude must be going through so much right now…

  23. He goes into a fetal position when there's an emergency, sees his dead brother and talks to him then walks out in the middle of an operation yeah totally believable.

  24. Public meltdowns are so so so embarrassing to go through I don't think I can watch this Christ. If it were me I would run to the bathroom and lock myself away so other people couldn't see me until I was through the worst of it. I don't know if I can watch this.

  25. There really are people out there that could do exactly this but sadly the real world isn’t Hollywood so they will never be given the chance to succeed.

  26. This I very accurate to actual autism cus I have it and sometimes I panic about a new idea that I get but not for surgery.

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