Terry Hollands – Motivation of one of the World’s Strongest Men

Terry Hollands – Motivation of one of the World’s Strongest Men

I think for me, the ultimate goal since I
have been doing strong man, has always been to win worlds strongest man. And you know, I still haven’t achieved that. I had a real big re-think after worlds strongest man last
year. I was sitting about 190kg. For me I didn’t fell comfortable at that weight, it
was too heavy. I came back from worlds strongest man and realised I need to make a lot of big changes. “what’s up, what you looking at” I’ve now got the added motivation of having
a young son and having him in my life is sort of a big drive, to try and show him that if
I work hard and pursue a dream. I can go on and achieve great things. hopefully he will
take that on in life, in a few years time. I mean it’s quite nice to look at where strong
man is in Britain at the moment. I remember when I first come on the scene, just no British
guys were making the final. that could be my legacy and the biggest achievement that
I have in the sport. coming third in world strongest man, was just a stepping stone.
it was never enough to satisfy what I felt I could achieve. I feel like I moved on a
lot from where I was last year. My training has changed alot, I’ve taken a coach on board
as well to keep me on track. You’ve just got to have that complete will and drive to push
yourself. you don’t understand how you keep going but you just do. ITs not something that
you can go into half-hearted, but every time I’ve hit a big weight, I’ve been totally and
utterly convinced that I’m going to do that. I’m confident in what I have been doing up
to this point training wise. and I’m confident that I know hat I’m doing to get to where
I need to be. And the plan has been on track every week. I still fell like I can be competitive
and compete with the best guys in the world on the day. In my mind, I still feel I want
to win it and people might disagree but I feel like I’ve still got a lot to give to
the sport. I feel like everything is moving in the right direction to something good.
I mean it could be my best finish yet.

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  1. You can tell he really is naturally super strong ,he would be incredibly powerful even if he had never touched a weight in his whole life, there are very few men of his calibre.

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