17 thoughts on “Teenage girl shot in back while running away, grandfather says

  1. This is heartbreaking. Nobody should die over marijuana nor should they die so young. I’m so sorry for the family.

  2. Read the poem "Footprints in the Sand". The anguish is overwhelming and it crushes your spirit. I know, I know. Please read it, please 🙏✌❤

  3. Picture from google street view of murder site in Sept. 2018 showing what appears to be 7 teen males and one teen female probably up to no good or WORSE!!!

    River City High School
    1 Raider Ln, West Sacramento, CA 95691


  4. That sucks! But why is she around people like that if she isn’t into that stuff. No way I let my daughter go with someone like that

  5. I really need more of the story. From his own words she was involved in a bad drug deal where they tried to short their street dealer. Should they have been killed? Not the point. Mitigate your circumstances. If she wasnt about "that scene" then she shouldnt be hanging out with older people that are.

  6. Come on man. Me & most my friends sold or smoked weed in high school nobody ever got shot. A fist fight or two but even that was rare.

  7. So senseless! Never involve violence or guns with weed. If they were short on the money…don't let them have the weed. No need to use a gun.

  8. This don't make any sense throwing up gang signs in the picture selling weed money coming up short there's more to this story Grandpa your granddaughter is not so innocent my prayers go out to you and the family

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