TEDxSydney – Katherine Samaras – Starve to Survive

TEDxSydney – Katherine Samaras – Starve to Survive

45 thoughts on “TEDxSydney – Katherine Samaras – Starve to Survive

  1. What a great speech, interesting take on – makes perfect sense.

    Although Katherine, bit presumptuous to think that we would all like to live on the Northern Beaches – I certainly wouldn’t!

  2. i bet shes selling a brand of foods.meds from doctors are probably the cause,chemical spaaaaaaaarays from gov.airoplanes,anti phychotics that have given me severe distonia,doc.never warned me i thought the pain was me being lazy,now my condition is ireversable and perminnant agony,they didnt even invent a cure.lookwhat the world gov.all of them in power did to their people;unit371ww2.abortions,curcumsition to baby and kids girls they cut everything and sew up with just enough to pee.

  3. meds make you fat.jobs,stuff in the food they put so you cant stop till you fini whole pack,and the other packs.they even put food craving product in lettice,do your own studys you all have to start working the truth out for yourselves and stop letting everything control you,you all are special so treat yourselves that way.im not saying this lady is wrong,just be careful,every body believe there own thing,i have to watch this now.i may have to eat my words,i love fat people they are kind & happy

  4. and then i see balimics who are nutritionists…minimum wage people who are working so hard,not enough money to by healthy,doing a job like cleaning toilets,heavy lifting,overtime,hate of the job,abuse in all ways,major reasons meds,as the doctors know nothing half the time as they dont try them for themselfs,then when told of a side effect,they say no imposible it would not do that,why would the patient lie, patients would also lie,dr's do kind of interigate,so tell them anything and get out x

  5. i would love you to reply to all i said…i just had an atkins breackfast/dinner…i am basicly a vegetarian,but do eat meat but hate it,the taste and the cruelty leaves me wanting to be sick,but i swallowed it all,i had;scrambled egg=10 small pieces cooking bacon,1 tomatoe,1 small onion,mixed herbs,pepper,(hate salt,enough in bacon)ground garlic,paprika,raw sliced mushrooms,little oil,marg,vinigar.1/2 fried,1/2 microwaved together.yuk…..& no (carb)bread.should do well,never want to eat again.

  6. i still havent watched it yet,so will now,i am not blaming you for anything.i'm just so bitter with medical at the moment.all my meds;olanzapine & risperidone was on but bad restless legs with it,now on quetiapine-which causes everything that you are warning against,i can't understand why there is so many side effects to be given,why are herbs not used anymore they have no or minimal side effects,a theory is punishment and death on low life people casting them out of society by genocide meds.xxx

  7. that was wonderful,maybe its time all world gov.agree together to swap food i mean give the starving pizza ect. and fat nations the same but low calerie with out us knowing the differance coz at the moment low cal is disgusting and doesnt have to be this bad.everything is done so extreme these days,i'm planning suicide,i wish for legal assisted suicide done cheaply,wouldnt that genocide be better that death by torcher what gov. do now,a little of what you fancy is good too.you look pretty ok.xxx

  8. Her argument is,' hey look, our self ownership is violated in all these other areas, so now its ok to violate self ownership when it comes to food too.'

  9. So… starve to survive and show a starved woman talking hahahaha probably dr katherina samaras should not follow her own advice couse she looks anorexic

  10. Kathrine has been my doctor for 20 years and kept me alive with a tremendous medical talent, enrapturing bedside/deskside manner, inspiration, wit and great wisdom/love. She is not influenced by the drug detail pushers (you won't see her desk clotted with med-branded items and she truly cares). I do owe her my life and look forward to every time I'm in her presence and care.

  11. Thank you…very thought provoking. I try to fast intermittently (for my health) but find it hard to do. Your talk has motivated me to try again.

  12. close but missing the point about fasting which also reduces the hunger hormone. Discretion and restraint dont work… look around you at diet companies and gyms… thousands of them .Understand the hunger hormone insulin and you will find the answer in reducing appetite and then add back healthy fats to satiate and reduce hunger/insulin drive.

  13. If we follow these doctors religiously won't they be out of job? They survive because of our faulty way of life..so I wonder what is their purpose?

  14. Isn't this a little contradictory? You seem to imply that it's wrong to ostracize people for being obese, but then say that society as well as the individual should have a say as well, is ostracizing not the standard way society has it's say?

  15. One correction: "Obesity" is not the cause of any disease. It is a symptom of bad eating habits & like a fever, it is a tell-tail sign of something else more nefarious going on.

  16. Government intervention brought us to this unhealthy state… (food pyramid is upside down for example). Advocating more government intervention is absolutely insane and inappropriate.

  17. Educate people that simple carbs turn on insulin production which promotes grelin (the hunger hormone, and that eating higher healthy fats (to satiate), moderate protein, and complex carb veggies and greens only (in other words get rid of processed foods, sugar in all forms, grains including corn, and rice) plus limit your eating window to eight hours a day or less, you will lose weight, promote autophagy, and get your body in balance.
    The old 1950s-2000s nutritional pyramids are way wrong as the latest research shows. Unfortunately, they were based on assumptions, not science.

  18. I eat one meal a day for how many days now, I don't feel hungry at all and I feel good. I don't crave for food anymore. I only eat when I'm hungry.

  19. The sculptured figurine is most likely a depiction of plasma figures from an ancient sky. All the weird figures on rock painting from various cultures around the ancient world look like the phenomenon plasma scientists are very familiar with. Check it out.

  20. It's very hard for people working and being the working poor to get healthy food. When the food supply stops being contaminated, has nourishment in it, water and air are cken, a lot of cancer won't happen. Obesity will decrease with better nutrition for all. The governments absolutely do not care about this as much as they care about bombs…And folks that are working poor or just poor or disabled on disability support cannot afford medicine and food. I'm so hopeful people will stop blaming victims and change reality of nutrition depleted food, bad food availability and better medicine and a cleaner environment will happen. I hope you make waves!!!

  21. The Government should listen to her and regulate the fast food industry and ban fast food advertising as it did with tobacco life is more precious than profits for franchises and corporations.

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