Tackling Childhood Obesity

President Obama:
Good morning, everybody. I am so proud of the work that the First Lady, along with the
Cabinet Secretaries behind me, have done in trying to tackle one of the most urgent health
issues that we face in this country, and that is the increase of childhood obesity. And
because of the outstanding planning that they’ve done, they are going to be rolling out a terrific
plan of action that involves the private sector as well as government agencies coordinating
much more effectively a lot of public information out there to help parents make good decisions
about allowing their children to be active and eating healthier. And what the executive
order I’m going to be signing today does is to create a 90-day plan that allows optimal
coordination as we move forward, in addition to the coordination that we’re doing with
private sector companies and not-for-profits and other organizations out there that are
interested in this issue. So we think that this has enormous promise in improving the
health of our children, in giving support to parents to make the kinds of healthy choices
that oftentimes are very difficult in this kind of environment. And so I just want to
say how proud I am of the First Lady for her outstanding work and I
will now sign this order. (executive order is signed) There you go. First Lady:
Nice job. President Obama:
It’s done, honey. Thanks. (applause) First Lady:
Now we work. President Obama:
Now they get to work. Thank you, guys.

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