Super-sized children sent to China’s fat camps | 肥胖的孩子

Super-sized children sent to China’s fat camps | 肥胖的孩子

rise and shine time to get up no lazy days for any of
these guys this isn’t just any case itself back can everyone’s here to leave ways lots of it so the first of all they do everyday is
faced a formidable scale china is getting fat this is just one of many plans that have
sprung up across the country two hundred million chinese are now over
weight a new middle-class as mentor richard
dieter and extra money for junk food here are the children of the new vote we
should pay for the early years of gluttony forking over one thousand u_s_ dollars a
month a fortune in china to trim down and right the ordeal goes deeper delete acupuncture treatment aiming to
suppress appetites and burn fat done kimbo joined up just nine days ago
he’s already dropped seven kilos from one hundred and forty two kilos p plans
to stick around for two months determined to turn his life around thirty five dash zero ideologue riding
school i study hard tuesday so there was no time to get out there
for sports rub of calls from the i’m a single child by
my parents had really give me a lot of people to their are finally but at least
college of medicine also here i am on top of that total over there packing on a few parents has
traditionally been viewed as a sign of welcome china but seriously considered and its
accompanying health problems has given many chinese second thoughts about that
attitude crazies that votes chinese are just
beginning to learn that being overweight can cause a lot of help problems such as heart disease and high blood
pressure forbidden of the city can’t affect your
pregnancy uh… instead of sitting around in front of
the computer television all day participants at this time stand four-hours everyday exercising trying to
bring off all that many challenges facing the earth and he
really is have become too sedentary a commitment
to exercise and sports is a lifestyle change china still has a long weekend
before it catches up to the levels of obesity united states the childhood obesity here has doubled which means a health crisis
for the system in the future a constant burden mentioned on the life you have to decide
handwritten sixty five kilograms for things possible and death luna health-conscious here sand dunes have everyone wants to lose
weight and next summer he plans to be back here again he says he’s not finished yet with that
camp melissa chan aljazeera team team china melissa chan aljazeera team team china

100 thoughts on “Super-sized children sent to China’s fat camps | 肥胖的孩子

  1. 1975Born  Man Japan
    Height 5foot 9.29inch
    Weight 149.91lb
    BMI  21.95
    It will become healthy to eat Japanese food.
    As a result, I was able to run 10 km in 50 minutes.

  2. unhealthy food should be expensive and healthy food should be cheaper. We wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't the other way around. Also I can be genetics, matabolism or your thyroid which causes you to be overweight or underweight.

  3. We were all expecting this once they were exposed to western diets!!!
    Catch me eating western style food with a knife and fork… Chopsticks please!!!

  4. 200 million fatass? That's almost more than the U.S. population! But yet the U.S. is still consider the 2nd most obese country? Hmmm

  5. "It's genetics!"Every fat person's excuse for being over weight,lazy,eating unhealthy,and just plain denial that it's not the myth of genetics causing them to be fat not being able to lose weight properly.
    Shamfur dishpray an dishonare to famiray!

  6. Why FALUN DAFA practitioniers are not fat in China?
    Because they are killed and their organs are sold by government.
    Tadum tsh. Black humor

  7. Their southern neighbor doesn't have an obesity issue, maybe they should be put on the North Korean diet.

  8. Hi, Could you be a Vegan, a Fresh Food Person? They don’t buy animal products to eat, they don't eat animal meat, they don't drink animal milk, they don't eat animal cheese, they don’t eat animal eggs, and they don't wear animal skins leather clothes or shoes, they wear vinyl shoes. They eat fresh fruit and vegetables and nuts mostly. And they don’t eat so much cooked foods, they eat more raw or fresh foods, and drink mostly water. This is better for me, and for us. I thought… that this might help, if you want to know about it. You could try it for one day, then two days, then a week, and then a month. Just start with eating only fresh farm fruit for breakfast, and salad for lunch, and then vegetables, nuts, wheat, and fruit for dinner, with water, ok maybe a veggie burger. That is it. See if this works for you, a new way of life. That is awesome and the best way to live, more free and health conscious. I know this way of eating works, because I have been a vegetarian and vegan, at age 14, and now today, I am a Fresh Food Person forever. And someone told me about this, and I learned about this on my own, so I wanted to tell you, so that you will know about it too. We could make our body from the food of plants and trees, from the fruit, vegetables and nuts, instead of making our body from the dead animals, because animals are not food. It has to get better. Let me know. Thanks, Doing this you will loose all the weight you want, and you can eat all the farm foods you want.

  9. i went from a 44 size pants to a 33 size pants. a 3XL shirt to a L shirt. I've lost over 100 pounds in a little over a year and now I'm just tightening and building muscle

  10. The subtitles are all over the place :') 'crazies that votes chinese' ?!? 'Participants stand four hours every day exercising' HAHA

  11. LIES !!! The Chinese goverment wanted to make them skinny and 'healthy' so they can work harder for the communist leaders that grow richer off the backs of their own people ! Acupuncture to cut appetite ? That destroys the entire limfatic sistem leaving permanent serious damage !

  12. @Zach awww, your brain is a mini loser! Just say they're doing a good job. Why you have to be weird? We're all equal mate. From a British Pakistani.

  13. Here are the top 3 comment types, just to save you time:
    1. North Korea jokes about their starving kids and how they should have a food camp
    2. 'Murica should have this
    3. In 'Murica they would be considered normal weight

    You're welcome

  14. I get it, the usa has a decent amount of fat people but are you just joining the band wagon like a 16 year old teen listening to jb or have you actually gone outside and realized the usa isn't as fat as they say? don't get me wrong, its a decent percent but its not like you will walk outside and struggle to go shopping in isle because you can't get past the fat people lol

  15. when i was in usa, i saw first black women and first fat people first in my life. they drive electric cars in supermarket, cause cant even walk…
    if there is a problem with really fat people and future of humanity its usa. and it was 10 years ago. now probably no human left there below 150kg

  16. In the U.S. people spend money to do the surgery, physically remove fat from the body. No one likes to be obesity. Why this post sounds so sad?

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