Structure of Large Intestine in Humans – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Structure of Large Intestine in Humans – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Do Subscribe to Ekeeda Channel and Press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Hello students today we are studing chapter human nutrition in that we are studying topic large intestine we all know that once food is digested all the nutrients absorbed then the food is passed down to large in this time today we will be studying the structure of large intestine. Large Inestine, Large Inestine is smaller in length as compared to small in intenstine but it is broader in diameter and it has two major parts in it the first part is colum and the next part is rectum now when I talk about the colum part it forms the anterior region of large intestine and it has the ascending region transverse region and the posterior region inside colum the undigested food products add pasta the next part of large Instentine is rectum and rectal is nothing but the posterior region rectum along with that helps to pass down the fecal matter which has an adjusted fiber and all the unsolvable waste products up it also helps to store down undigested food material for certain period of time until unless it is removed as fecal form to this plectrum part of the large intestine and as is connected and this anis helps to pass down the fecal matter plaids in this time class intestine is smaller in length but it is broader in diameter then your small intestine approximately does 1.5 meters large a design is divided into two parts one of the parts is : another another part is rectum when I talk about : it forms the interior or the internal regions of your large intestine it is internally divided into three different parts and those are ascending colon descending colon and transverse colon below the column region there is director which forms the posterior part or you can say the outer part of large intestine I’m Magister food material called the fecal matter is basically stored in the rectum temporarily before it is expelled through anus glass InDesign is thoroughly supported by the small intestine present in the stomach and together help to remove the fecal matter or undigested food products students in this part of the chapter we have studied about what are the various parts or you can say the structure of flies in design I hope you are clear about this concept thank you

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