Stop running out of stuff

Stop running out of stuff

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Welcome to my home. We’re gonna talk about people who run out of stuff. I know somebody who runs out of
stuff all the time and I mean all the time. Yes there are going to be those
occasions where you’re gonna run out of stuff you are going to have some sort of
event, where you forgot to buy something but it’s occasional. You aren’t going to be running out of stuff all the time. I do know that person you know who you are Who runs out of stuff constantly and there are a couple things you have
to figure in one do you have enough money to buy extra? you might not, which is ok so don’t buy extra just buy it when you need it. Two: do you have enough
space to store extra? you might not. If you don’t that’s ok. It happens. But for those of you who have the space who have the money but you still keep running out
of stuff, you’re driving me crazy. oh this is one of the things which I
just don’t understand the infamous well you know I knew that
we are down to almost no ketchup but I didn’t buy any more ketchup well why not staring blankly at me is not an answer I’m one of these people who I try to
always have you know right when I get low on something I’ll put it on my
shopping list so I’m never running out of stuff because guess what when you run
out of stuff you might end up doing something strange like I had to go and
buy something really quickly for somebody at a store which was really
expensive because it was the only store that was open at the time and they’ve
run out of it and it was almost three times the amount of what it was
somewhere else but when you run out of it you run out of it yeah and if you
need it you need it so realistically every time you make your shopping list
every time you go to the grocery store every time that you think about getting
something make sure that you if you know as you use something I always have one
in the cabinet extra but also one in the refrigerator like my
chocolate syrup I have I have one and a half bottles of chocolate syrup in my
refrigerator at all times because I go through it all
time so that way when the half bottle is empty I make another batch in fact today
I’m going to make another batch today so that when the other bottle gets empty I
have it I don’t want to run out of things because I don’t want to be put in
that position where I have to go and spend extra money for something that I
really wouldn’t have to spend extra money on if I had planned ahead. now if you don’t have the space for it and you don’t have the money for it you don’t
worry about this. do what you can. See how you can fit it in there, Maybe it’s just you get one or two extra things every once in a while. but don’t worry about it if like I said you need to live within your means actually realistically
you need to live with below your means so that way you can gain some money. but
yeah stop running out of stuff because that
actually costs you a lot of money because yeah, You will buy things that cost way more when you’re in a rush to get something that you have run out of and plan ahead keep track of the stuff that you have especially when it comes to groceries and that sort of thing because when I know I can tell you at any moment what I have and what I don’t have. so that way I’m not running
out of stuff what do you think about that? Let me know down in the comments I
love to hear from you is there something how is there a system that you have that
you keep track of your groceries or your pantry items if you want to hear how I
keep track of it let me know down in the comments now we get to see you again
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3 thoughts on “Stop running out of stuff

  1. I have learned shopping your own pantry and fridge first before going to the market helps me not over buy on things I already have plenty of.

  2. CM   I do my grocery shopping on Saturdays .    I make a pantry and fridge list during the week and try to have two of most staple items.    The thing I HATE though is when I am in a hurry and pick up a box or can of something/get it home and find it is fat free or some odd thing like that.   There are so many choices out there nowadays and if I am not in my zone it is easy to grab the dreaded fat free stuff!

  3. One of my pet peeves…I hate to be in the middle of something and find out that I don't have everything I need! I try to keep a stocked pantry, and yes, I probably have more than I need. My dad once asked my mother while visiting if they didn't feed me enough while growing up!

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