Snake Diet Weight Loss [Water Fast Exercise] Pt 3/3

Snake Diet Weight Loss [Water Fast Exercise] Pt 3/3

hi everyone I hope you could see me good
this is snake diet day 6 workout I’m kind of rushing for time I have about 20
minutes so I’m gonna just do three exercises instead of what I said I was
gonna do earlier and yeah I’m just gonna do some quick stuff first is going to be hip throw I need to get that cushion that you put
here because this thing hurts I’m gonna do deadlifts now do the right honey mommy Marty’s hired man I need to think some of this weight
off of this but I mean that think I’m gonna take some weight off I
think I’m gonna take all the ladle because I don’t know why this is so so
heavy I’m gonna just work on form this is a workout with six I’m not six
days it’s really six days and more because I
started the day before that night before so I feel like it’s seven eight
I don’t know but it’s a lot of these days at least this is probably 25 or 27 pounds
which is nothing but oh well I watched the tutorial from Brett
Contreras he is like the gluteus maximus specialist so check them out if you want
to grow your glutes which is your butt okay I don’t know I was feeling a little
dizzy doing that one who I’m gonna take like a sighs think I’m
break and then I’m gonna try a plank I always aim for 30 seconds thinking my
shoes not tired this works your stomach and I don’t know
what else hmm
man so I’m doing those deadlifts and my back is hurt in but it wasn’t hurt in
the other day when I was doing it but I’m trying to get the form right and it
won’t seem like this working okay and I’m not doing jump rope today
because when I got here my heart rate was I mean my blood pressure was so high
so I don’t want to give myself a stroke or a heart attack or something but it’s
been over an hour so my heart my blood pressure is probably down maybe when I
leave I’ll go check it again man oh it’s higher I’m gonna do some
donkey kicks Oh I did 10 of those do 10 on this side man I really feel that this week I’m just concentrating on the
fast then the ten days ten day water fast I’m just trying to do some kind of
exercise every day this is not like a set routine because
if I was really doing a routine like today would be upper body and I do like
five or six different machines and like three or four sets and like 10 to 15
reps then the next day I would do legs a lower body and I just want to do a hit
my elliptical I love it so much so I pretty much do that every day anyway but
I haven’t been to the gym or forever so this is six days energy like I can still
get up I can still get up and do more I could stay here another hour if I had
time or wanted to like I have energy so that’s it I’m probably gonna upload this
tonight and then like subscribe so you could get notified every day when I put
my water fasting results for my weigh-ins every morning bye thanks for

10 thoughts on “Snake Diet Weight Loss [Water Fast Exercise] Pt 3/3

  1. It recorded sideways again UGH lol I am determined to figure out how to do proper form with the deadlift. The way I did it today was hurting. The other ways I have done it I didnt' hurt. My glutes are feeling this workout I did today!! I barely used weights and this was effective. Thank you for watching. Day 6 of my snake diet water fast coming tomorrow God willing.

  2. Sending you positive vibes,
    I am your UK sister living for the moment in Australia,
    You inspire me so much with your determination,
    I am with you on fasting and OMAD I am doing it for cancer, You are looking awesome, I see improvement every day, itโ€™s great to see you as you are so real and ego free.
    Keep doing what you are doing, you are on track
    God Bless You.

  3. That's good to see you incorporate working out while fasting, i think people achieve better results when they do this

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