Snake Diet On The Doctors Show P’d Me Off!!! Weight Loss Results 2018 Day 5

hi everyone it is day five results I
woke up this morning today’s day six I did not talk about this first
because I’m about to change something I had to back up for this one I had to
move the camera everything I need to see more of me so you could see what’s about
to happen with what I’m about to do so I woke up this morning and I did what most
people do and we shouldn’t do we shouldn’t even touch our phone until
we’ve gotten some action items dying towards our goals but I woke up at 5
something and I looked at Facebook bad then I looked at YouTube YouTube is like
my closest more than food YouTube is my boyfriend my companion it just makes me
happy being around people I could choose where I want to be around I’m around
business people entrepreneurs Hustler’s people that believe they could just do
it anything like I just love that Fitness whatever okay so on my homepage
it showed snake diet call Robinson on the doctors and oh my gosh that little
four five minute clip made me so mad and I’m gonna put a link in the
description if you haven’t seen my nine-day snake diet review and my
results I did it nine days and I also said in there that I’ve watched I’m sure
I’ve watched at least 30 for 30 to 40 or more hours of his videos which basically
the same say it all the same thing if you’re fat this is the this is the
remedy don’t eat when you feel like you must eat have a little refeed mill then
keep fasting because your body’s gonna use your fat that people can’t starve
this is not starvation if you what I’m doing
the starvation really even though it’s making everybody happy that it’s not six
pounds or two pounds every day because I’m doing it on a little level this is
for all those people that want instant gratification you want to lose fat fast
and there’s so many other benefits anyway I’m not even gonna talk about all
that they made me so mad with what they said because they’re skinny I doubt any
of them have ever been fat or obese they don’t have all the information on this
they I don’t know if they’ve talked to people they they acted like they were in
the group but they’ve pinpointed a negative comment someone put which
someone’s gonna hate on everything um and doctors will give you a pill man
doctors will give you a pill I take blood pressure medicine they’ll give you
a pill and if you watch any of these commercials I take these pills this
little white pill for blood pressure plus this little pink pill for blood
pressure which I’m sure it’s come on fast
and eat a lot and I didn’t use to exercise they’ll give you these pills
and they’ll be like 20 gazillion side effects this noaa’s died on his um snake
diet yet and if someone did I bet you someone had internal bleeding or lots of
suicide or you know the whole list they give you oh my gosh so but they don’t
make me stop taking the pill because it might give me cramps or whatever which
it doesn’t cuz you don’t know until you try things I think they need to get a
group of people that have done it seen a results and talked to them how do they
feel about it I’m a little beast person I don’t like that he won’t let me just
grow because I I could be in his growth and even responded to my messages of why
he didn’t approve my accountability post he wants you to get in there strip down
put your accountability post so the group can motivate you I think there’s
like last time I looked which is when I was in the group there was like a
quarter million people okay that’s a lot of people your same goal in mind to be
fair lose get ripped whatever um you put your
accountability and then I say you should check in every day because if you
checking them everything and people’s encouraging you you’re not gonna quit
just like I’m doing this um oh man I’m so upset even though he won’t let me
post my stuff and I’m a cry about it every time because I can because I feel
I get but they made me so mad I’m about to do five days
let’s make diet just because they made me mad and besides me crying about it
cuz I’m Muslim and I can’t get naked which even what I’m wearing now is kind
of even naked or in my snake diet video review my thumbnail that’s naked from me
so whatever but the numbers don’t lie okay so we’re gonna see what I did for
five days on what I’m doing which is really Oh mad or one meal a day these
days I ate one meal the first day oh my gosh here we go look let me just know
I’d only give you the results because I want you to watch all the way to the
last second of the video so day one look at that three pounds no I don’t don’t
see its water wait don’t say any of that because you don’t really know but what
we do know for fact is I didn’t eat that day so that’s three pounds lost okay now
look what happened when I did eat – 8 – 2 – 26
okay so this works man first of all every diet will work if you doesn’t work
it you have to work it stay consistent and then they say on the doctor’s little
clip is a sustainable umm or how do you sustain it so he likes just eat one meal
a day or just don’t eat all ding day because that’s not how we were really
made that’s not how they used to do it before people came over 5 mils 3 mils
whatever who came up with that you know you don’t have to follow what the status
quo is do what’s best for you and think outside the box and do the history now
what who even made that up we don’t even know well people do know they’ve done
research whatever but just cuz the doctor says do three
meals or five meals do you think what percentage of people do you think
following what the doctor says is healthy not on a pill not obese happy
and healthy now if you take people that are doing Kohl’s oh my gosh and you tell
people that are doing Kohl’s diet say you take a hundred of them that are
really doing it and I would even put me there but I’m not doing it but like I’ve
done it three times four days fridays and nine days put them up to a person
going to a doctor that’s saying eat three times or eat five times a little
small meals it’s not that easy that oh my gosh um I guarantee you the people
doing this make diet or any fasting or one meal a day
I can guarantee you they’re gonna have better results they’re gonna feel
happier they’re gonna have more energy and oh my gosh it’s better than eating
three or four five times but that works too
that works too they all work but I’m talking about as someone like me with
the food addiction and I do have disappoint cuz I could don’t eat for
nine days but when I get the food and eat it I go buck wild it’s a mindset –
you can stick to this if I wouldn’t do that oh my gosh I did that July 29th
I don’t know practice I think I started it on July 29th and if I would’ve did
the nine days took a break I could have took a week break a month break it did
another 20 another nine days I might have lost twenty that’s already 42
pounds in 18 days of something that makes you feel good there’s times I feel
bad and needs to take a nap or whatever it was so wet I’m fat you got to work
hard if you don’t want to be fat were chosen to be fat 99% of us are choosing
to be fat because we don’t want to get we don’t want to get up off our games
our netflix our social media we just want to sit there we don’t want to go to
the gym it’s hard whatever if we want to lose what weekend I’m sad because I
choose to be fat okay oh my gosh okay so I’m gonna do day five here
and then I’m gonna do the snake died at five days just so you guys can see what
they’re saying they don’t even know what they’re saying and oh my gosh I posted
it on my Facebook page friends and family I was support I automatically got
negative feedback I took it down because it hurt I don’t know if it hurt my
feelings or discouraged me or I’m like feeling like I’m so not because people
just don’t understand like he’s not the only one talking about it there’s a
bunch of other doctors fitness people bodybuilders power lifters they’re all
doing this – or they’re doing intermittent fasting or that people are
not even really doing the five meals a day somewhere but a lot of people do the
inner Manifesta what they all work okay so I’m gonna give you my weight laughs –
results I’m gonna tell you what I eat what I ate and what exercise I did and I
feel like I’ve been so lazy because this is just lazy so it’s weird that I’m
probably gonna go work out more during these five days so it won’t be all the
way clear if I were to went to the gym like I should have been this probably
would have been a little bit higher so it’s gonna be not all the way fair but
it’s still gonna be fair because I’m not gonna eat it’s gonna show you that even
though you’re not eating you still have energy even I probably have more energy
here than I do here but this is hard because I like food and I enjoyed going
to these noisy tonight so I’m thinking this is gonna work for me this and as I
get closer to what I want to be as short not even a short I’m gonna do what I
wanted to do maybe ten my brother’s doing ten to six or maybe something like
that and I’m teaching my kids don’t eat all day like that’s not just because
they tell you it’s so doesn’t mean it and I teach my kids that about
everything okay so exercise I did my son and I did an
Adrian Bryant video hit workout it was ten minutes I recorded it is so
embarrassing I had to figure out how to edit because
I said stuff in there I don’t want to say I don’t want people
so if I can figure that out I’m gonna do that if I don’t figure that out I’m
gonna take out what I said because it was unnecessary in my nice anyway that
should be coming in a day or two God willing sorry did the ten minute Adrian
Brown workout and I did with my 14 year old and then I did 20 minutes 22 minutes
of just walking in place without a watch something on TV yeah okay
then oh my gosh I made it from yesterday because yesterday I ate the cookies and
the pizza and all of that mess so yesterday I ate one bill again oh no
no at 3:57 I was at the grocery store I made it all the way to the register I
was just fighting all the temptations and I know what I was gonna eat taco
salad and I did get an ice cream but it’s a chili cow 180 calories and the
part the carbs are low I like to watch my carbs and if I do eat carbs I’m gonna
to be a good core like a sweet potato or brown rice or sudden with some sort of
nutritional value and this is funny because if I quit today I go get my
pizza and cookies and then some just everything and just eat whatever but
when I’m mindful I’m mindful okay so I got all the way to the counter and I was
like I want to talk to diet dr. pepper and then I was like what snack and I get
I wanted chips I was like no carbs so I ended up getting the honey roasted
peanuts and I hate that on the way home I have a bad habit of I like to eat in
the car so I went to work I mean I came home and then I made this taco salad
without from me for the kids they had a small tortilla so they kind of had tacos yeah tacos I had one and a half cups of
spinach oh it’s in the thumbnail what I don’t know how you get back to the
thumbnail is to get again but I don’t know one and a half cups spinach 1 cup
shredded probably afford the cup of pepper jack
melted cheese on my ground beef I had probably three or four tablespoons of
salsa and I got a plain Greek yogurt which has a lot of protein and it’s
pretty low carb and I love sour cream which is low-carb but high in well it’s
not that high in calories or fat but I like a lot of it so I mix those two
together to add some nutritional value and man I probably had a half a cup of
that I’m sure I had a half a cup of that and then I had diced tomatoes onions and
1/4 of Adak avocado chopped up so that’s what I had um I saw
this sounds bad but I also gave the kids of Turkey as I have four kids on a
single mom is my one little income so I have to budget so really I should have
gave them what I had but to fill them up a little more I gave them a tortilla but
the Tia’s not that bad either but and then I was at the grocery store and I
was like what can I put in the ground beef I want to make it more which I was
already past the produce I should have got a bunch of vegetables and chopped
him up and cooked them in there I like to stretch the meal for all five of us
and I’m not big boys I mean like say they’re 10 12 14 and 19 so you know they
could eat okay so that’s what I ate that’s the exercise I did and now for
the weigh-in results this morning I weighed in at 265 point six that’s
awesome I lost 1.2 pounds by eating the one meal a day it was so
satisfying I felt happy with it and then I even had
my dessert I was nervous about eating a big plate
of food and the dessert I was really nervous I wasn’t expecting that and this
might be too much information for some people but it’s that lady time started
yesterday that’s not an excuse not there’s no excuse if we wanted to change
our lives change our bodies change our health we could do it no matter wait
okay so you can start today and check in
tomorrow tomorrow’s gonna be my day one snake diet results see you then

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