Slimming belt for weight loss | Does it work?

Slimming belt for weight loss | Does it work?

Hi YouTube friends! It’s Lola from Lola’s Life Lessons! Today’s video…. I’m gonna be reviewing the fitness basics wide slimmer belt right here. If you’re new to my channel… Hit the subscribe button and click that notifications out future videos. I’m gonna be reviewing the Fitness basics wide slimmer belt… right here. Now I want to start off by saying that this is not a sponsored video. This is not a sponsored video. I was not paid to do this video. I basically purchase the slimmer belt with my own money. I’ve bought it at Winners. I’m basically just doing this review just because I’ve seen a whole bunch of videos on YouTube regardling slimmer belts the results and I really wanted to see if it they worked and I really loved the the reviews and I loved seeing that the before and the afters where people would you know… Go do a workout and then they would show how much they sweat on the midsection. So I just wanted to try it to see if it how it would work for me and I want to put in my two cents and make a video review as well. Now I have tried it just for going for just a general walk. And I will tell you that immediately when put it on you do start to feel some sweating around the midsection when I did return for my walk I did have sweat. I didn’t have like a lot of sweat a little bit of sweat. So I wanted to push the envelope a little bit. I’m kind of an all-or-nothing person and I wanted to try it for yoga. Now, I mean hot yoga now I’ve seen a bunch of I’ve seen some slimmer belts on Amazon for specific for yoga. So I know that they are being used for that purpose but I haven’t seen a bunch of YouTube videos with people using slimmer belts for hot yoga. So that’s what I’m going to be doing today. I will show you the after when I do return. So this slimmer belt is called Fitness basics. You can get any belt. Just you know do your research. I will put down a bunch of slimmer belts that I think are worth it. But I think that I would buy if I was going to buy another slimmer belt. So you guys can check the links down below. So this one basically states that it helps shed excess water weight to slim the waist. *comfortable and soft neoprene material * 12-inch width with more coverage That is why I liked this brand because it had the 12-inch width for more coverage. And one size fits most. It is very wide. It’s adjustable velcro for a custom fit and I did buy another slimmer belt and I did have to return it because I didn’t really find I had enough coverage. It had like half. I don’t know if you guys can see the picture… but it had half of the coverage of what this belt had and… It wasn’t enough coverage for me. So when you’re looking for your slimmer belts, just keep that in mind that not all of them have the width that you might want. Okay. So now I’m going to just put it on. I’m going to stop my rambling. So I picked an outfit. I picked an outfit that you guys are going to be able to see the sweat. Okay, so a lot of videos that I have seen people are using these belts. They will put this directly on their skin. The inside of this. The inside part they put on their skin but for some reason my skin does not seem to like the material right on my skin. So I break out into a rash. So I am… what I do is I just put it over my my t-shirt and it seems to do just as good of a job and I can also see his the sweat and my t-shirt catches it. Okay. So here you go. Here we go, so this is exactly where I like my slimmer belt to to stay. Okay, so keep watching for the after, all right. Hi everyone, so I’m back from hot yoga. Full disclaimer. It was a 60-minute hot yoga class and this particular teacher She did a lot of breath work a lot of breathing. All the teachers are different. Some teachers have more of an aerobic style of yoga which I really like but this particular teacher she took it easy. So it wasn’t like a very difficult class. But there are some classes where you literally come out here like drenched and sweat, but for this particular class. It was a pretty easy class. That’s what I’m trying to get at. So yeah, I want to show you guys the results of the slimmer belt and I want to show you whether or not if it did the job I want you to keep in mind. Keep an eye on the top of the gray tank top when I take it off. You’re gonna notice that there isn’t very much sweat and that the sweat is actually concentrated around my midsection. Okay? Okay, so here we are. Alright So as you guys can see there’s just a little bit of sweat here. Just a tiny bit of sweat here. Usually, when I would go to hot yoga I would be covered from sweat. So I would be sweating here… my arms. I would be sweating all over like this my shirts gonna be completely wet, but for some reason with a slimmer as you can get a little peak here. Can you guys see that? Look at that! So, I don’t know if you guys can see that but it’s pretty pretty wet. It’s actually soaking wet. Okay, so there we go so far. I’m just gonna come closer. So that you guys can see. See that! So wow! This is soaking wet. Alright, there it is. Look at that! So, yeah, it looks like! It looks like. The slimmer did the job. All the sweat is concentrated to this midsection here, all right. Okay, so after showing you guys that. I I would highly recommend the slimmer as I mentioned, there’s all kinds of slimmers out there. I’m gonna put a list of slimmers that I think are worth it. But of course you can always buy it. I bought my Winners. But I’d like to do a lot of online shopping myself, but I just happened to see it at Winners. If you guys have been following me for a while, you know, I’ve been weight-loss journey and I lost a bunch of weight. So I right now. I’m at the point where I’m wanting to add more physical activity to my lifestyle, I didn’t do very much exercise for my weight loss. But right now I’m in maintenance mode and I’m looking for something that I can add to my lifestyle. So that I can continue losing weight… if you guys are interested in what eating right now to maintain my weight. I’m eating omad and I’m trying to keep my diet as low carb as possible and I’m actually thinking about going back into keto. I’m thinking about it. Not a hundred percent sure yet. Probably 90% sure. So there you go hot yoga might not be for you but maybe walking is for you, but definitely. I’d recommend that you try the slimming belt and see what the results you get I’m not gonna do it for a hot yoga as an everyday thing. I might do it as I’m once in a while thing. The reason being is that this belt is a really amazing support for the lower back and the back in general and the torso and I don’t really want my body to become dependent on that. I want to be able to I want to use my I have muscles my back muscles to to help me strengthen my core. So I’m not going to use the belt for that reason. But like I said, I’m gonna use about once a while but if you’re looking to shed, you know some excess water weight or you’re looking to have the water leave your body from a specific area, I guess. The slimming belt? It would be something that you may want to try. Alright, I think I’ve said everything I want to say. Um Thank you so much for watching and please give this video a thumbs up and share with everyone you know, I love you guys so very much. Well, thank you guys so much for watching please subscribe. Please like the share and I want all of you guys to stay happy and healthy.

5 thoughts on “Slimming belt for weight loss | Does it work?

  1. Hello everyone: How are you doing? I am now starting to add some activity to my lifestyle. Well, hot yoga and walking. I FINALLY DECIDED TO TRY A SLIMMING BELT FOR WORKOUTS. This was the first slimming belt I have ever tried. I was very curious to do the review. I purchased the slimmer with my own money. This is NOT a sponsored video. Video premieres tonight at 10pm est (July 13-2019)
    I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for your continued support. It means the world to me! Lola

  2. I also use the arm trimmers, it doesn't sweat as much as the belt, but still working. Excited to see your video! I have clicked the set reminder. 😍

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