SLIM LEGS + BURN FAT: 30 Best Exercises in 15 min TABATA (Results in 2 Weeks) ◆ Emi ◆

SLIM LEGS + BURN FAT: 30 Best Exercises in 15 min TABATA (Results in 2 Weeks) ◆ Emi ◆

100 thoughts on “SLIM LEGS + BURN FAT: 30 Best Exercises in 15 min TABATA (Results in 2 Weeks) ◆ Emi ◆

  1. will this workout actually slim down your legs instead of bulky calves and thighs? Because there are a lot of exercises in this video that are known to make your legs bulkier because that's not what i'm looking for

  2. Its been 3 months and a half that im doing your workouts but still, when it looks easy it doesn’t mean that it is ! An “easy” exercise can be difficult and burns a lot ! Thank you for all your workouts and also to be a model for me 💫💓

  3. Does this actually work? I don’t want my thighs/legs to get muscular. I just want them to be slimmer and a little muscular but not bulky. Does this actually slim down your legs. And the inner thighs?

  4. Keep Talking! It honestly helps me a lot to keep on going. It distracts me from the pain. Thanks for all the videos they really are helping me a lot.

  5. Dont talk less! I love it when u talk.. u keep motivating me and all ur words really give me strength! Love u emi ^^

  6. I know I’m kind of late, but can I ask a question? Do you have a video/ know any exercises on how to get a smaller butt? Because….yeah..if not that’s okay. Also love your workouts they work so well <3

  7. 15 mins….slim arms….30 exercise great…….always sweat …..feel more fat burns…..thank u so much emi….

  8. Please, don’t talk less. When you talk, you help us to go though the pain and focus on what we’re doing. You also keep us motivated. Ignore these kind of negative comments. Don’t let them influence your work. We love and support you 💕

  9. Please talk more! When you talk it distracts me and I dont think I would die as much😂

  10. Done this morning 💪
    Thank you again for all your hard work for us ! You're a real inspiration 😊

  11. anyone know how many calories this burns like for an average person? btw don't stop talking in your videos, it motivates me!!

  12. Amazing workout!! This is one of my favourite. This is always on my list whenever I workout😘
    I have been doing this for like 20 days and I have lost 1 inch from my buttocks and my thighs have also slimmed down! Thank youuuu Emiiii❤️ Keep bringing such amazing workouts🎈

  13. U r the only utuber whom I trust blindly. U don't exaggerate things like losing 10kgs in 10days . Love from India 😊😊😊😊

  14. Can we do this exercise after breakfast? Cause I m tired after doing Ur full body workout 😅😅😅

  15. Hey Emi.. i have been following ur videos for a month now and i can actually see the change in my legs n thighs. I am sooo soo thankful to you for such great exercises n for all the motivation you give during the exercise.

  16. emi, keep moving on and I am gonna keep moving on with you ! Thank you for your exercise video and I enjoy the background music as much as you talk !

  17. I love your voice and it definitely motivates me during the exercises . Don't get affected by any _ve comment . ❤️

  18. Amazing workout as usual! And omg “talk too much”?! They’re only jel, ignore those absolute haters🙈

  19. Going to actually start this workout because I have problems with my thigh area. Lmao! hopefully I see results in 2 weeks 🙂
    (Also I am doing other workouts with this!)

    DAY 1: Workout felt good! I only skipped one in the video, did other workouts, and I ate healthy today!! KEEP GOING
    DAY 2: Completed my workouts again! still the same 🙂
    DAY 3/4: forgot to log in on day3 but everything is still the same. I can’t tell quite a difference yet. Unfortunately I did give myself a treat 😛 I will get back on track!
    DAY 5: I took a rest because my legs felt tense and I needed a break.
    DAY 6: completed! I kind of see a slight difference in my lower thigh 😮
    UPDATE (jun 21): so its been over a week and I didn't do this workout everyday. I did it 3-4 times a week because I've been noticing that my legs were becoming tense, so I needed to rest. Otherwise I liked this workout really much! I have seen some changes; my lower thigh has gotten slightly slimmer, and my upper is the same which is fine. I'd say if I keep doing this workout for a couple more months I'll finally get my desired result. Patience is key, and building up the strength with a healthy diet will get you there.

  20. Is wonderful and effective workout! I like your style emi ♥ ☺☺
    But can you list down how many calories that are burn next Time?? 🤔🤔😄😄

  21. I think I almost passed out. After the first 5 I told myself it would only get easier. Pfff was I wrong. Love these workouts ♥️

  22. guys what really helps is to never look at the minutes on the video trust me it will go by much faster

  23. So this says 2 week results☆ Let's hope♡ I'll be doing this everyday and will update daily<3 Let's goooooooooo;)

  24. I'm gonna do this
    Day 1: Done
    Day 2: Done. If my legs change, i'll describe in detail
    Day 3: When I were doing Groiner, st happened with my thigh. I'm so sore then I stopped =(( I'll back tomorrow

  25. awww i miss your talking, it really helps me to keep on going pls don’t talk less 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  26. me when i'm working out: *tired* omg i think i see heaven, i think i'm dying!
    Emi Wong: you're almost there, you can do it! come on you can burn it!
    me: LETS DO THIS!!

    please, don’t stop talking during your workout videos, they keep me so motivated and stop me from giving up❤️

  27. I really love your videos!! working out for more than 6-7 months, I noticed that I was having abs, but their where more big than small. What I wanted, probably cause I did mostly crunches style workouts, but when I saw your flat abb video I loved it, then I took 1 week of from that 6 month to 7 month of working out I really needed it. But I gained so much fat on my thighs! Thx for this video! I hope I can get my thighs back to how they used to look like💜💜💜

  28. EMI WONG ….u are just amazing and your videos too. It gives motivation and are not impossible to do …..which is great!
    Love from India🇮🇳

  29. I already see some results from just doing this a second time cuz it was easier to do Wich means I'm getting stronger:)💪

  30. does this work? i need results by two weeks, so i’d appreciate if anyone could tell me if this makes a difference, thanks!

  31. So, I'm trying this out and will update daily. I'm hoping to do this for two weeks straight or more, but I am going to continue if this shows progress. I'm going to be following the video exactly- no other workouts- , but after 7 days, I’ll be adding another workout of Emi’s (here —> ) and ALSO attempting to eat healthier. 😂 I promise to give actual genuine results.

    Day 1: Exhausting, but Emi keeps me motivated. No results yet.

    Day 2: Today my thighs were sore from yesterday, but I did the workout and felt the burn. Either I can’t see, or I may have lost 1-2 pounds. No visible results.

    Day 3: Ughh sorry. I cheated and ate really unhealthy today. No changes.

    Day 4: I can feel the workout starting to get easier. Still exhausted by the end but lasted longer before I did. Looks like I made up for yesterday and lost one pound. Starting tomorrow, I’m going on a diet so it should really help. (And for anybody wondering, I am going on a low-carb diet and intermittent fasting.)

    Day 5: Been eating healthy today, pretty proud! Lost 4 pounds, so 6 in total. I’m SEEING the thigh fat get smaller just a bit. Finally, visible results are coming!

  32. I love it bt cant do the high knee one fast has to jus stand leave them up that ok .bt give more leg work plz plus abs,butt,arm and love handle

  33. no no, I love it when you talk during the video; it distracts me from the pain and continuously motivates me more!! I’ve been trying to find a video like this for so long and I’m so glad that I found this. Thank you Emi!! Keep on doing what you’re doing 😊💓💓

  34. I finished just right now
    Two mounths i was doing this workout, but still eat unhealthy
    So i think you know the resultes

  35. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  36. hey ! if i will understand we have to do that everyday ? i mean this video 15 min each day of the week? did someone as results ? 🙂

  37. This Exercise is actually so effective I have been doing it for 3 days and I lost 1kg and my legs are now smaller, Thank you Emi for this workout😁

  38. I’m on my 2nd week already (I do this everyday), but somehow I got a major cramp on my glute area that I have to stop the routine. 😖 I did warm up beforehand tho. Hopefully I can continue this again tomorrow. Anyway even though I had a major cramp, THIS WORKOUT WORKS!!

  39. so guys,I'm going to updade my progress here😁
    height:150 cm
    weight:56 kg
    (I won't be able to update my weight till the 19th of August,but if I notice some changes,I am going to write them down)

    [week 1]
    day 1:it was challenging but not too much,but i was drenched in sweat [31/07]
    day 2:in the morning i felt some cramps because of day 1,but still got throught the workout[1/08]
    day 3:had to skip because of really strong pain in my legs[2/08]
    day 4:couldn't do it because of a wedding[3/08]
    day 5:again had to skip because of a sort of after-wedding[4/08]
    day 6:finally i was able to do the workout again😁[5/08]
    day 7:didn't feel any pain in the morning,did the workout[6/08]

    [week 2]
    day 1:had to skip because of a headache[7/08]
    day 2:did the workout,today it was easier and very enjoyable,i noticed i am getting better at some exercises that were super difficult(for me)in the beginning[8/08]
    day 3:did the workout,like yesterday it was pretty fun[9/08]
    day 4:had to skip[10/08]
    day 5:did the workout,again it was fun[11/08]
    day 6:did it,but today it was more challenging,probably because of the hot weather[12/08]
    day 7:did it again,difficult in the beginning,VERY easy towards the end[13/08]

    [week 3]
    day 1:skipped[14/08]
    day 2:did it[15/08]
    day 3:had to skip[16/08]

    also I am not dieting,just eating 3 meals a day,wich are not too large,and i munch on every bite as much as I can.
    This helps me feel full without overeating.
    I used to eat a lot more just because I was eating fast.
    I also drink 2 litres of water a day,so i don't feel as hungry as i usually did back when i drank very little.

    so guys it is the 19 of August and my weight went down to 52.2!!!!
    Sooo happy with these resultsssss but I won't be updating this anymore 'cause this workout was difficult just because if the jumping parts since i have a very short breath,so now I am switching to an older video of emi wich is this one:
    I will also be doing this one:
    So guys this definitly works,if you don't have a hard time dealing with your breath,I totally recomend this👍❤
    Amazing vids Emi🌸🌹💖

  40. 你好啊Emi🙈想請問可唔可以出一啲適合學生做嘅workout同埋食譜啊?因為返學放學課外活動搞到成日都唔夠時間做運動,所以希望可以出一啲比較短、隨時可以做到嘅動作/exercise❤️

  41. I know this workout will help slim my thighs but Idk if it will make my booty bigger or smaller, can u guys tell me, cuz i want a smaller one
    Ps: I love u emi and I like all of your workout, your channel is goal

  42. Hi emi .. u look superb in this dress…
    I use to do one single exercise 100 to 150 with rest between partitioned single day basis.. your type workout is spontaneous.. does this work well … I have attached your monthly workout time table in my bedroom.. and sure to follow 😘💐
    Thanks a lot

  43. thanks for your help. I used this diet for 2 weeks: the2weekdietnow. com (G00GLE it)
    and lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I recommend it 💕❤❤

  44. Your motivational talks keep me going so I’m sure everyone would like it if you keep doing what you usually do

  45. that is realy killer excercise… i followed from start till end i am almost split out my soul… omg im so breathles but i look very much forward to feel nd look better … thank you emi💜💜😊😊

  46. Hi Emi, can you do a video about your workout clothes collection and where you got them from? I really like them all 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  47. Other -Now before you leave remember to subscribe, like, share, push that bell icon….
    Emi – now before you leave remember to stretch

  48. For those of u who wanted to know whether the workouts worked or not this comment is for u…
    I have been doing the workouts daily from the playlist for the last 10 days (i will be updating every 11th day of my progress)
    Note: i do excercise twice a day and keep changing my routine together with emi's workout i do 2 more

    Day 1: 71.2kg
    Day2: 70.7kg
    Day3: 70.4kg
    Day4: 70.3kg (i ate some junk food)
    Day5: 70.4kg (heavy workout)
    Day6: 70kg (cheat day)
    Day7: 70.1kg
    Day8: no change
    Day9: 70kg
    Day10: 69.7kg

    #no pain no gain ♪\(*^▽^*)/\(*^▽^*)/

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