Simple Steps to LOSE STOMACH FAT Fast! (Hindi / Punjabi)

Simple Steps to LOSE STOMACH FAT Fast! (Hindi / Punjabi)

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video or not, doesn’t matter, no worries. Long story short, today we will talk about
you have fat on your stomach and it doesn’t go away. You say “Sunny I’ve tried all the
workouts in the world, Keto diet, kutta diet, Katu diet, but my fat doesn’t go away from
my stomach, I am thinking of getting a gastric bypass surgery, what should Ido,
followed such trainer, I wasted so much money even then I can’t lose the weight”. The number
one reason why I don’t lose fat from stomach. First you have to understand how weight loss
works. I recently shared a video with you what the concept of weight loss is, how the
heart rate goes up how you need to count your macros. Make sure you watch this series of
our talk shows that is running you will get your answer. But right now we will talk about
how to remove stomach fat. First you have to understand whether you are a man or woman,
when we start working out we are talking about people who have never worked out. When we
start going to the gym. Let’s first talk about guys. When guys workout first their face shrinks
then their butt, and that’s how you start to shrink. Then if this is your body, it starts
to shrink to a point such that all your fat comes to the stomach and then after that it
starts to burn. If we talk about women, first women lose fat from face then from chest,
then slowly just like the men their stomach starts to shrink slowly and then it comes
from side to front then on stomach then your stomach fat vanishes. Now we understand how
our body burns fat. Let’s assume you’ve been losing weight for 4 months but my stomach
fat isn’t burning. Number one reason is you are so concerned about your stomach that you
keep doing abs crunches like donkeys from morning to night. It doesn’t work like this.
It doesn’t matter how much ab workout you do you won’t burn fat from stomach. Just like
if you say I have man boobs or I have fat on chest and you keep doing chest weights,
no it is all in your diet. We have to understand where our body stores food. If you eat food
or eat weight gainer, or anything you eat, it doesn’t stay in the mouth, it goes down
and goes to the stomach. So everything gets stored at your stomach. Now the thing is,
if you are eating junk food then your body will store all the junk on your stomach. So,
for example, you need 1500 calories as maintenance for the day, but you eat 2000 calories and
you burn 500 calories then you are not in calorie deficit, your calories are not in
minus, nothing is happening. You are going to the gym for 2 hours and you are doing proper
diet but your stomach fat isn’t reducing. So Number 1 you have to understand that your
body has to be in a Calorie deficit for you to lose weight. Whether you are losing from
the stomach or anywhere else number one is your diet. In principle your diet is the first
thing, if your diet is good automatically your weight will come down. Weight will go
down and automatically your stomach will go in. Now you say that I am doing all of this
but my stomach fat isn’t coming off. Few reasons we can tell you based on our experience as
a trainer that why your fat isn’t going away. Now we get this question a lot in the gym,
that I do so much workout but my stomach fat isn’t coming off. Number one, if you want
to lose fat from stomach, never miss three muscle groups, Legs, chest and your back.
These are three major muscle groups, this, back and legs. When you train these automatically
these are your bigger muscles. These are bigger muscles, the more you train these the faster
your body will build muscles. The faster you grow muscles the more your body will constantly
your muscles will stay in stress and will demand more food. If you are giving your body
clean food all day and your body is in calorie deficit even if your body isn’t in calorie
deficit even if your body is on even number, you need 1500 calories and you are eating
1500 calories but your protein intake is a lot and carbs in take is low. Carbs is a source
of energy that is, there is simple carbs and complex carbs, that you get from different
food items. Like roti, rice, everything has carbs in it. Pizza has the most tastiest carbs,
we just endorsed Pizza Hut too, their carbs are the best and on number two is Dominos
pizza. Long story short, even if you are giving your body even calories and your carbs ratio
is low and your fat ratio is low and your sugar ratio is low but your protein ratio
is high, because protein is essential for muscle building. So you now worked out, you
did your chest, back or legs. Even when we train someone in the gym for fat loss and
they can only workout for 3 days then we cover these 3 muscles, and we don’t cover arms or
other muscles. Once you have trained these three big muscles they demand food you give
them cleaner food, and now you gave your body clean food your muscles grew and you rested
and your muscle grew. Next day your body needs food and your muscles are hungry, they constantly
want energy they are pumped there is blood and oxygen there. Then they go to the stored
fat deposit, and where is your fat gathered, on the stomach, automatically the muscle will
pull fat from stomach. Number one reason what happens with people is why they aren’t losing
fat from stomach is because they are doing stomach workouts from morning to evening.
No, smaller muscle group, the bicep is small, extensor, flexor, tricep, traps, shoulder,
front head, anterior, lateral, rear head, small muscle, calves, obliques, abs, these
are small muscles, you don’t have to worry about them, because they will be build automatically.
Unless you are into competitive bodybuilding and you want to be a bodybuilder, that situation
is different. But I am giving you a basic idea how to get rid of fat from the stomach.
Three major groups you need to hit, your chest, your back and your legs. The more you work
them with honesty and dedication the fast you will remove fat from the body, specially
your stomach fat. You say ok i’ve done this all but the fat from my stomach doesn’t go
away. Now I will tell you what’s wrong. When we do our assessment when we train someone
in the gym, we do a consultation we do a one hour detail analysis assessment. We look at
what their potential is. How much is he psychologically involved in workout. The reason why we do
an assessment, as a matter of fact we charge for that assessment we don’t do the consultation
for free. But we do this consultation because we need to understand. So we look at the person’s
age, height, weight, BMI, BMR, Body Fat Percentage, lean muscle mass, water ratio, stamina, rep
max, blood pressure, visceral fat, after looking at all that we make their profile. Then we
guide them based on that profile. Now what is in that profile. There is one way that
you get on your weight scale. Specially the ladies are so keen about measuring their weight.
“Put me on the weight scale and measure my weight, check my weight my weight isn’t going
down”. First the women check their weight, then you take your measurements, then you
take measurement of your stop, middle and bottom part of your stomach. Take measurement
of your chest, back, arms, forearms, shoulders, butt, quads, calves. Put all the body measurements
on paper. And most importantly take your pictures, from the front, from the side and from back,
take these three pictures for sure. So let’s say you started a workout today. Take any
of our fat loss series, beginner series or intermediate series, or advance series, take
any of our series and take our diet plan. Now that you started, the first thing you
should do is take your pictures, naked. Guys can take it topless and women can take it
in sports bra (in undergarments). Front, side and back. Then record your weight on paper
and your measurements too. Every 20 days, which becomes a month, 20 means if you are
working 5 days a week then after a month you take your pictures again and take your measurements
again and measure your weight again. There is no point of measuring these every week.
Check your weight every month and do it at the same time. If you started workout today
at 8am in the morning or you took measurements at 8am in the morning, or you checked your
weight at 8am then after a month record your measurements at that same time. If you are
taking your measurements on an empty stomach without workout and you are checking your
weight without eating and if after a month you do it at night you will have a 4 to 5
lb difference, about 2kg, you will faint just by seeing that difference. So keep that in
mind that when you are doing your measurements, when you are doing your own assessment do
it at the same time. If you do it after workout then after a month do it after working out
the same muscle group so that you can see the difference. I tell people that from day
1 to day 30, workout for yourself where you feel good, from day 30 to day 60 others will
comment you, whether man or woman, that you are looking great, you have been working out.
Day 60 to day 90, after 3 months when you look at your own pictures then you will realize
oh wow yes there has been a difference. They say that a laddu (indian sweet) always looks
bigger in the other person’s plate. No matter what you do, you will never like your own
body. Even if you lose 50 pounds and your abs come out even then you’ll find some man
boob, or this boob or your fat butt, or your face will grow big, and you will just sit
there with a swollen face. So you need to understand that to remove stomach fat the
most important thing is your dedication. Because even if your abs come out and you are in 8%
body fat, if you eat one month of junk your stomach will come out again because your body
stores fat right at the stomach. Make a goal and three muscle group, never miss chest,
back and legs and do your own assessment every 30 days. With a proper plan that is. Let’s say you
want to be a doctor when you grow up, first you study, you pass 10th grade, then FSc,
then BSc, then Medical school, it’s a full plan that government has made, medical schools
have made. Similarly if you want to make a body you gotta attack your body, make a plan
for your body, that this is my plan for the month. Next month is this plan, after six
months this is my plan. Just like that target your body with a full plan, that’s how you
will be able to get rid of it. At the end of the day there is no special workout that
do this exercise or do that exercise. If you do abs workout, the most you will get from
doing that is, your muscles won’t grow, you are making endurance. Just like if you were
to do 1000 bicep curls and your bicep isn’t going to become like Kai Green’s bicep. Nothing
is really going to happen, you are just tearing the muscle fibers. So the same thing is with
stomach if you are doing abs workout you are just strengthening your core and your muscles
will just become a bit more lean and defined but you will never see your abs unless your
body fat percentage doesn’t come down into single digit which is less than 10% fat. Simple
fat, with a very simple trick, this is how you can get rid of your stomach fat, by training
3 major groups with a proper plan and proper nutrition plan, there is no science, there
is no special workout to get rid of your stomach fat, and there is no PILL that it will just
target stomach fat, there is no such thing as a spot reduction. If you like this, you
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