SHOW DAY VLOG | IFBB Bikini Portland Classic | Undeniable S3 Ep 13

SHOW DAY VLOG | IFBB Bikini Portland Classic | Undeniable S3 Ep 13

show day vlog undeniable season 3 episode 13 welcome to the show Dave luck welcome to
the show welcome to the show if you guys can’t
tell by this color it is the night before my show and I am so freaking
happy I’m so happy I have my tan on I got my number so I want to show you guys
what I got in my goodie bag I just ended the vlog so you guys haven’t watched
that watch that and then come watch this showed a vlog but let me show you what
we got but first how much do you love your new chew toy
say thank you mommy I feel special is my weekend – you’re so cute oh my goodness
it hurts okay so in our goodie bag we got a Portland classic t-shirt and they
also give us a ton of healthy snacks I am so happy that they gave us healthy
snacks and do not overload us with junk I really appreciate that so Thank You
spectrum fitness and I even write a little thank-you card which i think is
so sweet and just adds a nice personal touch so I love that we get goodie bags
and t-shirts and it just makes it nice and now it’s time to show you guys my
bikini and heels so this is my gorgeous bikini that I’m wearing tomorrow guys
it’s literally perfect it’s exactly what I wanted I wanted the skinny connectors
here and the little skinny two rail connectors here have different colored
jewels on here this is by toxic angels bikinis and I am just so excited the
second that I put it on it fit like a glove I couldn’t believe like how well
the bottoms fit to like it just it makes everything look so nice and I’ll show
you the back – so the back is just the regular pro cut it’s kind of hard to
show when you’re just holding it so I’ll show you guys when I’m wearing it
tomorrow of course and then this cannot I just got this one right here she I
think is so pretty so this blue is definitely my color you guys know that
so I am just so happy with it it turned out so well and I can’t wait to tell you
guys more and show you more when I have it on and then these heels I just
recently got from glam competition jewelry and I decided to go all out with
the bedazzles and I am so happy I love these I feel so cute and so just sassy
in them I feel like I posed better in them and I’m just so happy with these as
well figured I might as well show you the rest of my glam competition jewelry
so I also have these earrings so these will go here I got this five row
bracelet so it’s a little bit of a smaller skinnier bracelet and then
bigger bracelet like square one on each hand this ring which I may or may not
wear it’s pretty big so I’m just gonna decide tomorrow and then I also got this
small ring which I’ll definitely wear regardless if I wear the big one or not
and then yes my number for the show is 12 so I like the number 12 no personal
attachment to it but I think it’s a good number so I’m happy with that very happy
with that so oh my gosh I can’t believe that this is happening I just made a
post to Instagram with my number and just telling you run thank you so much
for the support but it’s my number one goal right now to unplug as much as
possible and I just have not relaxed so I just want to relax right now I’m
eating steak and rice and I just told Vinny it was like we’re on vacation and
it’s just me and you what do you want to do no cellphones we just get to hang out
do whatever we want to do Vinny we’re on vacation and we could do whatever we
want it for like an hour until they go to sleep so eating my icon meal just
steak and race this would be one of the last meals I also have some creamy rice
next because I’m carb loading a little bit
and Law & Order SVU because that’s what’s always on in the hotel room and
I’m I’m here for it you know watch random TV and not talk yes you guys how
beautiful is this bikini the end of the day and I just did my very last check-in
with coach he just came here and just left and we just took a look at
everything went through my posing and I am just I couldn’t be happier like wait
I gotta flex onstage tomorrow it’s gonna be amazing happy show day meal number one is a
pancake egg whites and steak all custom ordered from Icahn meals I just put on
another coat of tan so I am currently very tan and naked so I’ll vlog in just
a minute good morning everybody it is show day I
put on another coat of tan and I did not color my face because your makeup artist
never wants you to put tan on your face so I know it looks crazy and this this
color is required for competitors so for anyone that’s new to my channel or
doesn’t know much about bodybuilding it’s basically just to make sure that
everyone has the same skin tone on stage and the stage lights are very bright so
if you don’t have a very dark tan you won’t be able to see any of the muscle
separation or just a muscle fullness or how could you look and how hard you
worked so it just helps I’ve learned to like have the same you know the same
type of color and be able to see the muscle the best way so that’s why we get
really really dark and that’s why our faces are white until we do our makeup
when you do your makeup you won’t match it exactly to your tan it’ll be lighter
than your face but it’ll be more blended in so I’m gonna go get my makeup done by
V we’re going to take little Vinnie for a walk would you like to go for a walk
and then go get makeup done see yes mom all right you guys it is just about an
hour and a half away from me stepping onstage I am very excited I’ve been just
keeping to myself this morning and doing things that fill me up I’ve not been on
my phone not been I haven’t scrolled once I’m not looking at any text
messages there I see a ton pouring in which just feels good to know that I
have the support and it’ll make me smile so big when I read this later but I just
wanted to be really intentional about being the person that fills my mind
today versus anyone else filling my mind so I filled it with the right things I’m
feeling good I’m feeling ready on you guys
you have to know by now what time it is oh my gosh thank you I feel I know yes I will I well I’m gonna be in the
moment I love you guys thank you okay okay so here literally the best that’s
it we ready family there’s nothing else to do nothing else to say
uh so happy like just I don’t know if he was to tell a hostess awesome I wanted
to share with you guys what I’m bringing in my showed a bag so I have all my
bands with different resistance there’s like 15 pound 25 and 10 my wallets my
bikini heels a pair of backup bikini heels just some dry shampoo in case I
need it last-minute all of my tanning stuff to touch up if I need to touch up
and here I have my earrings my number and my lipstick with a little mirror and
headphones and that’s it oh well and then also I’m heating up steak and rice
and then is it yeah it’s already in here I have rice cakes and peanut butter in
there we play our cards pray you will find out
just who we are we built us a mansion from broken parts
and filled all the emptiness with broken parts king of this castle I wear the
crown open and live some when I reach the ground the demons in my head of am
surrounding the same we play our cards praying we’ll find out just how we are
we build us a mansion from broken hearts and fill all the emptiness with broken
parts nervous castle where the crown and so all right you guys I just got off stage
for prejudging and the results are in I got second call-out and then they cut me
in the middle of for third call as well and like kept comparing people to all of
us to each other so I got a lot of stage practice but clearly it was not my day
to day and I wanted to like record in this exact moment and not later when I
get to my hotel room because I I want you guys to feel my energy and feel
where I’m at right now so truthfully the thing that went through my mind when it
relates to was that first call-out was immediately these were my thoughts I
said I smiling I was like damn and I was like all right I got a I got a win like
I got her I was like damn and I said all right I got a lose like a champion and I
stood tall and he stood proud and I told myself in my head I am a champion I was
like sat there waiting for a second call out so that’s the mindset that you have
to have because my one will come I have no doubt but second call out feel good
I’m really excited to get feedback from the judges because I have a show next
weekend so I really want to see if there are some improvements that I can make
before then but for now I’m gonna get dressed okay guys it is many hours later I’ve
had some time to rest and I updated my Instagram so if you guys didn’t watch my
story you definitely need to watch that but I kind of explained more about my
mentality and just where I’m at right now and I told you guys from the get-go
that I’m here for the entire journey and you guys this is such a beautiful part
of the journey also let’s just take a moment to be thankful and grateful for
the fact that I didn’t even really acknowledge this earlier because I
didn’t realize it until I went back and watched the video but they did first
call out and then they told the top-three to go back to the line and
then they called more people out and that’s when they called me out so they
compared me to girls that were still in the first call-out so it looks like I’m
getting anywhere from six to eighth place out of 21 or 22 people I think
which is amazing it’s so amazing that is such good results especially not having
been on stage for two years whoo I’m so proud of that guys when I finally saw
myself on stage I hadn’t seen any stage videos I had no idea what I really
looked like up there didn’t really know what my presentation looked like I just
knew how I felt I saw it on video someone sent it to me and I literally
started like tearing up and try not to cry my pretty makeup off and I think up
still looks perfect though a few tears did come out because I was so happy and
so beyond proud of myself I have never looked this good on stage ever and prep
was so incredibly hard you guys know that if you’ve been following my videos
and so for all that hard work just to pay off like that that’s you just got
chills you can’t see it I just got crazy chills like it’s the most incredible
feeling in the world and no one can take away that no one can take that away from
me so regardless of placing you guys I’m so
freakin happy and I’ve also learned a lot about the show there’s a lot that
I’m going to change going into the next show which I will definitely cover in an
upcoming video but for now I am actually going to do it pump up in little workout
right here in my room and then just walk to the venue because it’s right there so
I’m gonna pump up here get ready go and I’m going to finish tall and proud and
stand nice and proud for finals and stand there just as if I have that
winning champion on my had or that sword in my hand that’s how
I’m going to perform because a champion that knows how to lose a champion knows
how to take the hits and the wins and in truthfully even though this is a hit
compared to the first place that we were all going after it’s amazing when you
take income you know when you take into consideration the fact that it’s
anywhere from six to eight place out of 22 people 22 amazing amazing pros they
all looked incredible up there so truthfully you guys I’m so happy and
like I’m a pro like this is what I do I compete this is what I do so you know
this is one marked off the list there’s gonna be so many more there’s gonna be
many more ups and downs good and bad and this is not a bad one by the way I’m
like ecstatic if you can’t tell I’ll be honest I’ll let you guys know if I have
a bad one or I’ll let you know if I’m really upset or something like that but
I’m not I’m beyond excited and I’m so excited to get back up there for finals
so with that have a minute footage of left a minute footage left on my SD card
so I got to go I love you guys so much and if I don’t end the video in the next
clip then just know that I love you give this video a thumbs up please and stick
around because I feel amazing I feel refreshed and the journey is not over
actually the journey has just begun this this right here was step one it was
really freaking hard to get here to step one but now I don’t step one and I’ve
just tasted just the smallest bit of it I’m coming for more there’s more you guys oh my gosh it is the next
morning and if you guys follow me on Instagram then you know that I got the
best surprise ever last night so yesterday it looked like I got second
call-out and it looked like I was not placing at all and I was super happy
because I looked amazing on stage like it couldn’t have been a better day I was
just so happy and at finals I was like beaming I was even better than I was at
prejudging felt even more amazing in my routine and at finals they did a
confirmation round and when they did the first call-out they called me out Morgan
Lindsey Joan ray biller and 20a C Torres which 20 and 11s which I need seven and eight to switch but tea
ladies do 180 face that back wall I walk every back and hold away that’s
it she was face forward and walk her back Hey ladies take a step back to either
side and they moved us all around and then when they called for awards
I got sixth place so I placed top six which meant got a pretty medal show you
guys in a minute but it was just so unexpected I was so happy and so excited
and I got amazing feedback from the judges so afterwards I went and talked
to the judges and posing routine through stage presents like everything is just
so beautiful and then one of the judges gave me some really good feedback and
said that I could present my shoulders and my back post butter and she believes
I can do my back pose better overall which we just present me better on stage
keep coming so we’re there we did it I’m so happy
and it’s like honestly the best surprise so let me show you guys the hardware
they’re so sweet and they give all of the pros little crowns I absolutely love
that and then this bad boy is what I got
around my neck last night so happy and so thankful for this this is just step
one along the very long amazing incredible journey and I’m going on we
frickin did it guys step one so yes we compete next weekend next weekend we
will be at the Golden State in Sacramento if any of you guys want to
come hang out with us we will be there Oh having this little man this weekend
was the best thing in the world you made my entire weekend dude do you know that
do you know how much I love you it’s a lot so with that now we can prop really
close the vlog that is just step one along this amazing journey that I’m
going on like feels so good my first show back in two years and I end up
placing so happy and pleased with that I could not be more thankful and excited
right now so I am headed to the gym it is
7:00 a.m. the next day and I went to bed at like 1:00 but I’m just excited and I
need to get to work because there’s the video thumbs up on your way out
come down below let me know your thoughts such a good ending I love you
guys bye

27 thoughts on “SHOW DAY VLOG | IFBB Bikini Portland Classic | Undeniable S3 Ep 13

  1. Do those shoes run true to size? Or did you order half size bigger? I ordered some from the shoe fairy and Iโ€™m usually an 8 and the 9โ€™s fit just right. I like these better and want to try them but curious of size! Tysm!

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  4. This was hands down your best package yet ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป you really shone up there and I know you will only continue to improve!!! Congrats on your placing โ™ฅ๏ธ and ALSO – what is the song with the sax in it???

  5. Love your parents!!! The suit is gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜!! So happy u got 1st call out!! Good luck babes on all your future shows!!!

  6. Girl!! You looked AMAZING! I just finished my first competition season this week and I can totally identify with you in this vlog ๐Ÿ’• thanks for the positive motivation ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ช

  7. This was such a beautiful video. Your dad praying over you always brings me to tears. Thank you for showing us how to be grateful no matter your circumstance.

  8. So so excited for you!!!! Canโ€™t wait to watch the work you will continue to put in to get better and better on stage! Way to go ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿฅณ

  9. I donโ€™t know how you managed to only get 6th place. You looked way better than the other girls. On to the next!!! Youโ€™ll do even better the next, no doubt!

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