Short-Run Cost Curves (Part 3)- Micro Topic 3.2

Short-Run Cost Curves (Part 3)- Micro Topic 3.2

Hey! How you doin’ econ students as you hire more inputs like workers the additional output produced by these workers is going to go up and eventually start going down because of the law of the marginal diminishing returns as workers specialize the additional output they produce goes up and up and up

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  1. this explanation is awesome thankz this is great for students for final revision before exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thank you so much for this vids. 15 min watching yr vids helped me understand more than 5 hrs of lectures. 🙂

  3. I never comment on any YouTube video but you changed that. Thank you so much for these videos. I have been trying to understand these concepts for so long but wasn't able to. But now I can because of you. Thanks a ton!!! Bless you.

  4. How can we find relationship between the two graphs? Was it mentioned somewhere that in the second case, the number of labourers are getting increased?

  5. Why would any firm be operating at the point before MC reaches its minimum? If I could decrease the cost of my production by hiring more workers, I would just do that. If MR (price) was higher than the min point of MC, I would want to be producing on the right side of the minimum, not the left side. No firm has any reason for ever being on the left!!!!!!

  6. GUYS!!!! the marginal cost curve is the DERIVATIVE of the total cost curve!!!! same thing with MP and TP! EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW

  7. Hey Mr. Clifford! Im horrible at Economics and I'm studying in India. The textbooks here explain these concepts SOO vaguely but everything is crystal clear after watching your videos and practicing along with them. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

  8. These concepts just would not stick with me until watching your series of videos! Thank you so much! You're totally helping me in declaring Econ as my major.

  9. Real talk. This video really explained it much better than the lecture. I feel like it is necessary to watch this before even reading what's in the recommended textbook as good warm-up.

  10. I really appreciate the extra effort you put into these videos, it really goes along way for me. It makes learning alot more fun for me!

  11. Love your concepts and explanation, however, isn't the Marginal weight explained incorrectly? It should the difference in the weight of the new person against the previous person? Kindly help me with this query. Great work again! You are very inspirational.

  12. Great video. I love the way you explain the concepts but I think that you should consider explaining a bit slower.

  13. This videos are so great. It help me to answer on my final exam. Before that i didnt know what is economic but when i already found this videos, its really help me. Thanks you very much sir . 🤗

  14. I love you. I was looking for this EXACT video title; you seem to have all the difficult Econ topics covered. I'm sending you a lifetime's supply of virtual pizzas via the comment section as a token of my sincerest gratitude.

    Who decides to take these two classes in the summer at the same time? This girl right here. 🙂

  16. watched some videos before my summer midterm and Aced doing the same for my final.. Youtube > Arizona State University

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    Genuinely I have no questions regarding the thing u taught
    Great content for students


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  21. Last class , last exam before grad. this test is the only thing between me and finishing my degree. Thanks for the videos. My professor makes me fall asleep and I have had insomnia for years, I don't know how she does it. LOL…. I got the ultimate review, I just wish the review had sequential videos start to finish all in one place to make it easier instead of having to hunt around for them. Another tip the click here links in the ultimate review don't work I just pauses the video instead of taking you any where. otherwise LOVE your stuff. Thanks for all you do.

  22. I don't get it why is everyone doing this stuff in high school and college… I'm doing this as a mandatory 8th grade class…….

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