Secrets of Successful Weight Loss –  Watch this First – Tips, Motivation and Mindset

Secrets of Successful Weight Loss – Watch this First – Tips, Motivation and Mindset

hello everyone I’m happy you’re here
again today we’re gonna talk about losing weight weight loss but way more
than this we’re gonna talk about being happy healthy and strong why is it so
hard to lose weight and why do people struggle to live healthy how do you
actually eat healthy let’s talk about this in this video now as you know I
once weighed a lot more I lost 25 kilograms in only four months about 18
years ago if you missed that story there’s the video right
here where I’m talking about losing those 25 kilograms and how I did it
ever since living healthy has been a top priority and topic of interest for me
first of all what does it actually mean to live happy and healthy I think it’s
not only about weight but some other things that have to be right first food
sports mindset they all work together to make you strong happy and healthy this
is the state we all should be in strong happy and healthy that’s how we are
meant to be why do we overeat or eat unhealthy in the first place why are we
so intrigued by the wrong foods it’s really more about what you eat then how
much you eat the whole food industry creates wrong beliefs because they want
to sell the products don’t trust them the more people that know the truth the
less they sell until they adapt I remember when I started my low carb diet
now almost eighteen years ago people believe that fatty food is bad some
people believe it till today they said I’m crazy to go low carb
they said it’s just another fad like a pineapple diet they kept saying they
tried everything and nothing worked just an excuse in my opinion they believed it
so hard and they defended their belief because it was pushed to them in the
media in advertising that fat is the culprit ultimately
pushed by the food industry in the background like a puppet master they
told people to eat high carbs and high sugar diets products that they sell but
low carb worked for years now for many people it took the industry some time to
adapt and now finally low sugar is a thing for
them too – but why eat all that artificial stuff it should be easily
comprehensible that the more natural a product is the closer to its original
state the better for us we are built to consume unprocessed food listen to that
we are built to consume unprocessed food but they the food industry they made us
addicted to bad stuff by adding things to it that we naturally crave for by
making it comfortable and easy and there’s also some logic to it from the
government’s perspective don’t trust them either it’s way harder to feed a lot
of people with healthy food like vegetables than it is to feed them with
grain wheat corn and sugar there’s a reason why ancient Egypt was one of the
first highly developed cultures they were able to feed a lot of people with
grain but there’s a big but to that they were also way more unhealthy than the
rest of the people that lived at a time it’s said that they had the same
cardiovascular diseases that we suffer from today considered all this
information and culture obstacles its habits that matter we get up stressed or
relaxed we try to feel good by eating bad something something that
advertisements teach us you have to build good habits and beliefs to live
happy healthy and strong by habits I mean you have to change things for the
good and apply them regularly for example if
you plan to work out more plan it on your agenda and then do it regularly
same day same time every week don’t even think about it anymore
just do it it also helps to do it with other people because then you support
each other for example go to the gym together it’s so hard to lose weight
because your body will trigger emotions it doesn’t want to lose weight angriness
anxiety food cravings that makes it hard and if you’re stressed it’s even harder
you have to get rid of stress and you can try to do this by adding routine to
your everyday life routine is key also and this is big and very important don’t
put yourself down if you failed once instead celebrate each and every small
success be happy focus on what you did right for example you also had a salad
with your food the path to big success is built by small successful baby steps
also support yourself by removing temptations and bad influence from your
environment don’t buy that bag of chips anymore so that it’s not there when you
crave for it don’t spend your time with people eating
cake all the time because that may have an influence on you too replace bad food
habits with good food habits if you crave for chips eat an apple instead or
a fruit in general and remember sugar is very addictive for example me myself I
could easily resist to eat gummy bears but once I eat just one gummy bear
I can hardly stop from eating the full pack of gummy bears so don’t even start
don’t say I eat less but stop eating the bad foods entirely that’s easier
actually however be happy with doing baby step start with
small changes but stick to them if you start from zero and decide to run every
day this will most certainly not work you will miss it once then beat yourself
up about it and quit instead start with once a week and just do it make it
routine for example every Sunday morning first thing without even thinking about
it wake up happy and be proud to go running then after it be proud to have it
done be happy of your success now finally how do you plan your meals
and here’s the big surprise that is actually the easiest part once you
understand that you have to build routines that lead to your goal low carb
works get rid of sugar wheat grain corn bread eat vegetables meat fish fruits
not processed fruit juices of course because they contain a lot of added
sugars keep it simple we eat the same things every day anyway so keep it
simple though I think you already knew that right just eat the things that are
already edible in nature without being processed is that you already knew they
were healthy but it’s rather a lack of belief in yourself or wrong beliefs that
are hard to change or lack of consistency that may hold you back
learn that it’s not food that makes you feel better don’t eat to be happy
there’s a lot of other things that can make you happy
find that and if you fail once don’t beat yourself up be happy of your
successes add some good behavior around your failures for example celebrate an
exceptional pizza by adding a salad first instead of beating yourself up add
some good behavior around it and be proud that you had that salad first and
enjoy the pizza without any conscience make it exceptional and enjoy
don’t have a bad conscience about it and don’t fall back to old behavior just
because of a bad conscience now I wish you a lot of success get happy healthy
and strong or keep happy healthy and strong and here’s the video that I
mentioned about my 25 kilograms weight loss watch that next you may enjoy it too and
I’ll see you next time bye

4 thoughts on “Secrets of Successful Weight Loss – Watch this First – Tips, Motivation and Mindset

  1. How hard is it to lose weight and why do people struggle to live more healthy?
    Also how to actually eat healthy? Let's talk about it in this video.

  2. Any tips for gaining weight, I’m immensely underweight and try to do whatever I can to gain weight but I’ve been progressing really slowly. Btw this video is also an inspiration for me. Feels bad I’ll miss ur streams as I’m going to a weekly hostel (will watch ur streams on Saturday which is AMAZING)

  3. Thanks for the tips this is helping me a lot since I just started trying to loose weight

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