Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 // Sports & Fitness First Run & Tests

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 // Sports & Fitness First Run & Tests

[Awesome music entrance] Hey folks, Ray at here,
today I’ve got the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 or, maybe it’s just Active Watch
2, Active, Active……it’s a lot of words so I’m just going to go with Active 2,
because that’s what everyone’s really gonna call it. And I’m gonna put it
through its paces from a sports/fitness kind of technology standpoint. And not so
much from like a general usage standpoint. There are endless videos out
there on YouTube that’ll cover that. I’m gonna talk about sports..that’s what I do!
I’m going to talk about things like is the new heart rate sensor better? Is GPS
improved? Are the UI, are all the apps better from sports and fitness
standpoint? Has anything changed there? It’s only been like six or seven months
since the last version came out. So I’m gonna talk all about that. But
before I do that I want to briefly touch on the digital bezel, mostly because I’m
seeing a lot of people do it wrong. Now the catch is a lot of people don’t
realize it’s actually not enable by default. So I’m going to show you how to enable that really quick. Simply swipe down first, click the little Settings icon there. Go
down to advanced. And then within advanced you will see ‘Touch “Bezel”. In my
case I’ve turned on. Now obviously I could turn it off right there, and that’s really how
you get that touch bezel working. I think for the most part it
works fairly well actually better than I thought it would, and a heck of a lot
better once you turn it on than it did without it on. Now let’s go ahead and
talk about that new optical heart rate sensor.This is probably the biggest,
probably this is the biggest exterior or difference between these two watches
from a hardware standpoint because if you look from the top down they look
virtually identical and when you turn them on here you’ll notice they’re still
pretty similar in terms of like display brightness and stuff like that obviously
have different watch faces on them right now but it’s when you turn them over
that things are holy cow different and the case here the sensor looks
dramatically different they’ve consolidated the LEDs down into kind of
a single pot in the middle there versus on this side here you had four LEDs
there and you remember in the past the accuracy of the active one was not super
hot my super hot I mean it was basically dumpster fire status they improved GPS
and the active watch compared to past samsung watches but not so much the
heart rate sensor it was kind of useless now if you let me compare this to the
Apple watch other series four or series five because the optical heart rate
sensors are between the two of them you’ll notice
that they’re pretty darn similar so you know is why I mean maybe that they’re
doing this because there’s reasons from ECG standpoint the base particular
designs need to be similar but given that other ECG watches like the Withings
watch don’t look anything like that yeah there’s probably a more simplistic
explanation for that still it’ll be used to see what not this proves itself as
more accurate once it’s out on the road as in the case
of the Apple watch and generally speaking it is a very accurate off of a
heart rate sensor though there are some courses series 5 but overall though it’s
definitely a better design than what Samsung seemed to have in the past now
before we get to that though let’s briefly talk about some of the different
health widgets so things that are accessible on the watch itself so you
can go ahead and track like activities and stuff like that so access those make
sure your display is on simply swipe to the right right there and you can go
ahead and see kind of your activity overview for the day you can tap that
and you can look at activity you look at workout in my case even though I’ve
already done my run it won’t show up here because I’ve used endomondo so I
won’t see that workout time and there unfortunately you can see if I move
hourly goals are listed there that seems like it might be undercutting things a
little bit but it is what it is and it’s sort of the overview for the week itself
I can go ahead them back out and swipe to the right and this is where we go
ahead and start an activity and I can add activities kind of this little Quick
Start menu there this is my heartrate my current heart rate in this case it’s
trying to search for it which is two blinking obviously it’s on the table so
it’s probably not succeed there I can measure it right there and I can look at
the min and Max values of my heart rate – over the course of the week so I think
through here kind of an on sport thing about the weather though today it was
very much a sport thing I’ve got my calendar and amando widget is on there
so I can see my last run right there and quick short of workout to sleep
functionality in this case this is actually relatively close to what my
actual sleep time was last night I woke up a little bit later that made about
15-20 minutes but I believe that’s actually when the watch had died you
know when I went to bed is still 22 hours of battery life left when I woke
up some you know 4 hours later it was dead so that’s kind of a bit of a bummer
so there’s out there and I can add widgets into this role here again kind
of all the same widgets that you have seen in the past
a lot of breakouts for sport and fitness ones or more kind of Fitness ones there
for example you can add floors climbed your exercise for the day food health
summary leaderboard a multi workout there’s caffeine as well in there I mean
lots and lots of options okay before we head outside I just want to give you a
quick cautionary note on all the Trish ins and all the times you have to
approve something on this launch in order to actually use it from a sport
and fitness standpoint this morning before my run I counted no less than
five times that I had approved commissions for this watch to access GPS
to access GPS again to access my location yet again to go ahead and
access my heart rate sensors and to access my data on samsung health which
is kind of nut it’s just way too many layers in most of the time it’s very
wavy down the menus says if you wear that and don’t talk before you press the
start button on your workout that you actually do have a GPS you do have heart
rate all that kind of stuff with that warning out of the way let’s go for a
run okay so here we are outside it’s all the things you don’t want it to go for
run it’s windy it’s cold it’s raining sweat it’s just not ideal but I got four
watches with me here I’ve got the actor to right there on this wrist over here I
have the Apple watch series five I’ll begin holding here the 9:45 from Garmin
and they pull Vantage V and then I’ve got a chest strap on right here the HRM
dual and the armed right there underneath my shirt I
have the Polaroids one the heart rate strap so that’s our rate sensor to go
ahead and measure as well so lots of sensors paired up logo head record
everything giving all study here now in the case of
the act of two I’m going to use the end of mondo app because that’s really the
only app that allows me to get the full fidelity the daven I would have it so
with all that said I’m gonna go ahead and give it started and we’ll cook and
I’ll catch up in the park somewhere okay so one apologize right now for any one
that’s gonna get in the lens on this run that’s gonna get back to life today so
sorry if those little dots on there initial impressions about a mile into
the park at this point and it’s not so hot like heart rate accuracy it goes in
steps so I’ll be sitting there like 132 beats per minute and then five seconds
later go boom 148 and then I’ll show it again the same thing the next time I see
it so if you introduce to you what the recorded data looks like
let the on display data it is very latent now like completely useless but
definitely not good from a GPS pay standpoint it’s just a roll of dice
right now look 658 but for the first two seconds seven and a half
it shows 7:30 so again very late and like the refresh rate is all rotten wack
whatever look again 633 right now actual place 720 708 720 so not super posh now
if you’re finding this video interesting or useful or anything I always want to
thank you for running out in this crunch happened
I passed the conditions here go and hit that light going down the bottom there
really helps in the video and the channel quite a bit now where did I run
through the Rijksmuseum here and the reason we’re doing that is because from
an accuracy standpoint this is no different than running through a tunnel
or under a large highway overpass so I want to see what the GPS does it’s
completely straight shot so there isn’t any lectern here I just lets you connect
the dots between the two sides now most these buildings are only
between four and six storeys tall so not super big or super tough I don’t expect
to have any really tall buildings on today’s run well it’s a good test on the
Left see how they do he supplies the screws the PPF these
days this is a distance one as the watches are all kind of insane ball for
5.07 on the polar Vantage 5.25 on the Apple watch
your armor at five point one six and these Samsung a four point nine seven so
non-ideal and if you were running something like the marathon here in a
couple weeks it’s five miles being almost a third of a mile off at this
point isn’t ideal that means you’re talking C times five again basically
you’re talking a crap-ton that’s definitely a bit of an issue but you can
also be totally wrong on distance and right on track doesn’t it look at
afterwards it’s time of you a few Sprint’s to test at the camera not right
here go down there and they come back and forth my rough pace plan here is
gonna be about five to five twenty a mile we’ll see how things go and I’m
four times down from the other threes down there should be about twenty or
thirty second long intervals we’ll be over cold ice the same face we
won’t be getting in the reasonably short high-intensity Sprint’s is that one of
the common failure points pop at a heart rate is to walk on a cadence so if you
can’t your heart rate the next-biggest thumping thing in actual your feet so
it’s always a great test to see how well handles swift changes a pace like
intervals which most runners do at some point and so that’s kind of why I tend
to do those okay here we are finish things up a little bit total distances
full of answers V 6.8 for miles the Garmin 7.01 the Apple watch seven point
zero eight and ten thumb six point five five miles now a quick note on getting
files off of this stuff I’ve written an entire post on how to do this down the
description they’re super detailed for both iOS as well as Android because
getting files off of these watches is a complete mess and particularly the way
it comes out of samsung health okay when I start off at the heart rate side of
things I’m using the DCR analyzer you can check it out in the description down
below there if you want to create your own sets to compare stuff back and forth
you can see it right away there took about four and a half almost five
minutes for the act of two to actually lock my heart rate even though it had a
heart rate lock before we left the run it just lost it and then how to
reacquire it or whatever the case is that’s pretty bad there’s a ton of
spikes and kind of a ton of wonkiness in general until about 10 minutes in or so
and then things stabilize for a couple minutes never on the 15 minute mark or
so all of them kind of got a bit wonky though there are some trends in there
even if they’re hard to kind of pick out of this I number one the Apple watch
spiked up at the top because that’s what this series 5 does these days and then
below that you see the purple in the green lines of the chest strap and then
of the optical heart rate sensor on my upper arm the pullover h1 this is pretty
dependable so my heart rate was definitely increasing there I was
probably doing a bit of a increase in pace the Samsung watch just completely
bottomed out entirely and it missed that and did some wonky stuff but then it got
back on track and by and large with exception this is one drop right there
albeit a 20 beat per minute drop it pretty good for a fair chunk of this run
like that’s better than the Samsung watches have been in the past and so
that isn’t bad keeping in mind in comparison to the
Apple watch this track is horrendous and high rate of the Apple watch is a pretty
bad track from a heart rate standpoint so yeah it is what it is I will give
credit though for these Sprint’s back here it’s actually pretty darn close all
these watches did a great job by staying very very close together which surprised
me given the intensity these Sprint’s you can see up to 180 beats per minute
and then I kind of cool back down again to 160 so these are some pretty hard
sprints and it nailed this like there is I have no real issues with any of these
particular heartrate plots from a sprint standpoint so let’s talk GPS accuracy in
general you saw the run you saw where I ran
nothing like crazy complex all this was actually pretty easy from a GPS
standpoint so to begin with the things were in the river a little bit there
with that red track in the canal not horrendous still like there are other
cases where it was worse for the unit for example here in the park
the puller was off in the trees and the bushes and the lakes and everything and
the rest of units were pretty darn close but all the other watches were within a
pretty close range though they were perfect like you’ll see I was cutting
through buildings right there that I shouldn’t have been going through this
section here so that the middle of the building itself see if I can zoom in a
bit more right there you’ll see that they got that correct the Pollard end of
course and then the Samsung was plotted its next point off the side over here
which means that it guests for a bit and it guessed wrong that’s not a horrendous
example of that but it’s not ideal the pole was obviously is a worse example
that you can see those Samsung bends struggled going across this section here
didn’t really seem to have good GPS lock and just sort of guesstimated and in
fact all these units actually struggled a little bit in this section right here
the Apple went ahead and over smoothed it so it looks prettier but it’s not
actually any more correct than the others
the Garmin at 9:45 was also having some struggles in her as well going around
the stadium no major issues here though the Sprint’s back and forth this is
where you can see that red track of the Samsung off in the grass where the rest
of the units are actually pretty darn close in that same spot every single
time so from a first workout standpoint I would say it’s kind of like yeah so so
it’s basically the same as the active one and some of my bike commuting
workouts I’ve done the last two days here not workout
by commuting the GPS has been roughly what I’m seeing here as well which is
kind of like yeah it’s not great but it’s not horrible it’s like barely
acceptable so there you go a complete look stuff hopefully you found this
interesting or something or whatever the case is if so go ahead and like that
subscribe button for plenty more sports Technology goodness there’s a lot more
wearable stuff to come up this fall as I kind of clear through some of the
backlog on things that need to be reviewed and other sports technology
stuff that uh should be arriving on your doorstep your digital doorstep soon have
a good one

98 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 // Sports & Fitness First Run & Tests

  1. my gear s3 frontier still failes at wireless pay regualy even though samsung pay on phone nd the even better google pay will always work. My s3 frontier was sent back 5 times in 1 year with insides replaced 4 times and the last time the watch returned by samsung with thewm saying nothing was wrong with watch. This is after i was clearly told by samsung that if the phone works on a terminal then the watch will. this proved to be constantly wrong. Sam,sung representative promised to srt this pout but they have not. i would not buy samsung watch for wireless pay again. actually ill think twice on anything samsung as they still havent sorted out my watch as supposed to under warranty

  2. Hi Dc,
    First of all, thank you so much for your effort and time, your videos are the guides for my purchase decision.
    Allow me to share one disagreed point with you related to the heart rate results.
    I tested the active watch two against the Polar H10 into two different exercises as the following :
    1- Running for 6 KM: the result was very identical between both devices, I didn't notice any drop from the active watch 2.
    2- Football match from 130 minutes: as you know in football match there are a lot of sprints and Physical friction, still the watch performed very well, I witnessed about 5 seconds of inaccurate data, as the watch was showing my heart rate at point of 200 while the polar H10 was giving me 194 , but for the rest of reading it was in the range of 1 – 2 beats up or done.
    I will try to compare it with the new apple watch once I purchase it.
    Again thank you so much for your effort, my intention is only to give my opinion and personal experience.
    Thank & Regards,

  3. I own a Samsung gear sport and it's terrible for tracking. HR completely off. GPS and battery very bad. I lost trust in Samsung wereables

  4. I am very interested in whether you enabled the "high accuracy" setting on the watch? It's supposedley designed to calculate your location more precisely.

  5. Removing the physical rotating bezel on a fitness watch no less, is utterly stupid.
    This is effectively their third generation of this line and it's still not good.

    And don't pretend we didn't see that Gear Sport sitting completely unmentioned there! Cheeky!

  6. I've had a number of the Samsung watches and my favorite part was the "smartwatch" but I have never been a huge fan of the fitness part. They just don't seem to get it right which is a shame. I've been trying to pick a new watch – tired of my Versa – and I would really like something fairly accurate on the treadmill; weights (or intervals); bootcamp and that I can pair a HR strap with if to choose to do do. That has been another pet peeve with Samsung. I don't know whether I'm better suited for the Suunto Fitness 3 or the Garmin Vivoactive 4? I used to run, am no longer able but I do teach fitness and still do workouts that aren't super high intensity cardio. I had also been interested in the Polar ignite but I haven't had the best luck with their watches. I appreciate your thorough reviews!!!

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  8. Steps:
    1. Look at competitors/ leaders to see what they execute well.
    2. Find what the competition is missing.
    3. Get feedback from sporty focus groups
    4. Build, test, refine then launch.

    Why do Samsung miss on this? They dont need to reinvent the wheel. Use my 14 year old garmin forerunner 301 as a base – it was great! (Replaced now with a 235)

  9. I am using an Active2 with an iPhone and I can't get Workout to work on the watch. Of course I know Samsung Pay won't work. I'd also like to know how to get my heart rate to show continuously while I'm on a run, for example. I'm finding this watch very difficult and complicated to use when compared to my Apple Watch series 5.

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    For running, rowing and cycling sometimes & with a reliable GPS & good 🔋 (music can be an option), what do you recommend ?

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    I also see that Samsung doesn't license any of the FirstBeat features like for instance Garmin and even Huawei does.

  18. Hi Nice review.. Im an avid cyclists I want the usual HR etc. But was looking at the fenix 5x as a like the idea of download a gxp file off starva and mapping my course. Can this active 2 do this?

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  22. Samsung released an update that fixed the GPS & heart rate monitor issues. You may want to install the update and then test out the accuracy again.

  23. Anyone who goes to this extent must see a psychologist
    We as human beings weren't built to exercise and read every vital signs about our health
    People who exercise excessive and who doesn't still lives to 80s
    There is no proof exercising hard makes you live longer
    But it does improve your life style that's for sure

  24. It seems people are not wearing the watch for best HR monitoring. Heart rate straps will always be more accurate though. Finally get to know all the features well to really enjoy the watch.

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  28. Great breakdown but as a Gear S3 Frontier owner, I think you may have not had the Active 2 in "high accuracy" mode. Once I switched the location to high accuracy mode, the tracking was WAY better. It does take a huge hit on the battery life but if you are a serious runner who values accuracy, it's worth it.

  29. Best review that I've ever witnessed on YouTube. Nobody goes in this much details using maps and different gadgets. I can imagine the hard work putin in making such an elaborate video.Hats off to you. Keep up the good work. I am subscribing to your channel.

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    Personally I think we expect too much of GPS in small devices – just think of all the various radio waves and stuff floating about today.

    My most accurate combo is my trusty, but old, Garmin XT735 paired with a OH1.

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  33. I really like the in-dept testing of these watches. Really informative and good review.

    I guess for general gym goer and casual runner Samsung/Apple/Fitbit watches are good enough? But if you really want more accurate metrics have to go with Polar/Garmin etc. I found weight/HIIT training to throw off these watches completely. I have the OH1 and tested with the Fitbit Ionic for a Strength training class. The OH1 came back with ~300cal while the Fitbit was a whooping ~600cal burned. I think if you are keeping track of calories/eating this can be really bad thinking you burned ~600 when in reality it was around 300.

  34. This is the best review I've seen. I'm soooo pissed though. I've had the garmin 645 and I love it, I only use it for bike swim and run. And thought that this would be able to do just as good of a job but this was depressing. Now I live in Norman Oklahoma USA and it's nowhere near as big or cluttered with buildings. Do you think that location can be an factor? Plus I usually turn the watch under hand so it's directly on my pulse. Wonder if that could be a factor?

  35. I just bought the Galaxy active 2 as my first smartwatch and I've got to say I am disappointed in Samsung. I also have a Galaxy s10 and thought it was weird that on the watch there is no Google maps or Google play store. Most of the decent apps on The Galaxy store have to be purchased. I like the fact that you can connect to Spotify or add your own music to the internal memory of the watch, but unfortunately not able to make playlists. It does have internet and YouTube but that doesn't justify the price point for a watch that can't or won't run any Google apps even though the Samsung phones can. Also no word on the ECG sensor. Imagine if the next galaxy phone that came out had no Google app store or Google maps support? I am going to be returning both watches that I bought and waiting for one that has Google features as well. I am not hating on Samsung at all I'm just disappointed because the watch had so much potential.

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    GARMIN watches are way more reliable, productive and accurate for sports tracking. Next comes APPLE, though not as good as GARMIN still much closer in sports tracking.

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